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  • @Pitt: I was down at NR the other day and saw those shoes you're looking at. They also had some TBNY cap toes that look very similar to Strands for about $200, but I figure I can hold out for the real deal. BTW, those are some crazy socks!


    • @Pitt - Yea I've seen those TBNY shoes at the rack as well. They look very nice and would be a great alternative to Allen Edmonds if you prefer the more "european" lasts of shoe


      • WIWT

        This was from two days ago when the weather was 50 degrees and 20 mph winds. So I busted out the tweed uppers and lowers to stay warm.

        Jacket: BarIII 2 button grey tweed sportscoat

        Pants: Gap Tweed Trousers

        Shirt: Express black gingham

        Tie: POS Kenneth Cole Reaction tie. (seriously the worst tie I've ever owned, its so damn cheap. Only wore it because it needed one last action b4 it goes in the yard sale or donation pile, just to confirm my decision)

        Shoes: Black Cap Toes

        socks: Argyle Purple & Black

        PS: white hanky.

        Jacket & Pants are certainly of different brands and by golly, they are an exact match in material density, as well as color (indoor & outdoor). First time I've worn it as a suit, but hell it looked great.

        Pics # 33-34


        • @Alan haha yeah I ordered a few loud pairs from happysocks, I kinda like how they're so loud

          @Acoustic I agree, the NR I went to actually had AE Strands and the TBNY shoes so I got to try on both but I think I actually liked the way the TBNY shoes felt a little better but they're both great shoes for sure

          @Tat ha that tie doesn't look bad at all from that picture, thats a nice look does the express gingham fit?


          • @Tat I really like the tie/shirt combo. Well done.


            • The Slim Fit of the shirt is bigger fitting than a 1mx, and the sleeves are pretty long for me. But I wear a jacket all the time at work, so on some shirts I don't bother to shorten sleeves since they are work horse shirts.

              FYI I never buy express shirts at full prices because I don't see them lasting more than a year, especially if I wear it once a week. THey usually go on sale or clearance between 15-20 bucks. Although I'm getting to the point where I have enough shirts in rotation to possibly warrant more life out of each.

              Ty for the compliments.


              • Casual Friday... woo! It's also 52┬░ and sunny so I'm pretending it's spring.

                Polo: Target

                Chinos: LEC

                Belt: Nantucket via STP

                Watch: Seiko Black Monster

                Shoes: Johnston & Murphy Brennan wingtip



                • Nice relaxing day today

                  Merona Blazer

                  Random Brown Tie

                  Jcrew Shirt

                  David Donahue Tie Bar

                  Merona Pocket Square

                  LEC jeans

                  AE Mora double monk strap


                  • @BenR: It's 50 degrees, the sun just came out, and I'm wearing four layers!


                    • @ Alan - It warmed up to 60... just got into shorts, sandals, and t-shirt so I can wash my car. B-)

                      @ Foodie - I'm digging that tie/shirt/jacket combo. Very good casual-plus look.



                      • @Foodie - Killer! Best combo yet!


                        • I would agree save for the socks that are either black or so navy they look black, and the cheapo merona blazer. A better quality khaki blazer would go great here.


                          • @Jordan - Why you gotta be like that?


                            • @Jordan - Give it a rest. First with me, now with him. We know where you stand on the Merona blazer.


                              • No joke, sounds like you'd be a blast at parties.