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    JC, I'm so jealous of all the great finds you seem to have from thrifting, and the way you put suits and tie combos together really make for some sweet outfits


      @Pitt_10 thanks! Yeah, thrifting has become more like a lifestyle and I'm always on the hunt.


        JC - I agree with Alan - the scarf combo is powerful. Sometimes not tying is the best knot. ;-)

        I stayed away from the chinos for no particular reason...just liked the dark look with dark denim. Also wanted to save the chinos for tomorrow in case I get a good interview to dress up for. Remember - my industry is really low key. I wouldn't wear a suit unless I were going to the national headquarters.


          I've noticed a number of you guys wearing those Florsheim longwings -- the Veblen/Havilands. How are they holding up for you guys?

          Seeing some of these outfits is like looking in the mirror.


            Too much? My GF didn't like it, but it's a casual Friday and I wanted to have fun... Sorry for the crappy pics

            SC: Pendleton Blackwatch, thrifted

            Sweater: J Crew Merino wool

            Shirt: Michael Kors, magenta checked

            Pants: Banana Republic cotton dress pants, thrifted

            Socks: TopMan

            Shoes: Eastland Seneca boots


              Casual Friday:

              Blazer: H&M 3-button Navy blue with brass buttons for $25

              Shirt: Scotch & Soda off Guilt for $29

              Tie: LEC special for $8

              Pin: Gold elephant thrifted from eBay for $5

              Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick Triton Knot Collection

              Shoes: Gieves & Hawkes Brown Suede with UO red laces

              Pants: H&M special $10


                @JC: I'm not sure the term "too much" ever really applies to you because you always manage to pull it off. I like the jacket. Might as well wear that stuff while you can. It'll be warming up soon enough. Heck I took the day off today, and I was running errands in shorts!

                @Ryan: Does that jacket close? It looks like it's a close call. I like how trim the arms are, though. I like the red laces, too. I'm not a fan of burnished suede, but that's just a personal preference. There wouldn't be a million burnished suede shoes out there if they weren't popular.


                  Yes, the jacket does close but you are right - out of all the jackets I own, this is the closest call. I bought the boots under the influence of Dappered; my enthusiasm for burnished suede is similar to yours though I couldn't resist the $49 price tag.


                    Ryan--I have that tie as well. Always fun to break it out.


                      Seems like Nicholas and myself are still trying to make the Merona Khaki Blazer. Does this work?

                      Jacket: Merona Kensington Blazer

                      Sweater: Old Navy

                      Shirt: Gap

                      Jeans: LEC

                      PocketSquare: Merona

                      Shoes: AE Black Hills


                        Acousticfoodie - my favorite combo with the khaki thus far. With the size of the sleeves, I've had good luck wearing full-on sweaters underneath the blazer, but I'm cautious of using a thin cotton texture over a heavier fabric below.

                        I've got some shots with the navy blazer that I'll try to post soon.


                          @Acoustic: Someone finally found a good use for that spare hankie in the Merona 3-pack! :-) I've seen it pop up a few times, but this is the first one I've actually liked. That Merona jacket is also draping much better than I've seen in a lot of other pictures. Of course, with shoes like that, nobody's looking at the jacket. :-)


                            My rotation. Top = casual. Bottom = work.


                              @bruschetta: What are those in the top left corner?


                                Alan, they're Allen Edmond McTavish's:

                                All of these shoes look much nicer in person. This was taken on my phone's camera.

                                The front shoes are AE Strands, McAllisters, and Fifth Avenues.