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    Originally posted by BB View Post
    Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen. Bruschetta, I'm quite surprised that you did not like the seersucker and polka dot tie post -- did I need a louder shirt?
    My wife liked the seersucker one a lot. That was an actual JC suit and not JCF correct?


      BB, I like the seersucker outfit, and I like that tie. The shoes are ugly, but the overall outfit is great. I can't comment on every outfit in this thread or I'll have to browse the forums full time.

      Looking back on what I missed:

      Shomas, the outfit that you posted yesterday was nice.

      roostertail, welcome!

      yoyo, cologne guy!


        Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
        yoyo, cologne guy!
        LOL! Next time I wear that EH one, I might keep the cap/cover on it in the pic. That is if I decide I want to be booted from these forums and chased out of the community by the locals with pitchforks and torches in hand.

        It's downright hideous, as I'm sure you can imagine. Stupid design too. If you pick up the bottle with the cap/sleeve on, there's a solid chance that the bottle will slide right out and come smashing to the floor. Sucky marketing and style, but as far as fragrances go, it's a nice cheapie. Reminiscent (in some ways) of a couple of Creeds (Millesime Imperial and Silver Mountain Water); to my nose, at least.

        @BB: Thanks for the details on the watch. Yep, sometimes those companies get a little carried away with their listed MSRP, eh? LOL - Regardless of price, you made it work. Nice!

        Re: sockless - I go sans sox with a few of my footwear offerings; mainly my boat shoes, some canvas *tennis shoes* (Midwest/Michigan vernacular), drivers, and occasionally other dressier loafers and suede bucks. That being said, it can become awkward if/when upon entering someone else's house, you feel obliged to remove your shoes (like seeing a pile of them at the front door). Not always fun to strut around others' abodes barefooted. Not *always*, I said.


          Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
          BB, I like the seersucker outfit, and I like that tie. The shoes are ugly, but the overall outfit is great. I can't comment on every outfit in this thread or I'll have to browse the forums full time.
          I wish I knew how to embed gifs.

          EDIT: Ok, I'm an idiot.
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            Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
            If your feet get damp and moist, i would suggest throwing a little gold bond powder in the shoes...its amazing and keeps the shoes smelling fresh and your feet feeling cool and dry
            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


              Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post
              That was an actual JC suit and not JCF correct?
              Yeah, the Ludlow. My only complaint is that it is fully lined -- the JCF is partially lined, which makes a lot more sense. I'll probably get the lining taken out. But the Ludlow nailed the color, in my opinion -- that grey-blue is easy on the eyes. You can assemble a Ludlow seersucker suit for fairly cheap on eBay if you buy the pants and the jacket separately. There's a pair of the Ludlow pants, 36 inch waist, on there now for $50. The fabric is very, very nice.


                Lol surprised all the feedback was about my feet. Pants were a first fo me!


                  Not very spring-y but my blazer and tie collection is sorely lacking right now...

                  Jacket: Jos A Bank
                  Shirt: Jos A Bank
                  Pants: Stafford
                  Tie: Stafford
                  Belt: ???
                  Shoes: Cole Haan


                    Shirt: CT Tailored Fit
                    Pants: BR Tailored Fit
                    Watch: Orient Symphony
                    Shoes: Mark McNairy Bass
                    Socks: J. Crew
                    Money Clip: Allen Edmonds
                    Sunglasses: AO Pilot Aviators


                      That post was WIWY - What I was Wearing Yesterday. The shoes are a lot closer to navy but look a little different as I had just walked through a dusty patch of road.


                        Casual friday: jeans and boat shoes.

                        JCrew Ludlow tweed
                        Merona shirt
                        Knottery tie
                        LEC jeans


                          @pratyk - love the shoes!


                            @MaxMan: Trueness. Gold Bond is basically a requirement for me, if I go sockless. I even keep a small travel one (from the $1 bins at Target) both in my car's console and in my desk drawer at work. Always nice to *freshen-up*, so to speak.

                            @Montag: Looks probably a little more traditional than some of the other folks' pics around these parts, but still looks *very* well put-together, IMO. I really like the cool pattern of that blazer close-up. What material is that?

                            @pratyk: That Orient is the jam! Super clean and crisp; and a really nice way to work rose-gold into the mix. The AOs rock as well, and nice to see that leather clip-of-sorts with some of that strange green-tinted paper folded up inside of it. What do you call that stuff, and where can I get some of it?

                            @BB: Grey and navy... always works. Nice shot of that watch. I like it even more now having seen the dial more clearly. Cool! I personally have really made some much more frequent use out of my Merona dress shirts, having adopted the blazer look a little more these days. They are too billowy for me OTR, but (as Joe has always advised on the main site) under a jacket, they work jussssst fine; especially for the $7 or whatever I got them for on clearance. Gotta like Target clearance racks, amiright?


                              Even nicer out today. *Finally*! - Threw on a light jacket, just in case, but I'm probably going short-sleeved (and sockless) as long as the climate cooperates.

                              Jacket: JCF
                              Polo: PE (thrifted)
                              Belt: JCF
                              Chinos: Dockers
                              Shoes: BR
                              Watch: Timex
                              Fragrance: Lacoste


                                Seersucker. I have a seersucker suit that I love (got a very good deal via a couple of Bonobos sales); I just need an excuse/the gumption. And before you suggest it, the Derby ain't it-my Saturday will be spent at a couple of toddler birthday parties where showing up in a seersucker suit would be ill-advised to say the least.

                                Pratyk: I love those shades. They aren't prescription lenses, are they? If so, any feedback on the process of getting the lenses put in?

                                BB: I agree that the color palette today is very nice, though I think it might be more cohesive without the tie (but I do like that tie).

                                Yoyorobbo: does the photo accurately capture the color of those pants? I like it-can you give some details re. model, etc.?