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    shirt - jcrew

    jacket - jcrew

    tie - lec

    jeans - seven

    shoes - polo

    socks - river island

    watch - tag

    tie clip - vintage ebay

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      Hm,I can't get the image to post directly:

      Shirt - Hugo Boss Slim Fit

      Tie - Thrifted

      Sweater - Gap

      Blazer - LEC

      Watch - Timex

      Jeans - Levis 514

      Shoes - Robert Wayne Chocolate Brown desert boots (not pictured)

      Outfit for date night tonight. As always, I defer to the collective knowledge of dappered for input.


        @JeffN: Looking very strong there. I've always liked the red tie/blue jacket look. Good fit in the shoulders and waist, too.

        Maybe it's just the pic, but the jacket and jeans don't seem to provide much contrast since they're both blue. Have you considered other non-blue pant options? There's nothing inherently wrong with the combo. It's just a personal preference thing for me. And if you like it, you should just ignore me. :-)


          I think the jacket looks a bit big all over... just a bit in the shoulders but definitely too long in the sleeves and body


            The overall jacket length is definitely long, but he just seems to be a long-armed guy. Plus if he sized down to reduce overall length and shoulders, it could very easily be too tight in the waist. Finding something that fits his arm length might mean buying a jacket that's too long everywhere else. Sometimes, you just gotta play the hand you're dealt. :-S

            To my knowledge, LEC doesn't make S/R/L sizes. So the only option would be sizing down... Or returning the thing altogether.


              Thanks for the input Alan and Jason. I switched to dark grey chinos. The blazer is the smallest size (38) that LEC offers. I can still return it and perhaps go thrifting to find another.


                JeffN, how tall are you?




                    I wouldn't expect a 38 to be long on someone whose 5'9". Maybe its just an ill fitting jacket. LEC has been known to make 'em. :-S


                      @acousticfoodie did you have any tailoring done on that Merona blazer? I went and tried one on but the medium was too tight and the large felt a little looks like it fits you really well

                      @tdig is that the ludlow jacket from jcrew?


                        Tuesday's get up.

                        Suit: Uniqlo Navy ($110)

                        Shirt: CK blue thin striped shirt

                        Tie: Ben Sherman (got it at marshalls $12)

                        Shoes: ALDO (model: doe)

                        Socks: Psycho bunnies navy/charcoal stripe. got this from the clad sale for $10.

                        Laces: figured i'll write these in, got it from a website called


                          @Pitt_10 Thanks! Nope, no tailoring involved: my measurements are 39.5 chest 31 waist


                            Topcoat: Uniqlo Chesterfield (Onsale $59.99)

                            Shirt: Kenneth Cole Slim Fit

                            Scarf: Old Navy (Onsale $4.99)

                            Belt: Alfani ($19.99)

                            Pants: Old Navy Dress Pants ($20)

                            Shoes: Crappy Red Tape Black Wingtips-Bad Weather Shoes ($49.99)

                            Total: $155

                            By the way, the top coat was a STEAL. Great quality and already slightly tailored look. Love it.


                              My father in law gifted me a very special piece last night because it no longer fits him. The weather isn't right for it here today, but I'm going to try to work it into a WIWT pic before the end of the week.

                              @here: Nice scarf. I think they're under-utilized around here. And the Chesterfield looks great. How the wight on it?


                                @Alan: It's probably a Medium Weight. It was in the high teens low twenties here in Atlanta for a few days last week and it kept me warm. May be warm enough in the single digits but it's probably not going to get low enough for me to find out here.