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    Got a meeting today. It's really more of an excuse to wear a suit than an actual reason. More bad pics from a bad camera phone.

    Suit: Tommy Hilfiger - Grey Stripe Two Button Side Vent Slim Fit

    Shirt: Neiman Marcus - Trim-Fit Check Dress Shirt

    Tie: Geoffrey Beene - red/black paisley

    Shoes: Poulsen, Skone, & Co wingtips

    Belt: Daniel Cremieux - brown/black reversible croc w/ silver buckle

    Watch: Bulova

    Cufflinks - Brooks Brothers 346

    You vaguely can see the shirt's black/pink pattern in the cuff pic, but it's pretty fuzzy and dim.


      This weekend, I hung a rod in our sunroom specifically for holding 107" seamless paper (photo studio backdrop). The idea is to turn the room into a makeshift studio for a project my wife is working on, but it may be an opportunity to take some high-quality WIWT pics if I'm willing to put up with the 10 minutes of setup and 5 minutes of tear-down every time (which, if I'm being honest with myself, I'm probably not).


        For a casual interview today.

        Sweater: Old Navy

        Shirt: Target

        Tie: DKNY

        Jeans: Levis 514

        Shoes: AE Fifth Street (my college student budget is not thanking me, but bought em during the recent sale and really happy so far)


          @Totino and Pitt_10 - thank you both.

          @Alan - love the no break between pants and shoes, nice brogue too!

          @Max - good luck with the interview!


            A nice Spring day today. Doing my rorshach impression.

            H&M Fedora

            Merona Blazer

            Gap Shirt

            Bonobos Pants

            Bosch Belt

            AE strands

            Emporium Capwell Tie

            David Donahue Tie Bar

            Merona Pocket Square

            Merona Socks

            I'm trying to work more with different textures and patterns rather than always having plain solids - Does todays combinations work out in your guys opinion?


              @Alan - I'm still amazed that you do not need any of your suits or blazers tailored. They always look so well fitted

              @Ryan - Love the use of shoe laces!


                @Acoustic - Those Strands look amazing.


                  @Acoustic: Oh, I have several that don't fit nearly as well. That's why you don't see me wearing them! Still doesn't fix the long arms, though. I really need to take care of that... And by the way, that's a pretty jerky move to post a close-up of your Strands like that. ;-) I'm a fan of the navy/white/khaki combo. It's one of my own personal favorites.

                  @Lance: Another slick, casual pic! What's your spring stuff look like? Or will we not find out until sumer. ;-)

                  @JC: It's been 6 days ago now, but I keep going back to your navy pinstripe suit. I'd love to have one, but I have to knock out a few basics first (including a replacing my existing solid navy suit that's too big for me).


                    @Alan if I see one come through the SF thrift forum I'll let you know


                      I appreciate it, JC, though I expect I'm going to be pretty picky about it since it'll be my go-to conservative suit. Or to use the SF vernacular... My navy "city" suit. :-)


                        FWIW, I went back and looked at my various suit jackets/sportcoats/blazers last night to compare the good ones versus the not-so-good ones, and the 4 that fit the best were all double vented. I don't think it's a coincidence.


                          Great shoes people

                          From the looks of it, I need to step my shoe game up. Usually my rotation consists of a thrifted pair of Land's End light brown oxfords and some chocolate brown Alfani's. The rest of the lineup consists of mostly Sperry Chukkas and Jack Percells. My next purchase may be a wingtip and loafers which I've been wanting for a while.


                            FWIW, today is a rainy day here, and I'm loving the fact that I have a pair of rubber-soled Kenneth Cole loafers. That way, I get to leave all my good shoes in the closet.


                              Whoops, forgot to move the browser out of the way on my screen shot lol. Anyways, continuing the quest to try and get more love for the target blazer.

                              Express Shirt

                              Merona Blazer

                              Talbots Tie

                              Merona Pocket Square

                              David DAnoahue Tie Bar

                              LEC Jeans

                              Merona socks

                              AE Hales


                                It's unusually warm today (around 75) so I didn't wear anything special (other than my socks hah):

                                Shirt: Calvin Klein

                                Pants: LEC Slim Fit

                                Shoes: Sand Clarks DB

                                Watch: Timex Weekender

                                Socks: HappySocks

                                Also, I got to go to Nordstrom Rack yesterday for the first time and these To Boot NY wingtips are definitely on my wishlist: