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    Yeah, their made in japan raw selvedge jeans are $90. That's the pair that I have. It's a good price for a solid pair of jeans that are made in japan.

    just checked the website and it looks like they're not up there anymore. may be due to the fact that they're putting the spring/summer line up. if you're ever in NY, i'd def recommend you check out their flagship store.

    and if you're ever interested in buying something from them, you can always have someone to do a proxy for you. you place the order, someone goes to the physical store and buys it and ships it to you for a little extra charge. it's worth it if you know you're size and what you want but can't get out there to buy it yourself


      I should know that you guys would come up with an answer for everything.

      @nftmlk Are these similar? They're the regular fit as opposed to the slim.

      @nicholascrawford It doesn't look like suddenlee shops Uniqlo. But the proxy shopper idea is good.


        Yep, those are the ones. Mine are slim fit, because I'm a slim guy but they're the same. Just imagine.. my jeans started out that color and gradually faded to look like the pic I posted in the previous page. They stretched out in all the right places and are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. I could sleep in them...


          Nice! Looks like NFT joins us in the quest against the merona haters!


            back of the jeans in case you were wondering.

            this pic and the one on the previous page were actually taken last april. the jeans have faded some more since then.

            @foodie. i picked up the khaki one too but need to exchange because i noticed the sleeve is a little messed up


              Occasion: Meeting friends out for cocktails

              Cotton Blazer: J.Crew

              OCBD: LEC

              Tie: UO

              Pants: Dockers (Alpha)

              Shoes: Lands End light brown oxfords (not shown)

              Watch: Timex w/AE Nato Strap


                Diggin the tie, Lance.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                  +1 on the tie...smooth Lance, SMOOTH!

                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                    Lance that's a great combination especially with the tie.

                    Forgot to take shoe pic...oh well too lazy now, Here's a random pic from the web instead:


                      @Lance: Ditto about the tie. I think it would make a good St paddy's Day tie since it's got enough green to be obvious, but not so much that it's obnoxious. Did you find it in-store or online? And how much was it? Thanks.


                        Thanks guys

                        I bought it in store at Urban Outfitters a while back, for somewhere around $20-$25. It's really light cotton and pretty skinny as you can see. Probably around 2" in width and definitely one of my favorites.

                        It matches the tiny collars of the LEC OCBD's. I do wish those collars were just a bit bigger though.

                        Oh, and forgot to add that the tie bar is Alfani Red. Probably 1.5" in length.


                          J Press linen blend unlined sportcoat, thrifted

                          Brooks Brothers polo, thrifted

                          Lands End cotton twill pants

                          LEC green chambray pocket square

                          Target socks

                          Oakstreet Bootmakers mocs

                          changed into the Coach surcingle belt I thrifted at lunch


                            @JC: That's a good-looking belt! It's the first thing I noticed - probably because I'm on the lookout for something similar. Did it cost $2? :-) It goes well with the shoes, too. A very fortuitous find, indeed!


                              Yep $2... 2nd coach belt I've found at the same store


                                JC - I love those shoes! I remember you debating what shoes to buy in a thread - solid pick.