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    It's not an all-inclusive list (mostly English and Italian), but it's free to try:

    The thread starts with clothing. You have to scroll a ways to reach the shoes. It's how I figured out that my wingtips are (probably) made by Alfred Sargent.


      I don't see anything like mine on here. But I went back through eBay again and found these: em23194e4f3e&item=150748417854&nma=true&pt=US_Men_ s_Shoes&rt=nc&si=Ho4VyM%252FPgv8kOTOlKGAPY%252BwfW Ww%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc#ht_500wt_1287

      Which are identical to mine (though in better condition). The only difference is that mine don't have the v cleat.



        Looks like yours could use a refinishing... Pull off the layers of wax and start fresh.


          If you think they look bad now, you should have seen them when I got them... covered in dust and grime. It took me about an hour of cleaning and shining to get them to their current state.

          Now that I've put a bunch of money into those wingtips from Clad, though, I'm not sure if it makes a lot of sense to invest much money in getting these shoes refinished, resoled, etc. I like to wear them as more of a beater shoe, anyway.



            @jc nice looks. I own those same target anchor socks. I love to rock em!

            I must have 75 pairs of socks lol. But I wear dress socks 5-7 days a week so it's nice to keep a solid rotation


              @Techno - The purple lacing is such a nice touch!

              @Jason - this is how one can look from just thrifting around...

              Jacket: Merona Navy Blazer

              Shirt: Merona Light Green shirt

              PocketSquare: Merona Pocket Square

              Belt: Some random belt

              Pants: BR Blackwatch Pants

              Shoes: (not pictured) Brown Allen Edmonds Kenilworth


                @Acoustic LOVE the pants!


                  I recently bought a navy blazer from H&M for $50. Not too crazy about the fit so it's probably going back. I'll have to hit up target and check out the merona blazer.


                    Kinda jocking Ben's style today (sort of)...

                    Two days ago, my father-in-law gifted me his old bomber jacket since it didn't fit him anymore. It's a bit large on me, but how could I refuse? I feel like I could go pick a bar fight (and win).

                    I'm trying to make a conscious effort to quit over-explaining in these WIWT posts so I'm gonna shut up now.

                    With fur collar:

                    Sans fur collar:



                    Shirt: Lands End - white pinpoint button down collar

                    Tie: Public Opinion - 2" burgundy plaid wool/silk blend

                    Jacket: Lord & Taylor leather bomber (inherited)

                    Pants: Banana Republic micro houndstooth

                    Shoes: Allen Edmonds Bagley - chilli

                    Watch: Fossil Walter - black strap


                      I really like that jacket without the fur collar. It doesn't scream "bomber jacket" like it does with the fur collar. Nice shoes too


                        The fur collar is even bigger IRL than in the picture. I tried it both ways, but decided to leave it at home when I walked out the door. I might actually try it out sometime, but I've got to build up the guts first. It's a LOT of collar...

                        And thanks on the shoes. I had some help :-)


                          Since you asked for a pic of me wearing the suede loafers...

                          Navy blazer: Gieves & Hawkes, thrifted

                          Pink shirt: Joseph Abboud, thrifted

                          Tie: Astor & Black, thrifted

                          Sweater, Banana Republic

                          Pocket Square: Nordstrom Rack via Alan

                          Pants: Bonobos light grey

                          Socks: Paul Fredrick

                          Shoes: Loake suede loafers, eBay


                            @JC: Is that a powder blue sweater? I never would have thought to put it with a tie like that, but I really like it.


                              It's pale lavender, the shirt is pink, and the tie is a mix of light purples, pinks, light blue, and some navy blue


                                BTW, nice shoes. :-)