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    I'm rushing an entrepreneurial co-ed fraternity. It is by no means your typical social frat (Their 'formal' tends to be untucked shirt and tie)


      That knot is out there..

      I typically go for a half windsor.


        @Thmage that knot is pretty slick, I've never seen anything like that before, I thought it was backwards when I first saw it haha

        It was 35 degrees here today again, and I barely get to go to class these last few weeks but here's wiwt:

        Henley: Target

        Shirt: Old Navy

        Sweater: Old Navy

        Jeans: Levis 521 Slim tapered

        Shoes: Sand Clarks

        Navy Peacoat and Beanie not shown lol....

        On a side note, my school (Pitt) has been getting a rash of bomb threats all over and I keep having a ton of my classes cancelled due to far we've had 23 in a little over a month, it's really crazy we had 4 diff. threats simultaneously


          I heard about those Pitt bomb scares. That's crazy. Luckily nothing's happened so far.

          Also, nice to see another soon-to-be-former-Big-East-member here.


            New England Preppy day at work.

            Shirt: Old Navy

            Chinos: GAP

            Shoes: CDB

            Cant get picture to work.


              @mjs2103: Did you coordinate red/white or purpose or did it just happen? And you can't take a picture next to some girl like that and expect people to pay attention to you or what you're wearing.


                Daytime relaxed/sloppy look with a touch of class. Had the blazer buttoned most of the time, don't know why I didn't for the photo.

                Blazer - Target Merona Kensington Tan blazer

                Shirt - Old Navy

                Pocket Square - Brooks Brothers

                Watch - Timex Weekender

                Jeans - Levi's 505s

                Shoes - Aldo

                Hat - Gray Ivy Cap (not pictured)


                  80F today, perfect pool weather.

                  Shirt: Izod

                  Shorts: Alfani

                  Also, sorry my mirror sucks so much. It's short, so it's really hard to get a picture of more than just the upper body.


                    May need to play around with the formatting to get this to work, but let's see..

                    Shirt: Ralph Lauren

                    Tie: Brooks Brothers, thrifted

                    Sweater: Turnbury

                    Jeans: Levi 514

                    Shoes: Magnanni Federico


                      mjs2103 - Sorry - I don't see you in the pic.

                      Here's my trucker edition! Not a lot of online resources for trucker menswear, so I'm sort of figuring this out as I go along.

                      Overalls and t-shirts seem popular, so I'm sticking with jeans and a t-shirt too.

                      Target Merona Kensington blazer

                      Old Navy t-shirt

                      My brand new Levi 514s. I sized down in the waist and with the length, and I like it a lot. Not much room in the crotch, but I'm getting used to it. The wife got herself fixed, so it doesn't make much sense for me to worry about my own virility.

                      Merrell shoes to round out the "country" feel


                        @nick, nice outfit.

                        is it just me or do the sleeves on that merona blazer look really big in comparison to the proportion of the rest of it?.


                          @nftmlk, maybe he just has huge biceps. :P But yeah, I see it too.


                            I could try doing fewer curls.


                              @Alan I told her i was going to wear my red chinos and she said she may join me in doing so. The white shirts were a coincidence.

                              I guess having her take the attention away was a good thing considering most men at my work don't wear red pants. And by most I mean any.


                                I've taken a temporary, self-imposed "dressing well" hiatus. It's only for a few days, though. I've just felt awful in my gut for over a week now, and wearing fitted clothing makes it worse. Thankfully, the dress code here at work is rather lax so I'm just wearing loose khakis and untucked polos until I feel better. If I don't improve soon, I'm going to go see a doctor.

                                @mjs2103: Not to suggest you don't look fine in red pants, but yeah... she looks better. ;-)