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    Woke up at 6:29 and was out the door by 6:43 to make my 7AM train (dont worry showered, brushed, moisturized and groomed, and had some breakfast). I was hauling butt this moring...Not bad if i say so myself:

    Shirt: Custom fit Polo (thrifted it brand new, for a whooping 3 bucks)

    Belt: H&M

    Chinos: Gap

    Wheels: Clarks DB's (i used some of that leather honey and gave it a shine with neutral kiwi polish a couple of weeks ago, they feel so comfortable with the honey...

    Pics 7&8

    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



      Does the leather honey darken the leather?



        Good thrift find on the polo!! I wish I could thrift some Kent Wang jawnz.



          @ JC, it darkened it slightly but honestly it wasn't drastic. It was still the same tone just slightly darker. It's not gonna make your shoes another shade of brown IMO

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



            My shawl cardigan came from LEC yesterday, so of course I wanted to try it out... It's maybe a little warm for today, but whatever.

            Tie from TheTieBar

            Shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt (

            Shaker Shawl Cardigan from LEC

            Navy pinstripe pants from GAP outlet

            Chestnut oxfords from Cole Haan




              That's a biiiig knot



                Looks a little bigger than it is It's a Kelvin though... the 4IH looked too small because it's a pretty big tie



                  Ah. Really, really diggin' the pattern on that tie. I've got a paisley tie myself and when friends dress up and want a tie it's often the one they pick.



                    Shirt: Bloomingdales The Men's Store House Brand

                    Pants: Navy J. Crew Chinos

                    Belt: Jasso Ella

                    Watch: Aldo

                    Shoes(Unseen): Brown Kenneth Cole Oxfords




                      Board Room meeting attire for the Friday! I thought I'd keep it conservative and classy due to the severity of the meeting.

                      Let me know your thoughts.

                      Suit: Alfani Red Slim fit Navy Blue

                      Shirt: Nordstrom slim fit non-iron

                      Belt: Alfani reversible (black)

                      Watch: Kenneth Cole

                      Tie: Burberry slim black silk

                      Tiebar: Geoffrey Bean

                      Socks: Target Purple/black argyll

                      Shoes: Black cap toes bostanian




                        Y'all probably wouldn't approve of today's...

                        Blue Dockers D1s

                        Khaki canvas Sperrys

                        White/red seersucker button-down, LL Bean

                        Seriously it is so hot and humid right now, it's killin' me.



                          Finally figured I'd try the photo thing. Nothing special...just out to lunch with the in-laws today. Sorry about the smudge, my wife bedobbed some makeup on the mirror

                          Shirt: RL Polo Custom Fit

                          Belt: Nautica

                          Jeans: 514s

                          On the feet: Clarks DBs (Sand Suede)




                            @BrianB I like that belt



                              Outdoor wedding attire

                              Suit: INC seersucker Grey on White

                              Shirt: Club Room Slim Fit Soft Green

                              Tie: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger slim 3'' tie

                              Tiebar: Geoffrey Bean

                              PS: Club Room Silk Navy




                                @BrianB, also love that belt. @Jason, I think you can still get these at Macy's:


                                And a lighter one (36") on eBay:


                                My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs