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    Originally posted by Lukeduke View Post
    jacket - Jcrew (haven't worn this jacket in a few years...kinda forgot about it)
    That's a nice looking field jacket...that you just forgot? Jacket abuse and neglect!

    BTW the those grenson's look fantastic. Wish I could try a pair to see how they fit.

    @yoyo: That is a very solid look. The BR fits you great in the shoulders and arm length seems good. OTR fit for you?


      Originally posted by yoyorobbo View Post
      How does the blazer fit look? It feels pretty darn good; actually the better fit of my BR blazers. Doesn't pull at all; pulling makes me self-conscious. I thought the taupe fit better, but actually this Birdseye blue one seems to. Anyway, is it cool, visually?
      I like the blazer. However, a navy blue blazer does not work with navy blue chinos. It looks as though you're trying to create a suit out of mismatched fabrics.


        Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
        I like the blazer. However, a navy blue blazer does not work with navy blue chinos. It looks as though you're trying to create a suit out of mismatched fabrics.
        Very true. I didn't even see that bruschetta, I just naturally assumed it was a bird-eye matching set of pants. Good point.

        Doing another all-thrift fit today:

        ON shirt: $4.00
        Gap Trucker: $6.00
        514s: $8.50
        Allen Edmonds: $5.00
        Dockers Belt: $5.00


          Thanks guys. My apologies for bad lighting; the pants are actually *grey*.

          But it's still a good point and fair warning on the potential mismatch. I know I have almost fallen into that trap myself with say, the same color cords and jacket. *Almost*. LOL - Again, thanks for the feedback on the blazer fit. I'm either going to stick with it, or maybe upgrade to my navy suit, depending on how my dad decides to dress for Easter. He's quite the dappered dude, I might say, admiringly.

          Happy Easter, fellas!
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            Thanks all for the feedback and kind words.

            Haha...nice Acoustic...I know, shame on me. Regarding the Jcrew field jacket, I bought it a while back when I was a little bigger and at the time it was somewhat too short/snug. I probably wouldn't have bought it except it was on heavy clearance. I ended up putting it in the back of my closet where it has sat until I noticed it recently and discovered that it fit pretty well, if not slightly less fitted than I would like.

            The suede Grensons were a Bonobos purchase back when they were running their crazy promotions and I had some credit saved up. I'll have to check the size, but I'm normally a 10.5E in AE and I believe these are a 10UK. They're a little big on me, so I wear them with those thin Aldo inserts and they fit great. I probably could wear a 9.5UK.


              Hey all its been a while since I posted in here. Just went through a few pages, some very stellar fits. Eric and Jake, I like your fits. Shomas and Acoustic, killing it as usual. Lots of new posters lookin great too! Heres one from today from me. The shirt sleeves actually are long enough and do show some cuff, but they must have been bunched up on my left arm when I took the pic. Pretty basic but meh.

              Suit: BarIII
              shirt: Thomas Mason for Jcrew
              belt: AE
              shoes: AE walnut 5ths
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                Originally posted by andrew4h View Post
                Lukeduke, thanks. My feet are kind of oddly shaped, so not sure how much help my experience will be with regards to the walkovers. They are size 10d and fit quite comfortably, but I usually wear something between 9d/e-9.5d/e if that helps.
                I hav have a similar looking pair of Walkovers (although they are nubuck bucks, not suede bucks) and I think they run large. I bought a 9 (normally wear a 9D), and I think I could have taken a size narrower or shorter in them. They aren't ungainly, but they could fit better.


                  @Shomas: Which pants from J Crew are those specifically? Because they look a lot slimmer than anything I've ever gotten from there.



                    Pre-Easter Sunday (Happy Easter, to those that celebrate it)

                    Suit: Bonobos
                    Pocket Square: Thrifted
                    Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt
                    Socks: Happy Socks
                    Shoes: AE Strands


                      Originally posted by Lukeduke View Post
                      Me today. Casual getup for running errands and a late dinner with the wife at one of my favorite dives.

                      Wasn't aware of the amount of Jcrew I was wearing until now...

                      jacket - Jcrew (haven't worn this jacket in a few years...kinda forgot about it)
                      shirt - Jcrew Factory
                      sweater vest - Jcrew Factory (old)
                      jeans - Jcrew selvedge
                      shoes - Grenson
                      watch - Seiko w/ Timex NATO strap
                      I have that jacket, too. Great piece. Good for spring and early fall.


                        Easter outfit.

                        Target Kensington blazer
                        Kohl's Croft and Barrow shirt
                        Tie Bar knit tie
                        No name belt
                        Cole Haan loafers


                          My easter outfit: Levi's 501s STFs. J. Crew l/s utility shirt in heather grey, untucked. Tan Clarks DBs with white socks. Timex expedition watch with grey/blue NATO strap.

                          When I'm outside, that J. Crew fatigue jacket that Lukeduke shows.


                            Figure I'd go pastel-y for today even though I don't celebrate Easter.

                            shirt - BR
                            pants - Bonobos
                            jacket - Hickey Freeman
                            shoes - AE Malvern
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                              Inspiration for my easter outfit comes from Skyfall. Rewatched it last night, and so I went for the "resurrection" theme a la the outfit Bond wears during those scenes where he's presumed dead (ref the scorpion/bar scene, the reuniting scene with M, etc.). I don't have the leather bomber, but the J. Crew jacket is a worthy substitute.


                                Shoes by AE
                                Socks and shirt by uniqlo
                                Jeans are Levis 501
                                Jacket by boglioli
                                Pocket square from Macy's
                                Tie by tiebar
                                Watch by WeWood