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    @CJJ: Thanks for the vote of confidence. :-) Though to be honest, many of the rules (guidelines) work better for me for troubleshooting than for actually assembling an ensemble. That still takes creative vision, and I'm still figuring that part out.


      For my internship today, think this is only my second post, so here goes (sorry for the large pics):

      Blazer: Bonobos

      Shirt: Chaps

      Pants: H&M

      Sweater: Gap

      Shoes: Timberland


        You look mint, Max.

        Can dress that down some days with khaki chinos and brown shoes or dress it up with a solid or striped shirt and tie. Very versatile pieces to work with.


          @Max - I have those same Timberland shoes and wear them all the time. They can take a shine too. Who would've thought such a versatile and sleek looking shoe would come from Timberland?


            Whoops, meant to add that the blazer fits really well, Max. Maybe a little long in the sleeves - it's kind of a personal preference, and I think longer sleeves work well for something that serves as your top layer in the winter, but your call.


              @Max that's a great looking blazer, I like the side pockets and how they don't have the extra flap on the top (not sure if there's a term for that haha) but it's something a little unique and stands out a little bit more from the norm


                That sportscoat has what is called patch pockets. Pockets on the exterior of the jacket using additional fabric on the outside of the jacket creating the pocket. Visversa from flap pockets which use fabric on the interior middle lining to creat the pocket.


                  Thanks all!

                  I was kinda unsure at first if the jacket worked a little more dressed up since it has a patch chest pocket (can't really see it from the pics) and working buttonholes, which is why the sleeves are a little long (got them shortened, but only up the first button).


                    I think a knit tie or a tie with the sweater is a good upper range for it. I really wanted to snag the LEC herringbone jacket (Joe called me out on it in today's January resolution post!), and what you're wearing is reminding me of how nice it would be. =)


                      Shirt: Carhartt

                      Tie: Thrifted

                      Tie bar: KC

                      Cardigan: Target

                      Cords: LEC

                      Boots (not shown): Chippewa



                        Here's what I wore last night for our Valentine's dinner date. The pic is awful and makes everything look terrible, but whatever...

                        Suit: Tommy Hilfiger trim fit - grey pinstripe

                        Shirt: Neiman Marcus Trim-Fit Check Dress Shirt - Pink

                        Cufflinks: Brooks Brothers 346 silver knot cufflinks (worn in my wedding)

                        Watch: Bulova - stainless steel (wedding gift from my wife)

                        Sweater: Lands End vneck sweater vest - grey

                        Shoes: Poulsen, Skone, & Co wingtip balmorals

                        The pic makes the sweater look much lighter than it really is. Something about the way the weave picks up the light I guess. I wanted to do something big, but I couldn't pull it together in time so this is what happened.


                          Jacket: Barbour x Tokito motorcycle jacket

                          Sweater: Gap wool with cord elbow patches 1/4 zip

                          Shirt: LEC blackwatch plaid button down

                          Jeans: Gap 1969 selvage

                          Not pictured: LL Bean moc boots


                            Nice jacket, JC. I've seen you mention it before. If only I didn't have a million of my own.


                              @ Alan, looking sharp man. Was that the suit you wanted to wear the velvet tie with? Or was that going to be a totally different ensemble?


                                @JC diggin the biker jacket. My Raulph Lauren i picked up a month back looks almost identical with very subtle differences.

                                Mine is a green color, but and digging that blue you have.