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    @pratyk: I follow the forums on, the largest online community for Texas A&M athletics. Aside from the discussion, the other members do a great job of aggregating any relevant news from Rivals, Scout, ESPN, and everyone else out there. It's the only place i ever need to go for A&M-related news. And when I want more general FB news, I go to ESPN.


      Not the most flattering angle but I figured I'd stop being a WIWT virgin today..

      Shirt: Kenneth Cole New York

      Pants: Perry Ellis Modern fit

      Tie: Lands End Burgundy with polka dots

      Tie Pin: J. Crew Factory

      Shoes: AE Park Avenues I picked up from ebay


        @Alan - I just went and read that thread myself after reading your post. *shakes head*.


          After seeing one of today's articles i'm wondering if Jason and I should be getting consulting fees from Joe.


            You guys need to chill out. What makes this place great is there are disagreements all the time on style and what looks good and what doesn't and up until this point they've been civil and constructive. I know I'm not a regular poster here, but I read this site religiously and I think I speak for everyone when I say let's just keep it to style and lay off the personal pissing contests.

            Thank you.





                Perhaps a bit much for some, but I'm feeling the warmer weather!

                Suit: Express

                Shirt: Cotton Work, customer measurements

                Tie: Robert Talbot (Nordstrom Rack deal)

                Pocket square:

                Shoes: Scarpe di Bianco

                Socks: Uniqlo

                Red NATO watch strap from eBay


                  @Ryan nice color coordination with the red, it definitely tells people you put some thought into what you're wearing. Not sure if it's *too* matchy (I'm thinking a pastel blue/green pocket square could work great) but good stuff.


                    Im diggin it. Loving the colour. Its still not warm here, still have a sweater and jacket on I am jelly. Got a bunch of new summer sc's I need to bust out, but the appropriate weather is lacking!


                      @Ryan, I can see your pictures! Did you do something differently? I like the colors. The tie knot could be a little big for for the lapels, though.


                        @ Ryan & JC - I can see Ryan's pictures too! I didn't even connect the dots until you mentioned it just now.



                          Ryan, I like the outfit..if it were me wearing all that, there's just 1 thing I would do differently. I'd tie a four in hand knot. I think the wider tie you can get away with using on the lapels if u just narrow down the knot. Being that it's a full size tie, the F in H wouldn't exactly be super tinny. So it will still compliment the spread collar well. Just my opinion, we all know how those have played out on the threads lately. So I will end this another compliment, good Job on the outfit, I really do like it. Wear it with pride and stand tall. It's a bright put-together and that's what I like!


                            WIWY (what I wore yesterday): Business up top / party on the bottom

                            Pants: Banana Republic

                            Shirt: ???

                            Tie: Tommy Hilfiger (inherited)

                            Jacket: Hickey Freeman (thrifted)

                            Shoes: Sperry Gold Cup 2 eyelet boat shoes

                            Socks: what socks?

                            Laptop case: Tumi

                            It may be a bit hard to tell, but the shirt is actually a pale green. My torso looks super long, but it's the camera angle.


                              @trash - thanks for the input.

                              @Jason - I used Picasa this time instead of Facebook, I guess I'll stick with that moving forward. Good insight on the knot.


                                WIAWT (what i actually wore today):

                                Pants: LEC

                                Shirt: Roundtree & York pinpoint BDC

                                Tie: Roundtree & York 100% cotton

                                Jacket: Hart Schaffner & Marx (thrifted)

                                Shoes: Bass Venetians