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    Originally posted by Jake101 View Post
    (and i was acknowledging your acknowledgement)
    Ahhh, I see. Errr, I mean... acknowledged!


      Originally posted by yoyorobbo View Post
      Too much white? Or do they all play well with each other? The shirt is a *touch* loose - mostly in the arms and body (what's left after that, right?); but it's a linen/cotton blend, so it feels nice a little more relaxed for the heat. Plus it has yet to be washed, so maybe it'll shrink up enough to slim itself down a little anyway. Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see.

      Oh yeah, and how are you guys doing with your rolled-up sleeves action? I specifically went the way that Joe posted a while back here:

      It worked great all throughout the day. Might seem obvious to some, but if you ever find yourself with SD (sleeve dysfunction) issues, you might wanna take a look at that post. Simple, yet effective.
      I think it works. You aren't getting away with "I just grabbed whatever was in the floor and rolled-I just happen to be exceedingly smooth no matter what," but that's OK. I tend to think the concept of "trying to hard" is a bit overblown anyway. This looks intentional, which is how grown ups with opinions about how they want to look should look.

      That all said, I think I like the bottom half better than the top. I think a slim OCBD would look better here, but I can understand how that would warm things up some.

      And yes, I roll my sleeves like that - on Joe's recommendation. The day I announced to my wife that I'd learned something life changing, and then followed up with a demonstration of this technique, was one more installment in her long-running "man you're odd" series.


        Originally posted by yoyorobbo View Post
        Scent: Davidoff
        Which Davidoff?


          Originally posted by yoyorobbo View Post
          bjmcgeever: Oh great, now I have another pair of TBNYs to be on the lookout for at Nordy Rack. Someday... maybe, someday they will show up there. Kick-a$$ kicks, man! Oh, and how's that linen blazer breathing? Pretty good? Might have to check those out, although H&M seems to run pretttttttty tight (re: slim) on me. Sometimes hard to even find a jacket that fits me there (42R in most other lines).
          In truth, it doesn't breathe very well at all since it's fully lined. That said, it's super lightweight (even more so than my unlined jackets). High was in the upper 80s today and I wasn't uncomfortably warm.


            Wow, a lot of activity on WIWT. Nice. I remember last spring when it was just Acousticfoodie and I posting once a week or so. This is much more interesting...

            Today is a bit strange for me. Work in the morning, outdoor casual event in the afternoon, semi-formal event tonight. I'm wearing breezy linen pants (that I picked up years ago) and boat shoes so that I can ditch the jacket and belong at a muggy picnic.

            LE linen-cotton jacket
            Merona poplin shirt
            BR linen-cotton pants


              Shomas, looking great. The monochrome-blue works because of your patterns. Nicely done. And of course those shoes are incredible.

              Yoyo, I think something as simple as a different color for the belt would make it less matching and give it some pop. But it all fits very well, as usual. You've got that down.

              BJ, looks good. I like the pattern on the pants.

              Vicious, the simple things -- great watch and shoes, nice belt, good fit -- make that great even if understated.

              Hexington, looks good. I can't believe it's sweater weather elsewhere...


                This is me today, except that I'm actually wearing shoes.

                Stafford slim fit gingham shirt
                BR khaki utility blazer (this one is polarizing, I know)
                BR chinos
                Im also wearing dark brown wingtips


                  Cologne Guy - You should check out Tom Ford Napoli Portofino. The guy at Nordstrom recommended it last weekend as a substitute for Aventus since they don't carry Creed. The wife really liked the smell but it costs as much as Creed so I figured I might as well try that first.


                    So apparently all my guy co-workers were laughing behind my back about what I wore yesterday. I think that means I'm on the right track. (If you saw how they dressed, you would know what I mean.)

                    I agree with BB, though. I don't recall this thread having this much activity in a LONG time. Granted, I was gone for a while, but even before I left, it was pretty slow. I like all the participation!
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                      Casual Friday!

                      Shirt: Merona
                      Pants: LEC
                      Belt: BR
                      Watch: Fossil
                      Shoes: Sperry

                      Again, the belt is lighter than it appears, but I would still prefer a canvas belt.


                        Looks like we have a new guy posting here B-). Interesting shoes by the way


                          @drocpsu: With the pockets, the jacket feels a touch long for such a casual jacket - I am the opposite of traditionalist, however. Overall I like the look though, especially the socks!

                          @BB: Looks good, and I'm particularly jealous of that bag.

                          Speaking of half tucks, Beckham is retiring this season. So, Beckham half tuck:

                          Also, I will finally offer you the prom story. Proms were both AMAZING. Had tons of fun. Afterparties were great as well. Again, had tons of fun. And a true gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

                          Dang that rhymed. Some pictures (sorry I cropped out the girls; didn't think they'd appreciate being posted on a forum of mens fashion):

                          Prom 1:

                          (Yes bowtie got crooked over time; made sure to tighten it a lot more for Prom 2)

                          Prom 2:

                          Looks about 100x better if you ask me; better dress color for my ensemble.

                          And a fulllength (from Prom 1) for you guys:


                            Originally posted by BB View Post
                            Shomas, looking great. The monochrome-blue works because of your patterns. Nicely done. And of course those shoes are incredible.
                            Thanks. Yeah, the blue/blue/blue move is one of my favorites. Luckily (maybe), I'm a sucker for simple but bold patterns (prominent blue stripes, for example), so things hopefully don't get too boring.

                            I think you're straddling the lines between your morning, afternoon and evening events admirably here, though depending on what semi-formal means in this circumstance, you may want to elevate the formality a bit for the evening - maybe a tie (I think a knit would go well here...)?

                            I can't tell how the pants fit, but I find linen to be tricky in that respect. I have a pair of LE linen pants that I can hardly wear because they feel like pajamas. Several pairs that I've tried on have the same problem - even if I size down I kinda feel like Alladin in them. However, I do have a couple of JCF linen-cotton blend pants that fit well, so maybe it's just finding the right fabric blend and fit combination.

                            Alan, I hear you - negative compliments can work just as well as positive in the right circumstances. It's all about knowing the critic.


                              Originally posted by pratyk View Post
                              Looks like we have a new guy posting here B-).
                              Yeah yeah... :-P

                              Originally posted by pratyk View Post
                              Interesting shoes by the way
                              I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not, but... Thank you? :-) They were an impulse buy. The place where I get my hair cut is attached to a rather high-end menswear store. I was passing through, and they just caught my eye. Being Sperry's, though, they're not priced through the roof like everything else in there. I didn't buy mine from Nordstrom, but they're these:

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                                Yoyo - I think it looks fine. Only thing I might have changed is the belt as that is what might put it over the top as 'having too much white' in that outfit.
                                Dropscu - I really like that jacket but like you said, it's polarizing since it's not traditional. I tried buying that one myself but it just didn't fit me right.
                                Alan - I like the watch but not really digging those shoes.
                                BB - I usually don't comment on yours since they're always good. The bottom half of this outfit doesn't live up to your usual standards.