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    @MagM - lol, I don't mind Jordan's criticism, it was constructive so it's helpful. Lots of people have been hating the marona blazer ever since Joe suggested it as a must buy, I'm trying to show people that it can actually work out pretty decently!

    @Jordan - Yea, I'll probably go with an argyle choice next time. As for the cheapo target blazer...NEVER! I'm determined to make it work! I actually like how I can wear it and not care at all about it lol.

    @nicholas - Thanks! Post some more of your target blazer fits so we can show this neglected blazer some love!

    @BenR - Thanks, I've been trying to incorporate some of your casual clean looks lately.


      Don't everybody get bent out of shape. The look is spot on. I just think the blazer is cheapo.


        The blazer is cheapo.. but it is meant for that. For a casual look, acoustic is making it work. There is a place for completely unstructured, light cotton blazers. No one expects them to look formal.

        Thus, @acoustic, nice. I would echo the different socks sentiment, however.

        @BenR, it's nice to see someone else in short sleeves once the mercury rises above 50! Haha

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


          I'd just like it if it got above 50 and stayed there... windy and snowing off and on today.

          WIW yesterday:

          Navy Blazer: Gieves & Hawkes, thrifted

          Sweater: Pringle of Scotland cashmere, eBay

          Tie: Astor & Black, thrifted

          Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

          Pants: Bonobos

          Socks: Banana Republic

          Shoes: Allen Edmonds Cambridge shell, bought from a thrifter on SF

          First wear of the Cambridge since I conditioned and polished them again, so they get the lighter creasing where the oils are coming to the surface... it brushes down easily and every wear after it's less


            @Jason -- Nice shirt/sweater/jacket combo, though I would probably switch out the brass buttons on the blazer for something a bit darker/more subtle. But that's just me -- I must have an aversion to the more traditional navy blazer.

            Nice backdrop for the photo, too. I trust no one was busy in the background ...


              JC - Your grin is great. I like the light blue on blue. And I will forever love brass buttons. The shells look fantastic.


                I love brass buttons myself... I've got a thing for trad details and pieces... Today I'm wearing that vintage Brooks Brothers cream cricket sweater with navy and burgundy stripe detailing.


                  So I gave in and am finally contributing :P Figured I got a buncha new stuff so I will start posting it as I wear it. Went out for dinner with the Mrs tonight. The fit of the JAB blazer from the suit I stumbled on for 80 bucks on clearance actually worked quite nice off the rack. Thoughts?

                  (I pulled the square up a bit more than how I wore it, and over the lapel just so you could see the colours)

                  Blazer: JAB (100% cotton suit for 80 bucks woop woop)

                  pants: LEC khaki colour chinos

                  shirt: LEC

                  pocket square: the bay

                  belt: Tristan & America


                    Welcome aboard Focuspants! I like the subtleness of that pocket square. Looks to be a very versatile piece for you.


                      Focuspants - The colors work perfectly together. Have you tried folding the square so that the folded edge goes along the top, still showing the stripes? With the edge of the square showing, which is fine too, you might also want to fold it a hair more narrow. Worth experimenting.


                        @Jason that's another awesome combination man, I'm gonna have to use some of your getups for inspiration when I need to really dress up haha

                        @Focuspants I really like that look, the colors play really well and the pocket square is subtle, but adds a little pop to the navy blazer too


                          This suit makes me look so skinny lol

                          Suit: The Thompson

                          Shirt: Gap

                          Tie: Thrifted

                          Tie Clip: David Donahue

                          Shoes: AE Hales

                          Pocket Square: Merona


                            Thanks for the comments guys. The blazer seems to have a slightly smaller than normal pocket, so I improvized on our scramble out the door haha. The problem with folding it so the stripes go lengthwise is that theres a like 1" white border above the stripes, and I really wanted to have the red show a bit more. It also looks kinda silly if its pulled out to far. Kind of a design flaw on their part I think. But I got 3 100% cotton squares for $9.99 with the same pattern in red, navy and beige.


                              @Acoustic: That's why I like my dark-colored stuff. I need all the help I can get in the slimming department. It's funny that I never really felt that large until I started taking pictures of myself in the mirror (and seeing all you other skinny people in here).


                                Alan, I always thought I was a skinny guy. Some of the posters here are making me rethink that.