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    No pic...


      @ Alan -- you drinking Capt Morgan this early in the day?


        @hornsup84: You mean you AREN'T? :-)

        @MaxMan: Thanks! I've never been so flattered and made to feel so old at the same time before! ;-) If I had known people would actually look in the background, I would have cleaned up a bit. :-P


          @Alan, i kid about the age man, its more in ref to the outfit with the blue blazer (if it were brass buttons, it would be more appropriate i suppose) and i am in the process of homebuying so i notice bathrooms.

          for today, nothing special, there is a winter weather advisory for Boston so i am dressed comfortable and warm at the same time. Excuse the undershirt showing its my thermals

          Sweater: ON

          shirt: Thom Brown

          Pants: Gap cords

          Wheels: Bass Mocs

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


            Not typically a fan of white, or of sweaters that don't have a normal crew or v-neck collar, but I like the sweater, Max. Looks like it's super comfortable.


              @MaxMan - Love the Bass mocs! Which fit are those Gap cords?


                Haven't Posted in awhile. I see you bought both merona blazer colors as well nicholas ;-)

                BR plaid pants

                BR Chambray shirt

                Merona Khaki Blazer

                AE Kenilworth Burnished Brown


                  Bummer - I can't see any of the pics hosted via TinyPic. I'll refresh later...yes, Acoustic - went with both. =D I like the navy the most - seems to be more forgiving with the fit. But they're unstructured blazers...I don't care. My cashmere blazer? It's worth the $70 for alteration!


                    I'm realizing it's the firewall on this free wifi. Nevermind... I'll tether from my phone.

                    What I'm saying's not you, it's me... Like usual.

                    ALSO > Lesson learned. I was catching up on Threads posts and let the time slip by this morning. I looked at the clock and realized it was past 7a, ran out the door to move the car, and it was already towed! D'oh! I'm $450 lighter with the car back, and I'm thinking that Ratio shirt order will have to wait until April.


                      Wow, I hate those kind of life lessons. I prefer to learn from other people's mistakes.


                        Why are they towing cars at 7AM? That's some kind of brutal...


                          Happier stories... I like this look below with the navy Merona blazer. I wish I had the cashmere blazer that I thrifted, but it's getting tailored.

                          Pocket Square: Target handkerchief - light blue gingham - same as you, Alan?

                          Shirt: Takumi (Nordstrom Rack)

                          Tie: Navy pindot (freebie from Indochino)

                          Cufflinks: Twisted silver squares (freebie from Indochino)

                          Sweater: Cashmere Polo by Ralph Lauren (Marshalls)

                          Pants: Levi 501

                          Shoes: AE Dalton (Factory seconds)

                          Alan - I agree with everyone else on your most recent post! Lots of times you're just experimenting with different things, but when you know what you're going for, you nailed it!

                          MaxMan - White looks terrific on you. And paired well with those mocs for the outfit.

                          Acousticfoodie - I feel like we're both struggling with the khaki blazer. :-/ Not sure if I'll be able to make it work in a great way or not.


                            Hey Ryan! Just noticed your post from yesterday. Don't be discouraged by the lack of replies. It is a bit difficult to make out what you're wearing, though. I can see WHAT you're wearing, but not exactly HOW you're wearing it. A lot of people in here put a real emphasis on fit so that may account for a lack of responses. As for the outfit...

                            The red stitching seems to offer a sporty look to the suit that I like with the ensemble you have going on. I can't picture it in a business situation, but that's obviously not the look you're going for. The bold stripes in the shirt, the primary colors, and the accessories also emphasize that sporty look. I like it!

                            I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the socks, but I it might just be the camera angle. I can see that they're argyle, but they look like they might be kind of chunky. Also, the shoes are pretty sweet, but they do have more patina than I would typically associate with the crisp look of the rest of your ensemble. I bet they really clean up nicely when the excess polish is stripped from the broguing, and in the meantime, the patina offers a LOT of personality, but I would still partner a sleeker shoe with the rest of that outfit.


                              @nicholascrawford: Yup, that would be the same hankie. :-) I like it when somebody proves you can wear a jacket and tie and not be dressed up. And the Daltons are looking good!

                              And thanks for the comments! I like layering, but maybe transitioning into spring won't be so hard after all.


                                @Max: I really like the sweater. I bought what I thought was something similar in grey, but it turned out to be very chunky. I still wear it anyway, but I can't layer it since it's so thick. I would have prefered something more like yours.