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    Decided to break out the suit... For no particular reason, just wanted to:

    Suit: Oxxford, traded with another thrifter

    Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt

    Tie: TheTieBar

    Shoes: Cole Haan

    I'm kicking myself that I forgot my pocket square :/


      Nice tie, JC. *thumbs up*


        That shirt/tie combo is boss, JC.

        I went the opposite direction from you today - slightly more casual than usual.

        T-shirt: Target

        Henley: Eddie Bauer

        Jacket: Thrifted

        Pants: LEC slim-fit chinos

        Belt (not shown): Lacoste

        Shoes (not shown): Chippewa boots (yes, again)

        Watch (not shown): Seiko Black Monster

        I also wore some dark brown leather gloves when I was out and about (temps in the 30s). I think the dark brown leather of my gloves, boots, and belt work pretty well with the lighter red-brown of the jacket.



          I can't believe that jacket is 20-30 years old. It looks brand new.


            @JC: Is that a chalk stripe suit you're wearing? It's hard to tell from the pic. There's a Brooks Brothers navy chalk stripe suit at my local Marshalls for $250 right now, and I want it sooo bad. Nobody's buying it since it's missing a button, but that's an easy fix.


              Pinstripe navy


                Ok, so it's hard to tell from the camera phone, but all the pieces I'm wearing today are separate. I'm wearing 4 or 5 shades of grey. There are a lot of subtle patterns, but they all blend together and even things out because of the palette.

                I was going for two things this morning. First, I made the whole get-up more casual with a cotton tie, a thick floppy sportcoat, and rubber soled shoes. Second, I went with tonal grey to draw more attention to the only thing with color - the reddish shoes.

                Shoes: Allen Edmonds Bagley

                Pants: Banana Republic tonal grey plaid wool pants

                Shirt: Banana Republic white textured oxford

                Sweater: grey cashmere (don't know maker)

                Tie: Nordstrom 1901 tonal grey plaid 100% cotton tie

                Sportcoat: GAP tonal grey herringbone

                Watch: Fossil Walter w/ black band (intentionally breaking the "match your leathers" rule)

                Roxy really wanted to see what Daddy was doing this morning so I worked her into the picture. And I'm bummed that I forgot my grey herringbone overcoat. It would have been the superfecta. :-P maybe I'll take some separate pics later since the one I posted is a little blurry (but probably not).


                  Trying to embed with html, we'll see if this works..

                  Tie: Jos A Bank

                  Sweater: Turnbridge

                  Jeans: Levi 514

                  Shirt: Ralph Lauren

                  Watch: Skagen black on black super slim

                  Shoes: Magnanni Federico in cognac.

                  Opinions are welcome! Help the guy who is new to dressing well.


                    DB Sportcoat: thrifted, no maker tag, but really nice

                    Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt pale blue slim cut, traded from another thrifter

                    Tie: Thrifted brown knit, no tags at all

                    Sweater: Banana Republic luxury blend orange v-neck

                    Pants: Bonobos Ron Wilson's Brown

                    Shoes: Loake brown suede penny loafers from eBay


                      @JC: You buy these slick suede penny loafers, and then you never show us a picture of them actually on your feet. Pics or it didn't happen. :-P


                        Shirt: Ben Sherman

                        Tie: Thrifted

                        Vest: Thrifted

                        Tie bar: Kenneth Cole

                        Jacket: J.Crew

                        Jeans: Levi Signature

                        Watch: Cheap two-tone Rolex Sub homage

                        Shoes: Allen Edmonds (courtesy of JC)



                          If there was a daily WIWT award, I think it would go to Ben. And looking at that pic I took this morning on a big screen at work just makes it look worse. :-P I need to start using a real camera.

                          @BenR: How much was that tie bar?

                          @Kenneth: How would that sweater behave if you unzipped it a bit? Would it just flop around or give you a solid "V" if you dropped it a few inches? Also, (and this is purely personal preference), when I wear full length sweaters, I like to pull them back from my shirt cuff about a half inch. It breaks up the solid-colored sweater and shows off the shirt.

                          I also rarely button my shirt cuffs when I'm wearing a sweater since I'm constantly pushing my sleeves up and pulling them back down, but that's just me. I don't like being stuffy.


                            Aw, thanks Alan. I'm not sure I'd be the winner... I tend to wear variations of the same thing over and over again. And always with jeans....

                            I got the tie bar for $20 from Macy's. I think it was on sale down from $30 or something. I wasn't convinced a little bit of metal was worth $20, but in retrospect it was a good purchase. It's probably the single item that gets the most use in my whole wardrobe, since I always use it when I wear a tie, which is 3-4 days per week.

                            Mine has a sort of industrial texture to it that keeps it from being too boring or blingy.



                              Diamond plate on a tie bar... That's a no-brainer thumbs up in my book. It's inspired me to finally grab that sterling silver tie slide from Clad for $20ish bucks. I actually like the look of the KC diamond plate a bit more, but I can't say no to sterling silver.

                              I just got this one:


                                @BenR those shoes shined up real nice! Glad you like 'em.