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    Thanks for the extensive answer BB! I like Tommy Hilfiger's stuff, but the overt branding can be a veto, same with Ralph Lauren stuff.

    Love that shirt with those pants bruschetta!

    Some pics from a little trip yesterday:

    Trench - Topman
    Jacket - Next
    Jeans and shirt - H&M
    Shoes - Grenson
    Tie - some burgundy knit
    Castle - Broughty Ferry


      Sunny but a little chilly out here today..

      Jacket: BR Quilted Jacket
      Shirt: CT Slim Fit
      Pants: J. Crew Cords
      Shoes: AE MacNeil Rough Brown
      Watch: Orient Mako
      Sunglasses: KW Wayfarers (Matte Black) (Picked them up at Nordstrom. worth every penny at $10)

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        Went to the ball game today! Go jays Go!!!
        Feel it Yankees!


          Friday out running errands and meeting with friends.
          Shirt: CT Poplin ESF
          Jacket: BR Cotton/Linen (sleeves need to be shortened a bit, debating if I want to do something about how it flares a tiny bit at the bottom)
          Pants: BR Grey Cotton plaid (thrifted)
          Shoes: Brown AE Kenilworth


            Sunglasses: Nordstrom
            Cardigan: H&M
            Tee: AE
            Coated black jeans: H&M (almost look like leather actually... but thankfully not quite)


              @Mikey: Shirt gives nice pop of color. I like the cardigan. What shoes, out of curiosity? Grungy sneakers would fit pretty well.


                PratyK, those rough macneils are goddam nails. Are those done away with? Couldn't find any in eBay or the AE site.

                JCrew tweed
                Merona shirt
                JCrew tie
                JCrew cords
                Bostonian thrifted loafers


                  SuitSupply Napoli, Neiman Marcus shirt, Robert Talbott tie, Macy's tiebar, MT Silversmiths belt buckle, Florsheim shoes.


                    Originally posted by BB View Post
                    PratyK, those rough macneils are goddam nails. Are those done away with? Couldn't find any in eBay or the AE site.
                    I've seen them pop up on eBay every once in a while.


                      Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post
                      Robbo - Great fit on that blazer. I wore mine once but ended up returning it when I got the grey cotton/linen one from BR. I'll get a chance to wear it next week when it's a bit cooler.
                      Thanks, bud. I feel quite fortunate that the BR blazers fit me as well as they do OTR, namely in the shoulders, chest, and sleeves. I'm still a *little* self-conscious wearing them though, as I could stand to lose about 5 lbs in the general spare-tire area. But I'm getting more confident with each wearing (and with each single pound lost). Gettin' there. Baby steps. I think you were smart returning the cotton for the linen blend. All of my BR blazers are full cotton. I really wanted that chambray blue one (or whatever), but never saw it in my size during the F&F deal. Come mid-Summer, I might be wishing I got one of mine in linen/cotton too.

                      Originally posted by Lukeduke View Post
                      The jeans I'm wearing today are the JCrew selvedge vintage slim (now called slim-straight) in resin crinkle wash from last year. These are pretty pricey at full retail ($155) but they are nice, heavyweight Japanese denim and they fit me perfectly.
                      Thanks for the details on the JC denim, LukeDuke. That's a wee bit outa my comfort zone price-wise, for jeans. But I guess that's why they look and fit so well. Sometimes ya get what pay for, eh? I will keep them in mind, in case I see some stellar deal come thru. I wore my JCF pair, that I recently bought in their 50% off sale, this weekend. They worked out pretty good. They're the vintage slim-straight, in black wash. Not black, really - but pretty damn dark. Something different. Fit pretty good, but I'm a little concerned about the length. Just right now - but might shrink a little short. We'll see. I'll have to be careful.

                      Originally posted by MarkB View Post
                      I've seen that blazer in store, it fit well and liked it, I just couldn't picture how I'd wear it. I think up close the herringbone kinda threw me, but in the pictures it looks like a nice mid-grey. Anyhow, I'm liking that look you've got going there and I think you have convinced me that I need to pick it up.
                      Yeah Mark, regarding the grey herringbone BR blazer, I personally think the color is GREAT. Very versatile, IMO. The herringbone pattern, as you said, is pronounced in close-up shots, but from normal wearing viewing distance it comes across as a very neutral, med-to-light grey. I highly recommend it, especially if you can get a deal on it. I got mine as part of the F&F, for half off, so it was a no-brainer in my eyes then.

                      Originally posted by BB View Post
                      Yoyorobbo, nice. I like the OCBD-jacket combination.
                      Thanks, BB. I thrifted that LE shirt. One of the few slim fit shirts I've seen thrifting. I like the reddish/maroonish, almost *chambrayish* look to it, and was hoping it worked well with the grey blazer, so thanks for the confidence boost, bud.


                        And to catch up somewhat on some recent pics from y'all:

                        @Vicious & @LesserBlackDog: Love those watches, fellas (VSA and Hammy, respectively).

                        @Lesser: Did it really go from as much snow on the ground, as you just recently showed in a WIWT pic, to shorts and a t-shirt weather? Wow! We've been teased lately around here (MI), with some *decent* weather, then crappy, cold, chilly, rainy, and even a little flurries on Saturday, but nothing quite extreme as that you're dealing with there. No Summer/Winter wardrobe rotation in your closet, eh? May as well keep them all at the ready.

                        @pratyk: Diggin' that entire outfit you got going on there, bud. Those MacNeils *are* sweet. Nice!

                        @LosRockets: Lookin' damn dapper for "running errands" - much nicer than I ever do. Good call, man!

                        @Mikey: Once again you pull a WIWT that few (dare I say *none*?) of the rest of the crew here could pull off. Nice younger perspective, per usualy. Cool. Lookin' fresh! - as it were, bud.

                        @Lesser (once again): Lookin' a little sad in that last suit pic, bud. It must have snowed again there today, eh? Regardless, lookin' very well put-together.


                          It actually is snowing again here today.

                          The weather's been pretty bipolar here. Three big snowstorms in as many weeks, with sunny, warm days in between. The snow from last week's storm had just finished melting yesterday, now it's coming down again.

                          I normally love snow but this back-and-forth is getting a bit tiresome.

                          It was actually warm-ish (45 and sunny) when I left for court this morning a little before 8am. The temp had already dropped and the snow started by the time I left a couple hours later.


                            Super laid-back monday at work, no appointments. Keeping it as simple and comfortable as possible.

                            BR Luxe Polo in Navy
                            Khaki chino's
                            Thrifted Lacoste Navy belt
                            Garret Drivers (no socks! Rebel in the office.)


                              Thanks fellas.

                              Those MacNeil's are one of the most complimented pairs of shoes I own. I was standing outside a restaurant yesterday waiting for my friends and 2 guys complimented me about it.


                                Blazer: BR birdseye
                                Shirt: Chaps-RL OCBD (thrifted)
                                Belt: Timberland
                                Chinos: Dockers modern khaki
                                Socks: Gold Toe
                                Shoes: Florsheim longwings (thrifted)
                                Watch: Orient Vintage
                                Pocket square: Walmart George
                                Fragrance: D&G Light Blue