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    Blazer: J.Crew

    Shirt: LEC

    Tie: Hilfiger Cotton/Linen blend

    Tie Bar: Alfani

    Pants: Dockers

    Shoes: Lands' End


      @Lance, that's a nice getup...I like all the colors you've got in there and is that a bandana for the pocket square? Looks pretty sweet

      I just got this suit back from the tailor and wore it for my friend's graduation dinner this past weekend:

      Suit: JCrew Factory Thompson

      Shirt: Ralph Lauren


        Pitt, looks like the tailor did pretty well. Only thing I'd comment on is that it looks like there may be something odd going on with the sleeves, but it could just be how they were turned/wrinkled in the picture.


          Looks good, Pitt. Really makes me want to get my thompson to a tailor sooner than later.


            @hornsup thanks, yeah the upper part of the sleeves are a little wider, but my arm is sticking out a bit in the picture so it might be a little bit exxagerated there

            @Jordan, thanks man, you definitely should, mine needed to be taken in a bit in the sides and from the back just a touch...its the first suit I've actually bought and gotten tailored since I'v become a constant reader of this site haha


              @Lance, totally digging that shirt. Like the look!

              @Pitt, that suit is tailored nicely, looks sharp. I like the contrast with that shade of pink, it really pops nicely.

              Doing the rounds today. Had to call on 10 or so stores, the weather was a bit warmer but started to rain toward the end of the day. I was protecting my shoes as much as possible haha. Also, I really need to get a full length mirror, and take pics somewhere else. My bathrooms colour and lighting are horrible for pictures. The pictures are so much more accurate when I snap them of myself, but I cant get a full body shot, only the downward profile

              SC: Hugo Boss (eBayed for $30 woopwoop)

              shirt: LEC selvedge purple gingham

              belt: Allen Edmonds walnut dress belt

              pants: LEC gray stone straight fit chinos

              shoes: AE Walnut Strands


                I've noticed that posts here have slowed down. Thought I'd contribute.

                I can't get image to post. Here's a link:


                Shirt: LEC

                Pants: Gap

                Belt: Narragansett Leathers


                  WIWT (last week )

                  Shirt: Target OCDB in a teal shade

                  Tie: Cotton plaid by Express

                  Pants: Cotton Trousers by Louise Raphael (nordstrom)

                  Belt: Tasso Elba

                  Shoes: AE Walnut Sanfords

                  Blazer: (not shown) Loro Piana Cashmere Blue Blazer by Napoli.


                    I'll play this game once.


                      @Pitt, I know this is a late reply, but you look great! What did you have done to the jacket because the fit is stellar.


                        @bruschetta - love the tie/shirt combination, and in general, the combination of the different blues in your outfit. Perfect way to play with patterns without being TOO loud. And the black shoes keep it business. Nice.


                          Pitt & bruschetta: Looking good!

                          Tat - gotta see that blazer!


                            @bere09 Appreciate it, I had the waist taken in along the sides quite a bit and the tailor took in the back (at the center seam I think) a little to clean up some excess fabric

                            @nicholas thanks man!

                            @Bruschetta I'm really liking the way you used the patterns there


                              @Tat, Liking the summery colours! It was finally warm here today so I got the opportunity to finally wear something bright, and roll up some sleeves!

                              @Bruschetta, Liking the pattern combos.

                              As mentioned above, today was warm finally! Had to bust out a bright colour shirt, roll up the sleeves and get in the mood for summer! With my luck it will just cool down again though Hopefully not too much as I have my first round of golf for the year booked for saturday!

                              I just realized I basically match my bathroom haha! I love these shirts though, sooooo comfortable and the fit is great, especially considering it comes from Lands End.

                              Shirt: LEC "The Heritage Oxford" in their greenish/light tealish colour

                              pants: LEC straight fit chinos Gray stone colour

                              belt: AE Walnut basic dress belt

                              shoes: AE walnut strands (I love these shoes. Everyone on here and SF raved about them, and they havent disappointed. I havent gone a day wearing them without receiving multiple compliments)


                                @Nick here is a pic of me wearing the Blazer. I purchased it for my wedding day and this pic is one of many taken that day.

                                In the pic I'm wearing the Loro Piana Cashmere Napoli

                                Peter Millar Check Blue shirt

                                Lacoste Bright White Chinos

                                White and blue Florshiem loafers