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    The exact opposite actually. I live in the south. I may have cheated, being that that picture was from maybe a month or so ago.


      This tie probably hasn't been worn in years even though it's a perfectly fine tie.

      Shirts: Banana Republic

      Tie: Roundtree & Yorke

      jacket: Hickey Freeman blazer

      Pants: Banana Republic

      Belt:Nautica - woven brown

      Shoes: Daniel Cremieux - split toe bluchers


        Look at the dimple in that tie knot! We're jamming!

        That blazer fits you really well in the body. I'm assuming you haven't had it tailored because the sleeves still look long.

        Have you tried the DIY Wurkin Stiffs? Using metal ones? Your collars always look pretty sharp.


          Thanks! Yeah this blazer is tied for the best fitting jacket I own.

          I've never done an alteration in my life. It's sacrilegious, I know, but I never get around to it. It's gonna be a monster bill when I do, though. I have 10 suit coat/blazer/sportcoats, and 9 need the sleeves brought up.

          I've never tried any sort Wurkin Stiffs (DIY or otherwise), but I think I'm going to. I think my collars stand up because I use collar stays religiously (always thick plastic) and typically use wide tie knots (even if they aren't always big). Call me a traditionalist, but I opt for the windsor 90% of the time.

          And if I know I'm not going to be wearing a tie, I try to steer towards button down collars. I have several pinpoint button down collared shirts just for such occassions. Plus I buy shirts that are the right size collar for my neck so they don't flop around when the top button is done.

          For collar stays, I've always bought the variety pack of heavy-duty plastic stays from the Brooks Brothers outlet. They're thick and last a long time if you don't accidentally warp them in the washing machine. Even then, though, you can sandich them in cloth and straighten them back out with an iron (though they'll never be as stiff again).

          Now that I've seen metal stays for about the same price, though, I'll probably be going that route next time I have to pick some up.

          See? I'm wordy...


            Each CT shirt comes with a pair of metal stays that I use in all my shirts (BB non-iron slim fits and the CT shirts alike), which have worked out well for not going the Wurkin stiffs.


              Finally received my order from the Knottery and thought I would share the results.

              Shoes: Antonio Maurizi

              Socks: nothing special brown

              Laces: the Knottery in yellow

              Suit: H&M

              Shirt: Proper Cloth custom measurements, spread collar, french cuffs, in chocolate brown gingham

              Tie: Express, in too-bright yellow for some

              Pocket square: Chocolate brown tipped from


                Good stuff Ryan. I'm a fan of the brown gingham and own a more casual poplin version. It goes with everything. Damn, that is a bright tie haha.


                  those laces look good ryan. need the right setting though to pull them off. maybe on a casual friday in the office but no way i could swing that out at a client unfortunately. personally not as crazy about the tie though and does anyone else think that pocket square is a bit high? looks good with the shirt though.

                  My cocktail videos >


                    Yes, in my office environment I can wear the laces but agree with you not in front of clients. The tie isn't my favorite but went with the laces for today. I agree the pocket square is too high and I think it got pushed up while sitting down. It's usually 1/2 inch out.


                      What color is that tie? I can't tell... ;-)


                        I believe it's the same yellow as Oregon's Nike football uniforms, meant to bring your attention to it on tv.


                          @BenR, very well done the SC fits very well, spring is in the air!

                          @Alan, killing the Trad looks lately man...gonna give you your own TRAD thread lol.

                          @Lance F., the ensemble with the denim jacket is very parisian...i like the look and i thought you looked pretty warm with the crewneck sweater and scarf on...will be putting up my outfit today later on...its a bit on the colorful

                          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                            @Ryan, love the yellow tie & laces combo!


                              @Ryan I actually really like that tie for some reason, it stands out in a good way to me, and the rest of your outfit is pretty neutral so that helps....oh and major kudos to you for being bold and wearing the yellow laces too, I don't think I have it in me to be able to rock those and the tie together haha


                                A few weeks ago when it was still cold, heading to work.

                                Shirt: J.Crew Factory

                                Tie: Nautica

                                Sweater: GAP

                                Vest: LEC

                                Pants: Dockers

                                I like to layer, but I just wish it was cold for more then a month where I live.