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    Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post
    Robbo - Agreeing with everyone else - Very nice outfit.

    The belt is a very dark brown but always photographs as black for some reason.

    shirt - club monaco
    pants - JCP
    shoes AE Malvern
    vest - LE
    Thanks, Vicious. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging the compliment. Got a little swamped here. LOL

    Regarding your outfit here in this pic, I see what you mean about the shirts from CM and JC/JCF fotting you better than those from BR. Sometimes I feel I *too* am in the middle of sizes at BR (between a M and a L for me), but I have yet to try shirts from those other shops. I should. Thanks for the idea. Oh, and yeah, that belt does look black in the pic. Weird. Doesn't look too bad though, as the boots have a pretty strong black sole edge, plus as you say in person it is dark brown anyway. Nice getup all around!


      Originally posted by Matt Sasco View Post
      @yoyo - like everyone else said, you dress implacably! Masculine yet polished!

      Guys, what do you think of this shirt? I had it for ages, but rarely wear it, I feel it is a bit too much...
      *Implacably*? Oh sure, make me get out a dictionary, Matt. LOL - Thanks man. I just hope that was a positive description. Ha!

      Also, I like that shirt of yours there with the white collar. Like someone (MarkB, I think) said earlier in a comment/review, in most cases I *don't* like that look - the white collar/cuffs, with a darker main shirt body. But in this case, I think it works. Not too drastic of a contrast. Plus the pattern mixes it up too. Good look!


        Originally posted by Snake Doctor View Post
        Hey, guys. Long time follower of Dappered but first-time poster. Here are some late-winter and early-spring getups, hence the over-abundance of Barbour:
        Welcome aboard!

        Love those Florsheim longwings (Veblen? Haviland?). They also look brand-spanking new - like the box is still there on the floor with the toe stuffing paper. LOL - Did you just get them. Not ripping on that - just looked like you couldn't wait to get them home, and get them on. I couldn't either. They rock!

        Also great outerwear. Looks like you spend quite a bit of time outdoors, and have equipped your wardrobe very nicely in that regard. Love that corduroy blazer too. I need one of those for next Fall/Winter.

        Cool pics. Keep 'em coming!


          Originally posted by ncfranklin View Post
          My nearly all Banana Republic getup (seriously, the place is pratically my close).
          I hear ya, brother. LOL - BR has taken quite a bit of cash from me this past year. All good though. All 40%-50% off, or even more on clearance stuff. Great look in your pics there. Nice!


            Originally posted by JoeG View Post

            Shoes: J&M
            Dig those kicks, JoeG! Any idea which model of J&M? Oh, and stay warm. LOL


              Originally posted by Wcobos95 View Post
              Getting in on the WIWT action! Budget-friendly get-up as I build my wardrobe...[IMG]

              Blazer: Stafford
              Shirt: Stafford
              Pants: ON slim-fit chinos
              Watch: Timex Weekender
              Shoes: Stafford wingtips (not pictured)
              Originally posted by John Hamnett View Post
              Man... another example of the great direction JCP was headed in. Sad to see it go.
              For sure. I think they really eff'd up this recent direction/decision. Really nice outfit there, Wcobos. Clean, classic!


                Originally posted by Sigtweed Corduroy View Post
                My first WIWT post....

                Title: Classic on a Budget
                Shirt: Gap Oxford
                Jeans: Levis
                Belt: Target
                Sunglasses: Old Navy
                Shoes: LEC Desert Boots

                I'm kinda surprised. Seems like I've seen some from you before, but maybe just dialogue on other posts. Regardless... welcome to WIWT!

                I'm diggin that *splash* of green with the belt. Not something I would've thought to try. Even saying sounds weird to me, but looking at it... it works, man!


                  Originally posted by pratyk View Post
                  Was a bit rainy in the morning but seems like the sun's finally out!

                  Coat: Timberland Trench/ raincoat
                  Really like that trench, pratyk. I have a hard time seeing myself in the ones that are usually touted on the main site - a little too much Inspector Gadget to me, I think. But that one there of yours looks like something I'd feel comfortable wearing. Nice!


                    Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
                    Yeah I can't alter image size so if I have a 800x1000 I can't force it to display as a 300x450 to keep the resolution nice but not take up an entire monitor.
                    So I get to play with photo buckets resize to find one that doesn't display as tiny.
                    Oh, I know! I upload pics from my iPhone to imageshack, then have to go to my PC to DL them and re-upload them, resizing in the process (Why? I have no idea. Anyone know how to resize them on the iPhone?). Ugh. The first several I posted here, before doing the resize, were downright obnoxious!


                      Originally posted by MarkB View Post
                      Thanks. Wait...Up or down?
                      LOL - I vote *up*! Details, gentlemen. It's all in the details. Well, sometimes. Other times, it's all in the "OMG, I'm late - eff the details!"

                      Nice, MarkB!


                        Originally posted by Jake101 View Post
                        They're landsend Fulton - bit pricey, but welted, and on sale
                        Originally posted by Jake101 View Post
                        Brown, and thanks. They're a little purple-y (almost as if someone added a smidgen of black polish) - i tend to lean a bit casual, so these are classing me up a bit.
                        Those look very similar to my TBNY loafers. Seems like a few brands have that similar (if not exact) cut/look these days. BR has one like it, so does DSW (house brand - Aston Grey?), and probably others. It's a real modern vamp and shape, and I think they looks great.


                          Originally posted by _original_ View Post
                          First post in WIWT (show mercy), just a bit casual today inspired by the styleblogger and a few posters here who have rocked a similar look.

                          You got the Foodie thing goin' on there, bud! BTW, that's a *good* thing. (See AcousticFoodie's post right after yours.)

                          Welcome to the wonderful world of WIWT. WWOWIWT?


                            Originally posted by yoyorobbo View Post
                            I'm diggin that *splash* of green with the belt. Not something I would've thought to try. Even saying sounds weird to me, but looking at it... it works, man!
                            I totally agree regarding the belt. It adds more I would have thought it would. Is it green all the way around, or just at the front?


                              Taking pictures of oneself is really awkward.

                              Perry Ellis linen cotton (want to take the lining out; it's thrifted, so why not try it? Anyone tried this?)

                              Merona shirt



                                Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
                                Bring back the beard!
                                Originally posted by Shomas View Post
                                The return of the facial sweater will have to await the return of sweater weather.
                                There's always photoshop. Kidding, of course. Slick outfit per usual Shomas. Especially dig the Florsheims.

                                Originally posted by ncfranklin View Post
                                Uhm... congratulations? Or... condolences? Hope all is OK and you're just enjoying some tuneage of your choice. If things in RL are mimicking art, then sorry bud. Hang tight.