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    Promise me you didn't leave the house!!!!!


      @nicholascrawford, do you mean the pineapple?


        I was referring to Acoustic's getup. =)


          Oh NC. You're so out of touch with thmage's Spongebob reference haha. You see, Spongebob lives in a pineapple under the sea...

          Also, it may be a bit peacocky but ties like that start conversations.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


            Two days in a row! What's happening to me?

            Shirt: J. Crew

            Jeans: Ted Baker

            Socks: Express

            Shoes: Banana Republic (as featured here)


              Hello, everybody, the good shoping place, the new season approaching, click in. Welcome to ==== ==

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              Jordan (1-22)&2009 shoes $45

              Nike shox (R4, NZ, OZ, TL1, TL2, TL3) $35

              Handbags ( Coach Lv fendi D&G) $30

              T-shirts (polo, ed hardy, lacoste) $14

              Jean (True Religion, ed hardy, coogi)$34

              Sunglasses ( Oakey, coach, Gucci, Armaini)$15

              New era cap $16

              Bikini (Ed hardy, polo) $18

              FREE SHIPPING




                7 for all mankind in relaxed fit, Jcrew long sleeve polo.

                By shad0w4life at 2012-06-03


                  Heh - You're right, I was clueless on that reference, thmage!

                  Shadow - I'm not trying to pick on you...I'm really trying to offer useful guidance. You've got a pretty trim fitting shirt with pretty loose fitting pants. Slimmer fitting pants are worth trying!


                    Oh no I understand, I was 25 lbs bigger when I was more gym serious, these pants are legacy from that and used to fit better. The better fitting pair has a hole in crotch from being worn all the time. Surprisingly there's about 2 inches of extra fabric around legs standing, if I sit there's about an Inch of play and they are fairly tight on my thighs.

                    These are now my kid chasing pants incase my 2 year old decides to book it down the driveway again

                    I need to go to vegas again and go to the 7 store


                      Peter - That shirt from Jcrew looks awesome. Nice ensemble.

                      Shadow - that long sleeve polo is money in terms of fit. I'm with Nick on the fit with the jeans though.

                      Check out my men's style and fitness website:

                      Stay Fit. Look Sharp.


                        Hah I just looked at my pants a bit harder, that looks terrible now that I look at my back leg and calf. They aren't that bad of a fit thankfully!


                          You could go with a shorter inseam too. If these are 34", a 32" inseam would give you strong vertical lines that look sharp. Probably a byproduct of your body size changing. I've switched from 34 to 32 in a lot of things after feeling like I was locked into 34.


                            You may remember my post a while back regarding advice for bartending apparel. Those of you who do will be happy to know that I went with the vest!

                            Vest: Perry Ellis, Black

                            Shirt: Bar III Slim Fit Stretch, White

                            Pants: DOckers D1, Black

                            Shoes: Bostonian Stockbridge, Black (Unpictured)

                            Tie Clip:

                            Tie: Stafford (Thrifted)

                            "The principle can be established that for a man who does not cheat, what he believes to be true must determine his action."
                            -- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus


                              Nice! And well done with the bottom button undone. You've got the details down.


                                @redsubway just an idea try next time you're shirt shopping; a wide spread collar(that looks medium to me) and go with a bigger knot on your tie.