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    Between the watch, chinos, blazer, and shoes, that is possibly the most absurdly well-coordinated outfit I have ever seen.


      yoyorobbo, I like that outfit, especially the jacket, watch, and longwings. Is the BR blazer as dark as it is in your pictures? It looks like a light shade of blue on the website.


        Good looks everyone.

        @yoyorobbo: That's a great outfit and I realllllllly like the shoes. (Orient Vintage also is gorgeous). Next step: match your furniture :P


          blazer uniqlo shirt and pants JCP belt JCF tie the knottery shoes ae Kenilworth shades knockaround


            Great fit on everything, think that's your best fitting blazer, contrast works really well.
            Gotta ask, what's with the can't dress like that and wear those!
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              They live in my car ... Was holding them. My normal "dressier" shades are a frosty grey

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                Well, thank you very much, fellas!

                @Lesser: That is quite a compliment, man. Thank you. I actually nearly second-guessed the outfit this morning, thinking the look might be a little too... *cliche*, I guess? Meaning blue blazer, white shirt, khaki pants - blah-blah-blah - typical? But it just felt right anyway, so I went with it. Maybe it's cliche for a reason: simple yet congruent. Dunno. I do consciously try (sometimes to a fault) to get all matchy-matchy with my leathers (watch band, belt, shoes), so maybe that's what's at work here. Regardless, thanks very much for the kind words.

                @Bruschetta: First off, thanks! Secondly, the birdseye blazer is a tough one to photograph and represent faithfully, IMO. It can look darker - probably does in the main fuller-length shot due to the mirror location in the room - than on BRs website. I hope the closeup pics of the watch and fragrance shows you a little more of how that darkness vs lightness is conveyed, due to the birdseye pattern. Still, outdoors in the direct sunlight it looks much brighter. Maybe they hit it with some really potent lighting in the BR photo shoot. It's my current favorite blazer. I just love the 3/2 roll. Kinda wish the other ones I have from BR (taupe, grey) were that style too. Alas, "variety is the ..." something or other.

                @LosRockets: Haha! Believe me bud, with the amount of beiges, tans, browns and maroons littered throughout our bedroom where my most recent WIWT pics were taken, I know for sure I've matched that a time or two. Light blues, tans and browns in our front room have found me matching them on occasion too. Annnnnway, thanks for the complimentary comments, dude.

                Regarding the longwings, they were my $4.50 specials from Salvation Army earlier this year. I posted them here, asking y'all about them, and what to do to get them cleaned-up and into action. Great advice from LesserBlackDog, helped me get them into the rotation.

                After I cleaned and conditioned them, some of the burgundy color was thin in some spots, so instead of going with burgundy polish, I tried the ol' black polish trick, to attempt to achieve a more eggplant-like look. I really like how they turned out, but I'm not sure how good of a job I really did on them - it was a good learning experience nonetheless. I also applied some black edge dressing along the heel and sole, threw in some spiffy new AE wax laces, and put them on shoe trees. They aren't perfect, but they're a certainly fun experiment for four and a half bucks. Ya'know?

                Again, thanks guys.


                  Robbo - Agreeing with everyone else - Very nice outfit.

                  The belt is a very dark brown but always photographs as black for some reason.

                  shirt - club monaco
                  pants - JCP
                  shoes AE Malvern
                  vest - LE


                    @yoyo - like everyone else said, you dress implacably! Masculine yet polished!
                    @Jake - nice outfit, like the tie with that shirt a lot! Shades do not go with this outfit in my opinion, but if you like

                    Guys, what do you think of this shirt? I had it for ages, but rarely wear it, I feel it is a bit too much...


                      @Matt - I like the shirt. It works well as long as you keep everything else simple.


                        Originally posted by bjmcgeever View Post
                        @Matt - I like the shirt. It works well as long as you keep everything else simple.
                        I agree with this. While I like the pattern of the shirt, I personally don't like the patterned shirt/white collar and cuffs thing. It's not as noticeable on this particular shirt because it's light colored and with the blazer on though.

                        @Matt--I think the overall outfit looks good though.
                        Countryside Man of Letters


                          Hey, guys. Long time follower of Dappered but first-time poster. Here are some late-winter and early-spring getups, hence the over-abundance of Barbour:

                          Jacket: Zara
                          Shirt: Hilditch and Key (my one splurge shirt)
                          Tie: Purple knit by Simon Spurr off Gilt
                          Belt: Canvas web by EMS, not actually what I ended up wearing but rather the first at hand
                          Khakis: JCF
                          Shoes: Florsheim longwings

                          Jacket: Barbour Bedale
                          Shirt, sweater, and cords: JCF
                          Boots: Merrell Wilderness Canyon

                          Jacket: BR corduroy
                          Sweater and shirt: Gap
                          Scarf: Aquascutum
                          Pants: JCF
                          Shoes: Clarks Bushacres

                          Jacket: Barbour
                          Scarf: Aquascutum
                          Jeans: Levi's 514
                          Boots: Browning Footwear


                            Sweater: Target
                            Shirt: JCF
                            Tie: Original Penguin
                            Pants: Dockers

                            Jacket: Barbour
                            Shirt: JCF
                            Jeans: H&M


                              Nothing noteworthy today as it's raining outside.
                              Shirt; Timberland
                              Tie: Tommy Hilfiger
                              Pants: Dockers D1
                              Not seen: Shoes: L L Bean Casco Boatshoes
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                                My nearly all Banana Republic getup (seriously, the place is pratically my close).

                                Shirt: BR Slim-Fit Check
                                Jacket: BR Herringbone Grey Blazer
                                Chino: Not sure what color they call it... Cream?
                                Belt: Some random GAP or somewhwere belt...
                                Not Shown Shoes: AE Hale in Walnut