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    You wouldn't know it from the pics, but I was going for some color today. The goal was to work some red, blue, and yellow into a single scheme. Call it an "exercise" or an "experiment" or whatever you want.

    It's hard to tell from the pics so I'll just describe the jacket. It's blue/navy gingham on a pale mustard yellow background. Found it at a thrift store for $3 so I figured I'd give it a go. It's a 3-button jacket, but the top button is lower than any other 3 button I've ever owned. I tried it as a 3 roll 2, but the stance was old-mannish(and for a patterened jacket, that's a double whammy). So I'm just wearing it like it was intended. It's also ventless, but it's the only ventless jacket I've ever owned that draped well over rear without any separation in the front. (BTW, Today is my first day to wear it since I bought it.)

    Shirt: Banana Republic - navy/white micro stripe

    Tie: Tommy Hilfiger (inherited)

    Jacket: Nautica (thrifted)

    Pants: Banana Republic

    Shoes: Poulsen, Skone & Co.

    ... and I was such a hurry that I ran out the door without a belt... again.


      Hope you had it dry cleaned. Jackets that old, I wouldn't wear much outside of trying it on before I dry cleaned it. especially if you think its got some decades under its belt.


        LOL Yeah. No worries.


          Spent the day with the wife running around to Dr. appts for her. Casual get up.

          Pics were taken in docs office, because I realized they had a decent mirror to take them in.

          Jacket : RL Polo Quilted Biker Jacket

          Shirt: BR Navy Blue Polo

          Sunglasses: RayBand Polarized New Wayfarer black

          Jeans: BR Slim Striaght Jeans

          Shoes: Polo Suede Wingtips.

          Album Picture #s 30-32.


            Cool jacket, Tat.


              3 days worth...

              WIW 2 days ago

              Oxxford SC from a SF thrifter

              Hickey Freeman tie, thrifted

              Astor & Black shirt, thrifted

              Banana Republic sweater

              Banana Republic brown herringbone pants, thrifted

              Not shown: Florsheim Gaffney boots

              WIW yesterday (couldn't get a good picture)

              Hickey Freeman Collection suit, medium gray with double blue pinstripe, thrifted

              Bruno Piatelli tie, from eBay

              Charles Tyrwhitt pale blue shirt, traded from another SF thrifter

              Target "navy" socks

              Allen Edmonds shell cordovan shoes, bought from a SF thrifter


              HSM reddish brown herringbone tweed SC, thrifted

              Tweed driving cap, thrifted

              Astor & Black shirt, thrifted

              Guy Laroche tie, thrifted

              LL Bean Olive with gold overcheck old-man-pants, thrifted

              AE Arlington tassel loafers, thrifted


                Wow, JC. Strong looks all around. I don't have the guts for the Oxxford sportcoat, but you make it look easy. And that HF suit looks great.

                ... and it's a little fuzzy, but I'm inclined to say the pocket square in that last pic looks vaguely familiar.


                  LOL yes it does! I forgot to mention I'm wearing the orange pocket square from Alan today.

                  All of the pics are fuzzy... Unfortunately the only place with a big mirror is the bathroom and the light is pretty poor


                    Would you believe that I bought 5 pocket squares for myself and I'm taking 4 of them back? I can't pull them off in those colors. I'm sticking with the boring, sedate Merona hankies for now because that's all my limited panache can afford.


                      @JC, you have to be best dressed software engineer I've ever seen (at least I think you've said that's what you do in previous posts)


                        Yep, that's what I do. If others knew it could be fun and turned it into a game like I do then you'd see more.


                          You are rockin' it like a boss, JC. My hat's off to you (or it would be if I were wearing one).



                            Shirt: GAP

                            Vest: Thrifted

                            Jacket: J.Crew

                            Tie bar: KC

                            Pants: J.Crew, thrifted

                            Watch: Vintage Seiko, thrifted

                            Bracelet: Unknown maker, thrifted

                            Shoes: Unknown maker, thrifted

                            Socks: Wigwam

                            Getting a little wild and crazy... no tie, red socks, AND a $1 bracelet.



                              Ben, have you tried to identify the maker of those wingtips using the nail pattern on the heels?


                                I didn't know you could do such a thing. I think I had previously decided (based on the very faint lettering inside the shoe and some eBay comparisons) that they are made by Freeman Shoe Company, which went out of business in 1990. But I really couldn't say for sure.