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    @Alan - how come you would need help "slimming" when you fit so perfectly in slim fit blazers and shirts without tailoring ;-) !


      @Alan - I actually like having broad shoulders and a broader chest. I think it looks good in a suit.


        Had a company picnic this weekend, and it was warm so I decided to brighten it up a bit. Still keeping it simple though.

        Shirt: LEC

        Pants: Dockers

        Watch: Timex w/J.Crew strap

        Sunglasses(not shown): Ray-Ban New Wayfarer in Tortoise

        No break in pants

        Shoes: Sperry Chukka (looks black in picture, but are a chocolate brown)


          Feeling colorful today.

          Suit: H&M 2-button ticket button

          Tie: sale purchase at Barney's in Chicago 8 years ago

          Shirt: Deo Veritas, custom measurements with blue and white gingham cloth on the inside of sleeves and collars

          Lapel flower: red, blue, green, yellow knots from eBay

          Ring: Cartier

          Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive

          Cufflinks: Paul Frederick

          Pocket square: (decided not to wear it - too much)

          Shoes: To Boot New York double monks (about as square as I will get)

          Socks: Duchamp, CladMen fire sale


            Nice, Lance.

            Ryan - bravo!


              @Ryan, geez I thought I was colorful. That coat looks like it fits perfect. Makes me wish there was an H&M somewhere near me.


                like that lapel knot flower. i "knotted" my lapel today as well.

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                  Looking good Ryan! Did make any alterations to that suit or does it fit like that off the rack?


                    @Lance - nice laces!

                    @tdig - would like to see the knotted lapel you put together today

                    @nftmlk - the suit fit like this off the rack until I lost 10 pounds. I took it to my tailor and he made the alterations to tighten it up in the chest and mid-section. It now fits better than ever!


                      @ryan got so warm today i left my jacket in the office this morning. ill try to snap a pic tomorrow

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                        Trying out the new suit, fresh from the cleaners yesterday.

                        Shirt: Roundtree & York - pinpoint button down collar

                        Tie: Roundtree & York - 100% cotton plaid

                        Suit: Hart Schaffner Marx (thrifted)

                        Shoes: Poulsen, Skone & Co wingtips

                        The tie is slightly darker in person. It's not quite as bright as the pic indicates.


                          Very nice @Alan!

                          The suit fits well... I love the tie! The whole thing comes together well.

                          My one quibble would be not seeing shirt cuff below your coat sleeves. Are they a bit too long?


                            Thanks! As for the cuffs, I can't explain the pic. They poke through about a quarter inch when both my arms are at rest. They could poke through just a tad further, but it's a minor thing.

                            The inner lining of the cuff on the left arm is loose so I can kill two birds with one stone if I have them brought up a bit more. I can tell that the arms have been previously altered to make them shorter, but that should have no impact on bringing them in further.


                              @Lace - very nice casual look!

                              @Ryan - you've been a very nice addition to these forums and that fit shows why!

                              @Alan - Love the fit and softer colors. I think those tones really complement you

                              Sporting the Merona Blazer that gets no love here again:


                                @Alan - Nice color suit and choices with everything. Ever think of putting a dimple in your tie? It's a pet peeve of mine that's why I ask.

                                @Acoustic - Clean look and I like the blazer. It seems to fit well for the price. Think of maybe not matching the tie and pocket square. I think a crisp white square would look better here. Just a little constructive criticism.