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    Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
    BenR stole my next outfit idea, so I'm back to the drawing board.


      Originally posted by Manny De La Cruz View Post
      I really like that shirt and think it works well with the colour of your shorts.
      Thanks very much, appreciate it!


        Originally posted by LesserBlackDog View Post
        Cross-posting from the Friday challenge... wore this to work today.

        Bonobos jacket, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Target tie, Target pocket square, JCF pants, Florsheim shoes, Hamilton watch.

        Great fit on that blazer, and I really like the look of those pants in terms of cut and color. Did you buy that pocket square online? I was in my local one the other day and could only find the Merona squares in white. Jealous of that Hamilton as well!


          Target used to sell a 3-pack of casual handkerchiefs - one in a dark blue, one in light blue gingham, and I forget the color of the third. I got mine a few years ago but I remember they had the same pack for a long time afterward. I'm not sure if they still sell it or not.


            Getting my boy into wearing blazers.

            I think no a tie look for him works, and also I think it poses a strangulation hazard. No boy of mine will be wearing a clip on. I think that is grounds for disownership. Either he ties his bow ties himself or he learns a four in hand. He is going with the shorts and blazer look for now but I think at his age it is acceptable. At what age is it too old for the shorts and blazer look? 5? 6? He untucked his shirt, but I'll give him a pass because he had to use the potty.

            Does indochino or dragon inside do MTM for 2 year olds?


              LOL, that is too freaking adorable. Well done, sir.


                I just noticed he has really wide lapels. Hey boy! What is this 1970's? Slim it down to a 1.25" width and match it with a wide shoelace to keep the proportions right.


                  Couple to get caught up on.

                  From this Sunday:

                  And a day off today:


                    Been waking up too late to have time to take a picture lately. But took one today for the Friday contest.

                    Jacket: J.Crew
                    Shirt: Thomas Mason for J.Crew
                    Chinos: J.Crew
                    Belt: OG Penguin
                    Tie: The Knottery
                    PS: Tie Bar
                    Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo



                      Tie: Jack Spade
                      Pants: Jcrew Thompson charcoal suit pants
                      Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt
                      Shoes: AE Park Aves


                      Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt
                      Pants: Gap Broken in Khakis
                      Tie: Ben Sherman
                      Shoes: Mercanti from DSW
                      Socks: english laundry

                      Think I'm gonna get both of these shirts taken in on the sides eventually since there's a bit of room


                        Great looks man. The fit of those gap khakis are stellar. I like the color and shape of your shoes from today as well.

                        What's the print on your jack spade tie? Looks interesting.


                          ^ agreed on the Gap chinos. Gonna have to remember to check those out sometime.

                          No WIWT pic here (mostly off-the-grid this week), but I will add a textual rundown of a simple, affordable getup that garnered the comment, "You two are the best dressed in the whole park tonight."

                          Now, the comment was made about my wife and I; *to* my wife alone; so there's that, I suppose. LOL - Dude was probably simply hitting on her, but still...

                          - navy cotton unstructured unlined blazer/SC (Merona Kensington)
                          - light blue OCBD (thrifted Saks 5th Ave, I think)
                          - dark denim (JCP slim straight - very 514-ish)
                          - brown suede driving loafers (BR Gabriel)

                          Nothing crazy. Nothing pricey. Just a reminder that a simple, classic, basic getup sometimes (usually) still does the trick. A lesson that Joe often reminds us of in the main site, and one that Barron at Effortless Gent also preaches a lot too. Thanks for the lessons, fellas!


                            Also cross-posting for the Friday challenge.

                            Jacket: JC Linen Herringbone
                            Shirt: Stafford
                            Pants: JCF Bedford
                            Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini Cap Toe (these are due for a shine)
                            PS: Homemade
                            Watch (unshown): Timex on C&B nato strap

                            I really need to do a better job of picking up that bathroom after the chaos we call "bath-time."


                              @Fauxshow, @yoyorobbo thanks guys!, yeah I love those lived in chinos, I've gotten a few pairs when they go on sale its a great deal, I like them a little more than the alphas even. The Jack Spade tie is from Marshalls, but the pattern is actually an oil drill I think? and a donkey haha. They had another one that was a lighter blue with small rockets on it so I'm gonna try that one next week.

                              Most of the people in my office don't wear ties at all, so I figure I can get away with some more "outside the box" ones and still be a little more dressed up

                              Nice combo dackman! Looks good man
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                                So I work in a very casual work environment. Most people wear fleece pullovers over t-shirts to polos and untucked button-downs. So about 4 months ago, I started "Neckwear Thursdays". Of course, I got alot of flack the first 2-3 weeks. But in the last month, a few people are following suit and/or making comments that they want to wear bowties. Anyway...WIWT:

                                Shirt: S. Oliver
                                Pants: H&M Linen
                                Bowtie: TB
                                Socks: Goldtoe
                                Shoes: AE Macallister