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    Ryan - big pimping! I love it!

    Alan - I like today's tie. And yesterday's description was perfectly apt! Irreverent and fun.


      @Ryan -- that tie knot is ESPN-ish big. (I'm sure someone can link to what I'm talking about). Does that thing come anywhere close to reaching your belt?


        @horns - hahaha, I hate those guys' ties. Honestly, with the spread collar, that's the only reason I tied it the way I did. I've since untied and applied a 4IH. Yes, it kissed the belt as all ties should.


          @Alan, the casual shooz with coat and tie seems a bit off to me, but otherwise very good.

          Here's my WIWT (You had to know I would)

          DB SC by Corneliani from a thrifter on SF

          Shirt by Joseph Abboud, thrifted (this is pink, although it's hard to tell)

          Tie from the Tie Bar

          Pocket Square from Nordstrom Rack via Alan

          Pants from Bonobos

          Socks from Target

          Shoes are Cole Haan Air Coltons


            @Ryan, you could try the Pratt. It's a symmetrical knot that's very easy and not so big. It's what I use almost all the time because it balances well with spread collars.



              @JC: It all started because my back was hurting me yesterday, and the boat shoes are the cushioniest shoes I own. It just kinda went from there. Plus my better chinos are in the hamper so I made due with what you see above. Maybe the tie is taking it a bit far, but I'm starting to worry less and less about whether my style decisions are a mistake or not. I figure I have to be that way if I'm ever going to expand. I have to be willing to walk out the door and live with the consequences. In 1923, Babe Ruth set the records for homeruns and batting average, but he also set a new record for strikeouts. Here's an interesting read. BTW, nice square. ;-)


                Haha, yeah, it's one of my favorites

                I'd suggest looking at getting some casual SC's / blazers. I've gotten a few unstructured SC's that are much more casual and would go great with the first look you've got. My favorite so far is the linen Vestimenta from Italy. The Italians really invented (or at least perfected) the unstructured casual coat look. It'd be perfect for you too because you're in such a hot climate.


                  @JC: I'm constantly on the look-out for the kind of jackets you're describing, but they never appear in thrift shops. My own linen jacket is currently at the cleaners so it hasn't been in the rotation this week, but I would like a casual navy SC in the same casual vein as the khaki linen SC I have. I'm not a fan of the Merona, though, and I have a hang-up about paying retail prices for SC's ever since I discovered thrifting.


                    I got a couple from eBay from quality Italian makers for around $40 shipped. I used the Putthison search for good makers and drilled in on cotton / linen / silk sportcoats or blazers.


                      @Jason, just tried that at my desk - worked out great, thanks! Also, love that square...


                        Haven't posted here in a while.... Nothing special today, just smart casual for class.

                        Shirt: Neiman Marcus trim-fit via LastCall

                        Tie: Target

                        Tie bar: Kenneth Cole

                        Belt: Lacoste via Nordstrom Rack

                        Jeans: Levi's 514

                        Shoes (not shown): Fratelli Rossetti wingtips

                        Bracelet: Hawaiian souvenir

                        Watch: Seiko SNE107

                        Naturally, I had to bust out my one and only "dress diver"... ;-)



                          Reeeeeally digging that tie, BenR.


                            @Ryan, you can also try the Kelvin Knot. Similar to the one Jason suggested but twice around so a little bulkier.



                              Alan, what do you do when other people get on the elevator with you? Do you have to keep riding till it's empty?

                              I like the elevator shots though, looking good


                                I almost always use the Nicky knot. Suits me in a lot of ways. =D

                                Gives you an inverted triangle shape that works well with my narrow face and large collection of spread collar shirts.