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    @Ryan Absolutely love the seersucker suit. I believe I will be ordering one from Bonobos later this week. Pricey at 400, but I got some store credit.


      @MattC I'm not really good at this, but I can at least say that your sleeves are too long.


        Yeah I need to get them tailored still. Really should get round to that :l


          Blazer: INC ultralight

          Shirt: Custom made in Korea

          Tie: Express

          Watch peeking out: Orient

          Pants: Bonobos wool trousers

          More cuff showing there than really does throughout the day. Also, ignore the unintentional lazy-man goatee.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


            Greg - Looks great!

            Matt - A few general thoughts... The traditional thinking is that a button down collar is more casual and isn't worn with a tie. Plenty of modern fashion authorities throw that out the window, but for interviews, you're not dressing to showcase your fashion forward sense (unless you're applying for a fashion job!). You want to chart the classic course so that there's nothing distracting the person across the desk.

            With the tie, I would consider buying skinnier ties. That's probably 3.5" at its widest. You don't have to swing to 2" ties, but something in between would match your lapels (especially if you get that Ludlow while working this summer!). In terms of colors, a green or maroon might play better with your navy blazer too. Purple can get busted out with a gray jacket, but it takes a certain kind of purple - to me - to blend with a navy blazer. If you haven't picked up the $5 Target white handkerchiefs to use as pocket squares, I highly recommend it!

            You're _totally_ fine with those pants, and I like the break. But this outfit would be a good candidate for a grey wool dress pant. The shoes are good. Heh...I thought this was going to be a couple sentences. Oh for thought as you plan what to buy this summer at J. Crew, at least!


              @greg_s Not a comment on the outfit directly, but I really like your haircut.


                Thanks fellas.

                @ Jessy, it took me awhile to land on this haircut but I really like it these days. It's easy to do in the morning, takes about 1 minute, and stays well all day. When it is shorter it looks messier (which I like) and when it gets longer it sort of just transforms into the preppy side part look.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                  Meeting friends out a few nights ago, which happened to be a little chilly.

                  Cardigan: Merona

                  Shirt: J.Crew Factory

                  Tie: J.Crew(linen/cotton)

                  Pants: Alphas

                  Shoes: Lands' End


                    Here's a picture taken last night at a dinner party for work. Silly, I know, but I like the outfit.

                    Jacket: Banana Republic, cotton/linen blend

                    Pocket Square: Target

                    Shirt: Calvin Klein slim fit, via Macy's

                    Pants: Land's End tailored fit Chinos

                    Socks: Target?

                    Shoes: AE Player's Shoe


                      Clean and simple, I like it.


                        Sweater: Zara (bought in Europe years ago, actually really nice merino)

                        Shirt: Blank Label

                        Tie: Ermenegildo Zegna (thrifted)

                        Pants: Banana Republic

                        Shoes: Allen Edmonds Player's

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                          First look I judge being interesting enough to be posted here. I'm still a beginner at dressing well and took a couple risks with this particular look.

                          I went out for dinner and drinks with friends and was WAY WAY overdressed (one guy was wearing a fleece zipped vest over a t-shirt, with khaki shorts and athletic white socks, just to give you an idea), but that's not a bad thing, right ?

                          No pocket square, but my collection is particularly lacking and didn't have anything that could benefit this outfit.

                          Linen blazer by H&M

                          Navy gingham tailored button down shirt by J.Crew Factory

                          Belt by Aldo

                          Dark rinse slim jeans by Old Navy

                          Red socks by Le 31 for Simons

                          Players's shoes in walnut by Allen Edmonds


                            I really like the belt/watch strap/socks combo. Very good matching.


                              I have that same blazer in Navy Blue and I got it for $70. Great deal and fits really well, though the quality isn't exactly top notch.


                                I suspect we're going to start seeing a lot of AE's in this thread...