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    Yeah - I like Ryan's look too.


      @Acoustic: I like the pants. I've been looking for something similar for a while, but I guess it doesn't mattter now that spring is here. Maybe next year.


        Today's medley to counter the cold, rainy weather in San Francisco.

        Suit: Rugby 3-button gray wool

        Shirt: Donald Trump, white with french cuffs on sale from Van Heusen

        Tie: Banana Republic

        Tiebar: J.Press oar tie bar

        Pocket Square: White with Brown tip

        Cufflinks: orange knots from eBay

        Watch: TX by Technoluxury with brown leather strap

        Shoes: Allen Edmonds Dalton in dark chocolate brown

        Socks: Uniqlo, orange


          @Alan - thank you for the feedback! Apologies on picture quality - the iPhone does a better job when the camera isn't self-facing, or when done outdoors. I would benefit from using a full length mirror to better qualify fit. The suit was tailored, no break in the pants.

          I do work in a business setting and don't mind setting myself apart with the details. Our office environment isn't super conservative, so the details are appreciated.

          The socks are a bit chunkier than I would prefer with this particular suit though the colors line up perfectly - navy blue, white and red detailing. Great feedback on the shoes. I like the detailing on them and agree the polish could be stripped away, one reason I picked up the Dalton's a few days ago to mix them in to my regular lineup. Thanks again!!


            Yeah, when I said "business" I really meant "formal business". That outfit would totally fly at my office, too, and I'd still be the dressiest guy there. It's a good look!


              Ryan - nice work! I'm visiting SF right now, job & apartment hunting. Just walked to the impound lot in the this cold & rainy mess. =P

              So, living out of a bag, I'm exercising the versatility of that jacket. Today's more low-key offering.

              Shirt: LEC

              Sweater: Merona merino v-neck

              Pocket Square: Another Target handkerchief

              Pants: Levi 501 - I tried my khaki chinos and switched back to jeans.

              Socks: Merona

              I would show the Daltons, but JC would stress about how I'm not letting them rest after a day. ;-)


                Can everyone else see Ryan's pic but me?

                @nicholas I hope you brought shoe trees for your boots!

                Here's WIWT

                Oxxford navy topcoat, proxied by another thrifter

                Ermengildo Zegna silk scarf, thrifted

                Oxxford navy pinstripe suit, traded for from another thrifter

                Oscar de la Renta tie, vintage from the 60's when that was a good thing, thrifted

                Marks & Spencer shirt, french cuff, thrifted

                Orient Vintage watch

                Not shown: Allen Edmonds Cambridge shell cordovan wingtips, bought from a thrifter


                  You're killing it with that scarf/coat combo, JC. Lookin' like old money.



                    Looking sharp, JC! Wierd question... Does wearing a suit make you feel like a "grown-up"? Or conversely, do you feel like less of a grown-up when you're NOT wearing one? I know I always feel that way, and I'm 32. :-)


                      It's a little different feeling... I mean, I'm the most dressed up one here even when I'm not wearing a suit, but people are a little more deferential around you when you're in a suit (and it fits, etc).

                      I still try not to feel like a grown up though.


                        @nicholas why didn't you go with the chinos? rainy weather?


                          Welcome to SF and good luck on the job and apt hunting! @Jason, hope the pics are showing up now. If not, let me know if there's different language I should use for posting picture links.


                            Sometimes showing up now... Stupid browser cache issue I think... Like that tie a lot.


                              Your pics aren't showing for me either, Ryan. I dunno if it's a browser thing. I'm on Chrome.



                                FWIW, I can see them fine.