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    Thanks Jason, it was a project in a machining class. All done from bar stock using a lathe and mill.

    Nice shirt Acoustic.


      @Lance what's that blazer you have there?

      @ Lance, @Foodie, and @Lance haha that's kind of cool that you guys have similar shirt/tie combos all diff colors of course, but those are really sweet looks overall guys, gingham is an awesome pattern too


        @Pitt - It's the INC Ultra Light Blazer in almost a searsucker pattern. Size small, and no tailoring.


          Spring hit us here with a lot of heat today (mid 80s), so I didn't really wear anything special:

          Apologies for the mess behind me haha

          Shirt: Jcrew

          Pants: Bonobos

          Watch: Timex weekender

          Shoes: Clarks DB


            The back story on today's concoction is here. It's hard to tell from the pic, but the shirt is actually pale-ish purple. I intentionally left the jacket open for the pic to try and get a better shot of the shirt.

            Also, disregard to obviously overdue haircut. :-P

            Pants: Banana Republic - dark brown

            Shirt: Banana Republic - fine guage deep purple/white (resolves to pale (purple)

            Tie: Yves Saint Laurent - red w/ blue flowers (thrifted)

            Jacket: Hickey Freeman blazer - blue/black

            Belt: Daniel Cremieux - brown/black reversible croc

            Shoes: Kenneth Cole - black split-toe loafers (my rainy day beater shoes)

            I would have prefered brown belt and shoes today, but I only have black rainy day shoes and the belt had to match.


              @Pitt -- I had been eyeing that shirt (or at least one near identical) for a long while... what do you think of it? Does the extra fabric up near the button/collar bother you at all or look odd? That was one of my hold ups.


                So I had this suit from Jos A Bank that was, all things considered, not bad at all. However, the jacket was stolen out of my vehicle (almost spilled the beans on what I drive) last year, and I haven't worn the pants without the jacket since they're pleated.

                That is... Until today. The hard part was finding an odd jacket that I could pair with navy pants. For all the jackets I now own, I feel like the dark pants were over-powering them. The solution: The only 3-button jacket I own that I actually wear as a 3-button.

                Shirt: Roundtree & York - whote pinpoint button down collar

                Tie: Tomm Hilfiger (inherited)

                Jacket: Nautica sportcoat - blue/navy gingham on mustard field (thrifted)

                Pants: Jos A Bank - navy wool w/ cuff and double pleat

                Shoes: Poulsen, Skone & Co wingtips (ebay)

                Watch: Fossil Walter

                The jacket looks a little tight around the buttons, but if I can lose those 15 pounds, those lines will go away. They wouldn't even be noticeable on a 2-button jacket, but they're more obvious here. And I would have prefered to wear a light blue shirt, but white is what was clean. :-)


                  Based on the conversation yesterday about brown and purple:

                  Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

                  Tie: The Tie Bar

                  Tie Bar: Stein Mart... forget the maker

                  Pants: Bonobos Ron Wilson's Brown

                  Shoes: Loake suede penny loafers

                  Socks: Purple Happy Socks


                    @JC one of these days I'm going to walk into a bathroom and realize that I'm strangely familiar with the marble floors...

                    I was thinking about starting a paisley tie thread but you kind of answered the question.


                      What was the question? I love paisley ties.


                        +1 on the paisley ties. I've got one in red, blue, and lavender.


                          I have a few of them and the question was just how people felt about them. Its one of those things I wasn't sure about, whether its an issue of opinion or whether its out of style and I've been making a fool of myself.


                            I own quite a few ties...not one is paisley. Personal preference I guess, but then again the majority of paisley ties, if not all, are silk. I avoid silk ties most of the time.


                              @ hornsup84, yea that was one of the things that bothered me initially but I never button the top button anyways and when its open I don't even notice the small flap, but I really like wearing it when its warmer out, the chambray material is pretty breathable too

                              @ Alan I usually don't like 3 button suits but that jacket looks really good, it seems like it has a fairly low stance even for 3 buttons...I'm always amazed at what nice stuff you and Jason are able to find thrifting hah


                                @Pitt: Thanks! The low stance is the only reason I still got it. I'm not a 3-button fan, either. I don't find nearly as much nice stuff as JC, though. jonATL is an ace, too. I just settle for what fits and isn't junk. (In this case, the jacket really IS junk, but it also only cost $3 and I don't have anything else like it.)