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    Mikey, looking great. The jacket is killer. Can't believe you wore that to high school, but kudos.
    BJ, both of those work very well. Can't believe you wore that to a steak house, but kudos.
    Alan, I love the seersucker. Can't believe you wore it with that tie, but kudos. (I'm just kidding -- it works, but I tend to use solid ties with seersucker).
    Lance, that's a great look. Nice photography, too. I hope you post more.
    Zachary, you too -- nice quality photos. Polka dot ties are for winners.
    Robbo, yesterday I was wearing the grey cotton Kenneth Cole pincord jacket that I had cut up in the DIY unlining thread. Giampaolo linen shirt, LEC chinos, Sperrys.

    LE linen cotton
    Ingram linen cotton shirt (eBay; this is an Italian shirtmaker who isn't on par with Brioni/Canali/etc., but makes great shirts that tend to sell for cheap on eBay. This shirt, at least, is of excellent quality.)
    Hagar chinos (thrifted)
    LEC suede DBs (the ones that were about $20 last year on clearance -- or was it even less?)


      Originally posted by BB View Post
      Alan, I love the seersucker. Can't believe you wore it with that tie, but kudos. (I'm just kidding -- it works, but I tend to use solid ties with seersucker).
      I'll freely admit that a lack of solid ties is a deficiency of mine. I actually wanted something less busy, but the only sedate ones I have are also rather dressy. So I had to compromise.


        Originally posted by Lance F. View Post
        Well, the girlfriend likes to take my camera with us when we wander around the city. Which tends to happen very often since it seems like there are more festivals than weekends in New Orleans.

        So I have this following me around all day...tough life
        It could be worse!


          KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Since I'm sure I've been responsible for plenty of occular pain around here, lately. ;-) I'm putting back on my conservative hat for a day. The colors and patterns in the second pic are much more representative of what I'm wearing today, but the tie still seems a little brighter in the pic than IRL. The pic shoes a dark blue gingham on a light blue field, but it's really more of an aqua gingham on a white field.

          Suit: HSM
          Tie: Brook Brothers (100% cotton)
          Shirt: LEC
          Belt: Nautica (braided brown leather)
          Shoes: Daniel Cremieux (chilli split toe bluchers)
          Watch: Fossil
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            Alan - I really like that tie.

            90's here for the next 4 days so it might be shorts weather.


              @BB: I never think of LEC for shoes, but maybe I should be keeping an eye open!


                Originally posted by Lance F. View Post
                Thanks again fro the votes everyone. I have a few bright pairs of pants, and just decided to wear those that day while toning the rest down. Layering with a deep placket henley is probably one of my favorite looks.

                Another similiar look, but with different colors.

                Lance - what brand/model of sunglasses are those? Thanks.


                  Alan, I like that a lot. The tie is nice, but I like the suit even more. The subtle pattern is great.


                    Lots of awesome lately fellers.
                    In no particular order (and leaving out a lot): Alan, I like the seersucker action, even with that tie. It's loud, but F it.
                    BB, you're the linen master. I'm a big fan of that Ingram shirt, especially.
                    Lance F, I like that Henley layering on you. I don't know that it would work for me, but it does quite well for you.
                    BJ, that Thompson suit fits you amazingly well. Whatever you paid for it was a steal. And I agree with you re. the navy pants, khaki jacket move.
                    ZacharyR, the Kensington jacket had never looked better.

                    And my contribution today:

                    Jacket: J Crew
                    Shirt: J Crew
                    Tie: Lumina
                    Tie bar: The Tie Bar
                    Pants: Uniqlo
                    Shoes: Hanover


                      And here's what I look like at lunchtime. Jacket weather is fading away... Is this a weird way to use DBs? To me they seem summery, and suede too, but are they too dark for summer? Or are these just oddly boxy, or something?


                        Great as usual, Shomas. I like the white/black palate.


                          Great dressed-up looks again, fellas; all 'yall. I only stress "dressed-up" because similarly to what Vicious has noted, it's about to get pretty warm around these parts too; and it's likely to get more casual for me as Summer progresses.

                          Today I'm gonna try to keep the jacket on, but it just might not fly, as it's warming up quickly and getting a little too muggy. I really need a nice Summer blazer/SC option. No, *really*. In fact I just might hit the mall during lunch; a nice upscale one not too far from the office - with Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, Allen Edmonds, Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman, BR, J.Crew, and a few handfuls of other higher-end menswear jobbies which I probably have no right actually being in. LOL - We'll see. If nothing jives there, I might have to hit Nordy Rack again, before heading home tonight.

                          Anyway, here's me as long as the jacket can stay on:

                          Blazer: BR
                          Shirt: Brooks Brothers (thrifted)
                          Pocket square: ? (thrifted)
                          Belt: BR (thrifted)
                          Jeans: Bonobos
                          Socks: Cabot & Sons
                          Boots: Red Wing
                          Watch: Skagen
                          Scent: Bond No.9
                          Shades: RE

                          Looks like I need to clean the mirror a touch, eh? Oops. Next time.

                          Regarding the pocket square: I forget the brand name ATM, but it's made in the USA. They were $3 for a box of 8, in several colors, BNIB. A fun find. Nothing game-changing or head-turning for certain, but kinda nice to find them unopened in a thrift shop.

                          Speaking of "made in the USA": Aside from the blazer and the watch (oh, and my underwear - ahem), I'm sportin' all 'mmmerican-made gear today (I *think*). Just a simple but conscious effort on my part (very) recently, to *try* to be more thoughtful on that end. Not as easy as it sounds, actually. Ah well, I'll keep trying here and there, whenever appropriate, possible and *feasible*. I guess if I were truly hardcore, I could slip off the blazer, remove the watch, and go *commando*. Good thing I'm not truly hardcore, eh?
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                            Originally posted by BB View Post
                            Is this a weird way to use DBs?
                            Well they're still on your feet, so you can't be using them TOO oddly.

                            They're definitely darker than what I typically wear with khaki, but I'm not sure that's an issue. The color pallette (white, blue, khaki, brown) is basic enough to work in just about any season. However, I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned them being boxy. I would have used the word chunky. It seems like a look that is more relegated to colder seasons where layering and heavy clothes are more expected. Even despite all that, though, it seems like it's working fine.


                              @yoyorobbo: If the heat is a concern, I would first start by adjusting your footwear. There are high concentrations of blood vessels in the hands, feet, and head/neck. Removing restrictions in these areas can help cool the rest of your body and vice versa. So you're talking about being warm and losing the jacket, but maybe you can still get away with keeping it if you lose the Red Wings instead. You've got a classic look going that would work with many different shoe options so it's not like you'll be at a loss if you change. Of course, everyone is different, but when my feet are warm, the rest of me is suffocating along with them. It's just a thought.

                              That all being said, I highly advocate having at least a couple summer-weight jackets. :-)


                                Been a little while since I posted one. It's been raining for days. I haven't really been doing much lately, other than working on my race car anyway. I'm pretty sure those are not WIWT worthy.

                                Shirt: JCF
                                Pants: Merona Tailored Fit
                                Shoes: Clark's
                                Watch: Timex
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