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    Casual Day Today

    Shirt: Brushetta chambray shirt

    Cardigan: BR olive

    Pants: Vintage Fit BR corduroy

    Thrifted Tie

    Allen Edmonds Strands


      @Acoustic: casual day = $300+ shoes? ;-)

      (Yeah, I'm a little jealous...)


        @ Alan - STOP, THIEF! Stealin' my style... mumble grumble.... ;-)

        Shirt: LEC

        Sweater: BR

        Tie: Thrifted

        Jacket: H&M

        Jeans: Levi's 514

        Shoes (not shown): Johnston & Murphy Brennan suede wingtips

        Watch: Timex

        Bracelets: Thrifted



          LOL Well, Ben... Looks like you're jocking mine today so we're even. (We'll ignore the fact that you pull it off better than I do.)

          I already have my outfit set out for Saturday. It would usually be my casual Friday outfit, but I have to do a charity thing and suit up tomorrow so I'm saving it for Saturday. It includes:

          brown sportcoat

          navy sweater vest

          blue/white stripe shirt


          blue tie (though probably red, now)

          Sound familiar? Thanks for testing out for me, though.


            @JC nice suede loafers. I was walking around in the fashion district in NYC today and was amazed how many guys were wearing suede shoes on a gross/rainy day. Am I missing something? Do they not care if the suede gets damaged or have I been using really bad waterproofer on the suede shoes I had that got caught in a moderate rain?

            Also, unrelated, but stopped by Uniqlo for the first time today and the store blew me away. I didn't really do any shopping but the place was HUGE. Did try on their tazmanian blend suit coat and not sure how I felt about it. Nice contour at the sides, but something didn't sit right at the shoulders. I think I saw some marked down to 20 while others were at $60. I would've picked up one for $20 but was going to an interview (nailed it) and didn't want to carry a shopping bag in with me haha.

            Not sure if the tag was mislabeled or if maybe its last season's model that is marked down, but will investigate more next week.


              @ JC you are are cruel man my friend. Why must you post pictures of the shoes that started my wanting to get some suede loafers!!! You wear them with flare!


                A rehash of a few days ago.

                Jacket: Dark Gray Uniqlo tasmanian wool.

                Shirt: Neiman Marcus Purple check dress shirt

                Pocket square: white with charcoal border from

                Shoes: Cole Haan air colton wingtip.

                Watch: Android Men's Impetus Black Watch.


                  Playing catch-up. Here's yesterday's pic. I had to wear a suit for a volunteer charity thing at the local children's hospital. Kind of casual with the sweater, but I felt better when most of the other guys from my MBA program were wearing beat-up black bicycle toe shoes. And it happened to be pretty cold in there so it worked out in my favor. (The REAL reason I wore the sweater is because the suit's too big for me, and I was trying to fill it out more.) Anyways...

                  Shirt: Lands End - white pinpoint

                  Tie: Geoffrey Beene - red paisley

                  Sweater: Lands End- v-neck sweater vest

                  Suit: Daniel Cremieux - navy

                  Shoes: Daniel Cremieux - chili split toe



                    Kind of dressed up for a Saturday morning class, but this is what I would have worn yesterday if not for the afore-mentioned charity thing. I had it set out so I was damn sure gonna wear it...

                    Shirt: English Laundry - sky blue w/ white stripes

                    Tie: Tommy Hilfiger (inherited)

                    Sweater: Lands End - navy v-neck

                    Jacket: no-name sport coat - herringbone (thrifted)

                    Jeans: Banana Republic

                    Shoes: Born Nathaniels - rainy day beater shoes

                    Pocket square: Merona hankie

                    Watch: Fossil Walter

                    The last time this jacket made an appearance in WIWT was the first time I ever posted in this thread. I fits better than the pic seems to show.


                      I love the patch pockets!


                        @Alan Like the SC almost especially because it is a no name. Some of my best thrift finds have been no names that fit me perfectly. It seems like all of the designer stuff I find is boxy (maybe because the original owner was more conservative or just a bigger guy in the waist from eating all those steaks while I'm on a little more than meager ramen haha).

                        I came across a Burberrys (older model for sure) DB purple/navy SC and I thought about it but ehh. Not sure what the flipability of it would be either. Instead I spent the $10 on tweed from Richmond. Works for me haha


                          Casual Saturday for me. Just sat out in the sun for a while, thinking about how nice and warm it felt... came inside, checked the weather - 34┬░.

                          Henley: Eddie Bauer

                          Polo: Old Navy

                          Chinos: LEC

                          Sneakers: Polo RL, thrifted (with leather laces from Target)

                          Watch: Seiko Black Monster

                          Bracelet: Thrifted



                            @BenR Like the look... Especially like the photo. Looks like one of Joe's dappered post headers


                              I bet Joe posts on Threads under the name BenR.


                                Here's what I wore yesterday, pretty casual but I felt like wearing a some blue:

                                Shirt: Old Navy

                                Cardigan: LEC

                                Pants: Bonobos Chinos...realized they were sagging slightly after the picture

                                Shoes: Beeswax DBs

                                Watch: TImex Weekender (Not seen)