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    @BenR, nice tie/shirt combo. I went the vest route today as well given the warm MN temps.

    @acoustic, I'm always curious since you don't post what it is that you are wearing!

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


      @acoustic we're looking similar today

      Nice spring day in CA today:


        @greg: Oops, lol I get lazy and forget to post. I'll be sure to remember to do it next time lol (I wear the same stuff anyways in different variations)

        @Jeff: Sweet, I see you got that perfect quarter inch going on with your cuffs! A nice white pocket square would make you look even more polished.


          i see some really nice combos.

          @JeffN: what jacket do you have on. fits nicely.



            I'm wearing that blue and white Merona pocket square that half of this forum has. It's just hard to see. I agree that white would look better though. I have a white pocket square somewhere, just have to find it.


            Jacket is the one featured here, but in light blue:



              Out to the movies today:

              Target Merona Kensington blazer

              Express 1MX shirt

              LEC belt

              Dockers Alpha pants

              LEC Austin boat chukkas

              $117 for everything.


                Blazer: Gieves & Hawkes made in Italy by Belvest, traded from another thrifter

                Shirt: Brooks Brothers OCBD, thrifted

                Pants: Brooks Brothers Madison, bought from another thrifter


                  Seriously owning the blazer there, JC! Making me reconsider the whole double-breasted thing.

                  Whatcha lookin at, Nick? :-) Cool belt! Nice touch of color.


                    Bah JC pulling off the DB nicely, but im too scared to even try Im even too scared to go for metal buttons on a single breasted haha.

                    And Nic I like the laces/belt colour match. Good stuff.


                      I was looking at your mom! Alan - where's the pic of today's polo and shorts from the anniversary outing? Just leaving JC & I hanging. Just kidding - looked like you had a good day out and about.

                      The belt/laces work really well together. Right after this pic, though, I switched over to the regular lacing pattern because straight lacing gets too busy underneath and started to hurt my instep.

                      Really the only thing I didn't like about the outfit was the floppy shirt. Without a placket, it just doesn't stand up very well. The Wurkin Stiffs were barely holding it together.

                      JC - I need to keep my eyes peeled for a DB blazer!


                        I just can't jump on the Merona Blazer bandwagon. Something just looks off to me.

                        Anyway,Got home from work and decided to snap a few pics. 80 degree weather here today so definitely no jacket.

                        Tie look almost black in that lighting but it's navy. Almost the same as the socks.

                        I think I have a sub-conscience obsession for plaid cotton ties. Must.Stop.Buying


                          WIWAYT (What I Wore A Year Ago Today):

                          I'll start by just pointing out the obvious. I'm wearing a white bow tie and vest. It's not traditional, and I know it. My twin brother was the best man, and it was already hard enough differentiating us. Now that that's out of the way...

                          The groomsmen were all wearing virtually the same thing as me except in black. All the ushers already owned black suits so I instructed them to wear those, and then I provided them with black neckties.

                          And the last pic doesn't show much, but it's cool so I had to throw it in. The get-away car...

                          The tux was a rental, and it fit awful. The dude tried to put me into a 42R. It was too big. So he had me try on a 41R... Still too big. The 40R was as close as it was going to come, but it ended up being huge in the shoulders and I formed an "X" at the front button - likely because it was a single button with such a low stance. Lastly, double vents fit me best, and this one was single vented. The ONLY place it fit right was the chest. My next tux won't be a rental...


                            WIAWT (What I Actually Wore Today):

                            If the scenery looks familiar, it's because we both took the day off from work and celebrated our one-year anniversary by going back to the Dallas World Aquarium where we had our wedding reception.

                            The color doesn't show properly, but the shorts are blue/white seersucker.

                            Shirt: Express orange cotton/lycra

                            Shorts: Ben Sherman blue/white seersucker

                            Belt: Nautica reversible brown/black braided

                            Shoes: Sperry Top Sider Gold Cup 2-Eyelet Boat Shoes

                            Watch: Bulova (wedding gift)


                              Congratz on your 1 year! I too love and own a pair of blue/white seersucker shorts.


                                Nice look Alan! I wish it were still warm here, but it dropped down to the 30's today.