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    Haven't been on in awhile. Good to see so many new faces! Welcome!

    Merona Blue Blazer

    Olive Bonobos Chinos

    Old Navy Charcoal Cardigan

    Gap Mini Checkered Shirt

    Thrifted Tie

    David Donahue Sterling Silver Tie Bar

    Merona White Stripe Pocket Square

    Merona socks

    Frye Longwings


      I only buttoned it up to take the pics. the sweater is very thin so that make it ok.

      I usually wear a 9.5, had to size up to get them to fit. the coltons are definitely on the narrow side.


        So many cool shirts. I've got a bazillion solids. I need more patterns.


          Hah, I have that Gap herringbone blazer also...need to wear it more!


            @trash i think the whole dappered readership has that gap blazer


              LOL, but who else found theirs at Goodwill? :-D To be fair, I don't actually think mine is the same. It's not as contrasty. But it has a very similar cut.


                @BenR I actually like the color of the cords although share your frustration about misrepresented colors. I picked up a pair of chinos that online looked a kind of brown meets olive. In person (and the important part) under natural or incandescent light, they look fine, a little more olivey than I was expecting. Yet, oh man, wear those pants under fluorescent lights and all of a sudden they look puke green. I'm still trying to explain the phenomenon to myself and will need to get some photographic evidence to vouch for my sanity.

                The first time I wore them I was headed for a long 5 class day. I had to put up with puke green pants for almost 8 hours. #buyastrangerspants


                  @Don: Most people (except photographers) don't realize that flourescent lights actually give off greenish hue. It can do some unexpected things. It makes my brown cord sportcoat turn a little olive.


                    @ Ben, I actually prefer the true color in your picture. It's more interesting.

                    @ Techno, looking sharp. Just thought I'd throw this out there: you have the perfect skin tone to pull off nearly any color that a lot of people can't. Pastels and bright colors would look great in your rotation if your place of business accepts some creativity.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                      man, lots of good looks here... I've gotta get a good picture today myself. I've found my new favorite suit!

                      @techno, LOVE the sock and shoe combo. Very nice.

                      @Acoustic I've seen several things about Frye recently... How's the quality? Is it AE level? They look very nice.


                        Been trying all morning to get a decent pic of WIWT. The color is all wrong with this lame camera phone. I mean, it's ALWAYS wrong, but it's particularly irritating today...

                        @JC: I'm curious to see that suit.


                          Ok, well... the shirt is more lavender that it appears and ignore the bunching under the arm. It's a heavy sport coat that maintains it's shape sometimes when you move. I really like today's look so I'm bugged that I can't get decent pics.

                          And now for the fun part! The pic was taken in a shadow so imagine everything a little brighter. For reference, the pants in the first pic are closer to the right color. But more importantly... DOG SOCKS!

                          Shirt: Lands End - lavender

                          Tie: Beau Brummel SOHO - deep purple

                          Sweater: Lands End sweater vest - grey

                          Sportcoat: GAP - charcoal herringbone

                          Pants: Banana Republic - micro houndstooth

                          Socks: Merona

                          Shoes: Daniel Cremieux (old reliables)


                            Doing a little workshirt-as-jacket thing today. Then possibly ruining it by wearing a jacket-as-jacket as well. I can't decide whether the workshirt needs to be tucked or not, but I'm leaning toward tucking after seeing this photo.

                            Shirt: LEC

                            Tie: Target

                            Outer shirt: Carhartt

                            Jacket: Vintage Wilsons, thrifted

                            Pants: LEC

                            Boots: Chippewa

                            Watch: Vintage Seiko, thrifted

                            Gloves: Auclair

                            Edit: Yup, tucked is better.



                              @BenR tucked in IMO.


                                @Alan: looking good. Like the color combo. very well put together.