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    @Acoustic: Target hankie? :-) I like the jacket. (I'm a sucker for herringbone.)


      Haha yes, I like my cheap hankies.


        That's a nice herringbone, Acoustic. I'm fan as well.

        As for my participation here, doubt it'll ever happen as I'm pretty conservative/boring with my work attire (well, most of my attire actually). I just like nice things and different ideas to spruce things up occasionally.


          I may have found a place that's ok for pics - the elevator at work. Still on the hunt for a slam dunk location, though.

          So here we go...

          Suit: Tommy Hilfiger trim fit grey pin stripe (the one with what Joe calls "Voltron" shoulders)

          Shirt: Express blue/white spread collar

          Tie: Nordstrom 1901 black wool with blue dots

          Shoes: Kenneth Cole slip-ons (nothing fancy, but they were cheeeeeap on reduced clearance)

          Watch: Fossil Walter w/ black band (

          The suit jacket, in retrospect, could possibly have been one size smaller. Since they sell as separates, it's not too late to find out. The flaring in the mid-section is not the suit, though. That's just my shape.


            I like that tie a lot, Alan. I thrifted a navy pindot and it's one of my favorites, goes with just about everything.

            Shirt: Neiman Marcus via Last Call

            Tie: Thrifted

            Jacket: Thrifted (100% cashmere made in Italy!)

            Belt: Lacoste via Nordstrom Rack

            Jeans: Lucky Brand via Costco

            Watch: Timex submariner homage I sniped off eBay for a song

            Shoes: Chippewa boots, though this time not by choice. I wanted to wear some wingtips but it's supposed to start snowing pretty heavily right as my evening class begins - I didn't want to slide my way home.



              @Alan - Quite the powerplayer look you got there. I think a pair of black captoe balamorals would seal the deal even more.

              @BenR - I've always enjoyed your WIWT posts because they look very well put together in a simple effortless way that doesn't try to draw attention to one's self purposefully. I think this last one may be my favorite from you so far - the jacket really completes it.


                @BenR: Thanks! It was actually featured in one of Joe's posts last month about a sale at Nordstrom. It was my first wool tie, but I liked it so much I've acquired two more since then. :-) Your tie AND jacket are both pretty great, too. I have yet to find a thrifted tie that doesn't REALLY suck, but it seems everyone else here has had some success. And I've been looking for a jacket similar to that one.

                @acoustic: Thanks! It's funny that a lot of my dressiest clothes are also my least expensive. And some black cap toe balls are definitely on the wish list. The Kenneth Coles are new and I only need one pair of black shoes at a time (at least for now), but I'm sure they'll wear out soon enough. Then it's all about the black cap toe bals.


                  Just another casual Friday. Really not much to see. I walked out the door before I realized I'd left my denim jacket. So just pretend like it's there. :-P

                  Shirt: Banana Republic navy/white micro stripe

                  Pants: Banana Republic

                  Shoes: Poulsen, Skone, & Co wingtips (close-up here)

                  Watch: Fossil Walter (black band)

                  Belt: some random brown belt

                  Imaginary jacket: Lands End Canvas denim jacket

                  And yes, the belt doesn't match the shoes. I've owned the shoes for less than 24 hours and don't yet own a matching belt. :-P


                    @Alan - Nice shoes!


                      @Alan - would not have noticed the belt unless you said something.

                      Try this suggestion. It took me a while, but I'm getting better about it!


                        @acoustic: Thanks! Instant favorites. :-)

                        @NC: Interesting that they would have a whole blog post about undoing the second button. I often do it under a sweater, but never really as a stand-alone. I don't see it flying at work, but it's something to consider after hours.


                          Like anything - just own it at work!

                          Yesterday, I had to stick with just the top button undone because when I undid the second one, the shirt just flopped around. It's a no-placket shirt, which would explain it.


                            My first time, posting in here, but figured I'd give it a go. Wore this for a short presentation in class this past Friday (sorry for the flash, gotta find a better place for pictures)

                            Shirt: Old Navy

                            Cardigan: Old Navy

                            Pants: Levi's 514 Cords

                            Shoes (Not pictured): Clark's Beeswax DB


                              Hi Pitt! Nice first post. That cardigan is really nice and fits you perfectly. Looks like I may need to swing by Old Navy sometime soon....



                                Hey Ben appreciate it man!, but excuse the typo on my part, the cardigan is actually from Urban Outfitters not ON