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    Love reading this. It feels like a joint blog where people just let us know about their day by telling us why they wore certain things. It is a quirky channel for getting to know people and what they do.

    I wore a gray basic T and cream chinos to class today. Only one class and it is hot here in FL.



      Its friday in the office and i really felt like just going 1 step above the masses, nothing special here but i like how the end result came. It was 49 degrees this morning so i got to wear this cool denim bomber...let me know what you guys think of it

      Hat: 21 Men, the wife bought it for me for like 10 bucks, i have an afinity for hats

      Jacket : Commune (UO)

      Shirt: Izod (sized to thier smallest to get a suprisingly good fit

      Pants: GAP

      Belt: H&M

      Socks: True religion (got em at marshalls for 3 bucks)

      Shoes: thrifted them brand new, Hanlons, some small shoe company in Mass, not sure why they ended up in a thrift store but i love em and they are perfect for fall.

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        @Mag, o ok 8in is good enough. Yea, then it must be the stance. I think your outfit was fine. With the exception of the area you mentioned. Just looks weird, and your tailor isnt about her business then, because i think if she adjusted the seat the crotch would be corrected but i am no tailor.

        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



          @Albert, those boat shoes look amazing! Can you take another pic, i want to see the details?

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



            @Max, no problem. My girlfriend criticizes me and tells me not to put crap photos on the internet. I'll have her take a photo over the weekend and I'll get it up here. She has a very expensive camera... I have a phone camera.



              Today is the first really fall-like day in NYC, and it is casual Friday at work:

              LEC blue plaid herringbone work shirt

              ON charcoal grey button cardigan

              LEC slim dark indigo jeans

              Grey slip-on Converse

              H&M grey tweed blazer

              Grey wool felt stingy brim fedora

              LEC red and navy striped socks



                Nice and cool out today, but not raining like yesterday...

                Cole Haan chestnut oxfords

                Paul Fredrick purple dress socks

                Gap straight leg indigo jeans

                Charles Tyrwhitt shirt... This one:

                Gap Outlet Dark grey herringbone blazer

                white pocket square with subtle red stripe

                JCrew Factory Holborn trench - the one that was shown on Dappered last week



                  Max, are you taking your pictures in a highschool bathroom?



                    Bonobos Provolone Ranger, tan slim chingos

                    PRL Custom-Fit Madras Bleecker, Indigo/Green shirt

                    Sebago Docksides Boat Shoe, Chocolate



                      [email protected] Albert, nah nOt a high school it's the bathroom in the federal building that I work in. Lol. Ts nothing special really. But it's the government what do you expect.

                      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"




                        Today's a normal Monday. Have some assays to do in the lab and probably some QC. Trying to find the right balance between summer and autumn, since we're in that transitional period in Philly right now.

                        Shirt: White Brooks Brothers extra slim fit Supima cotton oxford. Really warm oxford, get a Supima shirt if you haven't already.

                        Pants: J.Crew factory chinos. Tapered to 7.5" from the knee down. J.Crew factory pants are not that bad for the price, if you get them tapered.

                        Cardigan: J.Crew black toggle shawl cardigan.

                        Tie: Tommy Hilfiger black/white wool puppytooth from NordRack.

                        Tie Bar: The Tie Bar.

                        Belt: Brown double 'O' ring by Austin Jeffers.

                        Shoes: Navy boats by Mark McNairy for Bass.

                        For the guys worried about wearing a shawl cardigan here are some guidelines: Always wear it with a collared shirt underneath. It just looks weird worn with a T-shirt or polo under it. If you want to be adventurous get it with toggles instead of buttons. Furthermore, treat toggle coats/cardigans as you would double breasted suits. Always button all the buttons (or toggles), it doesn't look right otherwise.

                        For Max - I had my girlfriend take some pics of my boats over the weekend I should have them up sometime this week. I'll share the story of how I got them on my blog. Acquiring those shoes was ridiculous.



                          I just went for a walk in the park today.

                          Dockers D1s in blue (not navy--blue)

                          LEC green v-neck sweater

                          Marc Ecko chambray shirt, cuffed over the sweater

                          Ray Bans, tortoiseshell--they used to belong to my girlfriend's dad back in the '70s. I have no idea what the make is. Pic:

                          Calvin Klein bluchers, tan



                            Going to the Phils game after work clothes.




                              Today I'm wearing a tie for the first time that I didn't have to for some occasion...

                              The khaki linen tie I got from conticouture with a purple striped shirt cuffed under a purple v-neck sweater from J Crew with my selvage Gap jeans and my chestnut Cole Haans.





                                This past Sunday with my girlfriend (who is a great photographer, more photos of the Mark McNairy boats on the way). We went to a street fair in everybody's hometown, Media, PA. We both just came from church so I was wearing my normal Sunday church casual.

                                Shirt: Brooks Brothers extra slim fit original polo oxford. One of my favorite OCBDs.

                                Pants: J.Crew USF khaki.

                                Belt: Brown calf leather by Austin Jeffers

                                Tie: Puppy tooth by Tommy Hilfiger

                                Tie Bar: The Tie Bar

                                Shoes: Allen Edmond Strands in walnut. Got em used (barely) off eBay for $130. I'll always brag about that.

                                Sunglasses: Bolle. My dad found those while my mother and him were vacationing in the Caribbean somewhere. They were broken, I fixed them, I kept them.