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    Originally posted by RMac View Post
    I really like that shirt. Those are some nice thrift finds yoyo!
    Hey thanks, man. I've gotten lucky a few times at the local thrift store(s). WODER! That doesn't sound quite right, now does it?

    Anyway, yeah these J&Ms (Greenwich) were a bit roughed up by one slacker of a previous owner. Never heard of shoe trees, I guess. But I disinfected them and froze the koodies inside them, cleaned/conditioned them, and polished the ever-livin' F outta them. Not bad beaters for $4.50 (I love these $9, half off a certain color tag days). Supposedly these things have a $275 MSRP on them, brand new. Hmnn... inflated? I guess they are recraftable/refurbishable (to some degree), so if I really ever decide to get them fixed even further (soles/heels), then maybe, just maybe.

    The LE OCBD was also half off, marked at $6. And this cat (previous owner) took good care of his sh#t. This thing looks and feels brand new. So $3 for it was a no-brainer to me. I searched the rest of the shirt racks there, looking for the same monogram, figuring that he likely would've dropped off more shirts in the same trip. No luck.

    Speaking of the monogram, it's pretty silly really, as those are nowhere near my initials - LOL - but worn under a blazer, you can't usually see them. I purposely pushed my jacket sleeve up a tad to show you guys, because I thought it was cool in a doh! kinda way. I bet he paid $6 to have that sewn in, too. Ah well... it adds character, right? LOL - a shirt with a story. Whatever shall I tell folks who happen to notice it and ask me about it?. hmnnnnn....


      Originally posted by Eric F View Post
      @yoyo, I like that BR herringbone on you. I had to return mine; I felt it looked a bit too boxy on my frame, but it fits you well.
      Thanks, bud! I'm getting more and more comfortable/confident in these BR fits on me, very likely in part thanks to some feedback from you fellas here. I appreciate it.

      Regarding your outfit, I think the LS buttondown/shorts/loafers look is great there. Looks casual, certainly, but cool. What more could you want, right? Nice weather, BTW. Jeesh! Try Michigan this time of year. Come'on already Spring... *spring*, will ya!


        Wow, tons of WIWT activity today.

        @ Jake - Like that outfit, very traditional but the shoelaces keep it lighthearted.

        @ Eric F - I like the shorts and loafers, but something is a little bit off. From the knees up you look very business casual. Maybe try a more casual shirt or belt next time?

        @ MarkB - I considered picking that belt up from JCF today. That henley is a great fit on you.

        Here's me - ignore the dirty mirror:

        Target shirt, Target cargos, Nantucket belt via Sierra Trading Post, Florsheim shoes, Hamilton watch on J.Crew strap.


          @Lesser--I picked the belt up a couple weeks back for 40% off. I've been getting a good amount of use out of it since its been 80+ for over a month now. Re the Henley, I had been looking at Target for quite a while for the henleys that everyone talks about but couldn't ever find them. I came across these by chance. I bought two of them since they fit so well. I'm still trying to find a polo that fits well. The JCF are the closest yet.
          I have that shirt in white and almost bought that one, but the sleeves are really slim on me and I can't really roll them passed my forearm. Not good for the summer, so I passed on the mint one. I like that belt, I have a credit to Sierra maybe I'll try to find it.
          And I'm really liking that watch.

          @Eric F--I see what Lesser is saying, but it looks pretty good IMO. I think you could just roll the sleeves up above the elbow and it would make it look more casual. Also, a leather tipped web belt may be just what the doctor ordered. Target had some last summer for $15 IIRC. That would tie in with the shoes and still be really casual, if that makes any sense.
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          Countryside Man of Letters



            I'm in the process of moving to a bigger city and cannot wait to have access to real thrift stores. You should tell people you had a rich (and always impeccably dressed) friend named John David Hamilton who was quite fond of hunting. On his last trip through the Rockies, a grizzly tore him to shreds. He left all of his shirts to you in his will. Jolly good show!


              what size shirt is that? nice spring outfit.


                Originally posted by fash1on View Post
                what size shirt is that? nice spring outfit.
                Thanks. The shirt's a small in "tailored fit." That's my normal size - small in slim fits, or sometimes XS in "regular" fits.


                  Sunny Saturday... 72┬░ out.

                  GAP OCBD, LEC shorts, Goorin Bros hat, Sierra Trading Post belt, Hamilton watch on J.Crew strap, Chaco flip flops.


                    Not much going on today so an all thrift bum fit:

                    BR shirt: $2.00
                    BR sweater: $2.00
                    JC chinos: $4.00
                    J&M loafers: $3.50


                      Went super casual today. Decided to throw an old Bond nato strap on this Timex watch I've had for a while but rarely wear.

                      t-shirt and jeans - JCrew Factory


                        Originally posted by fey View Post

                        i wanted to cheer myself up this friday, so something goofy
                        can you please tell me where the bag is from???


                          Originally posted by jmp4080 View Post
                          can you please tell me where the bag is from???
                          That's from Coach Factory.


                            A bunch of outfits, have no time lately with exams and moving back home so sorry for infrequent posts and a lack of appreciation towards your outfits, but be assured, they are great!


                              Matt, looking good -- like the shoes. I hope your move goes well, and congrats on finishing.

                              I thrifted this Brooks Brothers irish linen shirt, and am trying it out this morning. Thoughts?

                              Lands End linen/cotton jacket
                              Brooks linen shirt
                              J Crew tie


                                First WIWT I'm posting here and also my first post.


                                Blazer: Club Monaco (Grant Fit)
                                Shirt: J. Crew Factory Washed Oxford
                                Tie: Tie-bar
                                Pants: BR Vintage Straight Chino
                                Belt: J. Crew
                                Shoes: Florsheim Suede Havilands
                                Watch: Hamilton Khaki Automatic + Navy Nato Strap

                                Let me know what you think
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