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    I'm nabbing those LEC chinos in both colors left. Thanks for the heads-up. This time I'm gonna give them an honest shot before I let my wife convince me to return them (and then regret the decision).


      @Maxman, I love the shirt.


        @Maxman - How was your busy season? I think I remember hearing you're an auditor. I'm still going through hell...


          @Harry, I hear ya bro, it was ok, I work for the Feds so I dot have a typical busy season, it was more a coincidence I got busy this time. I used to be an auditor at Deloitte and know all too well your grief my friend. When I started I was put on a 9/30 YE and was forced to learn on the fly and that was not fun, along with the 90 hr workweek I was in hell for three yrs. came to the govt thereafter and can certainly say I don't ever get home at 2 am and have to be at the company for 730 am anymore.

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


            Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece silk glenplaid sportcoat, eBay

            CT pale green shirt, thrifted

            Holland and Sherry tie, thrifted

            Brown w/ blue polka dot pocket square, Nordstrom Rack via Alan

            Bonobos pants

            Allen Edmonds Cambridge shoes, bought from a thrifter


              @JC, nice jacket/tie combo there.


                @Max - Yep, I'm at Deloitte. I'm going to consider my options after this busy season. I dont really feel like sticking around 1 more year to make Manager. haha.

                @Jason - Very nice jacket!


                  Excited to debut the new purchase I had Allen Edmonds special order.

                  Vest: Allen Edmonds Harris Tweed, 40% off. Black back with gray pinstripes - not shown.

                  Shirt: Uniqlo oxford

                  Bowtie: Bill Reid dark gray wool from Cladmen fire sale

                  Pocket square:

                  Pin: Modern Amusement black crow

                  Pants: H&M

                  Shoes: To Boot New York double monks

                  Socks: JCrew argyle in black, white and gray


                    @Ryan, where are you that it's still cool enough for a tweed vest? It looks nice, but maybe cinch it up a little tighter.


                      The last picture taken of my Poulsen, Skone & Co's before "the incident".

                      Shoes: Poulsen, Skone & Co wingtips

                      Pants: Banana Republic

                      Shirt: Express

                      Tie: Isaia

                      Jacket: Daniel Cremieux

                      It was dark when I grabbed the jacket, and I accidentally grabbed my navy suit jacket instead of my navy blazer. I guess it doesn't much matter except the blazer fits better. I'll probably retire the pants after today. The buttons in the fly are tearing out and the legs have been stretched to a point of bagginess that they can't come back from.


                        @Jason - San Francisco, 54 right now and quite chilly this morning over in the East Bay. Consider it cinched; I un-cinched earlier as it was creating a bit of wrinkle in the back.


                          Had a rush event and then saw a presidential candidate come to campus.

                          and the knot.

                          First time trying that knot out (I'm usually a full Windsor guy), but I really like it. Got some comments, and I love how easily I can get the perfect crease. Only problem, which probably just requires practice, is that the knot was a little smaller than the back end of the tie, so it peeked out a little. Here's the tutorial I followed:

                          Suit/Shirt: Jos A Bank

                          Tie: Last Call


                            If that knot is your thing, than I guess so. Personally I like my 4inH's.


                              Like the shirt and suit... Don't like the tie knot. Looks like you tied it backward.


                                Funky knot, but more power to ya.

                                Also, you wear suits for rush events? College has apparently changed in the last decade...