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    Nice socks, Nicholas. They'd be even better with some sweet shoes over them ;-) The sweater looks good on you, I think you made the right decision to size down. Would have been pretty baggy in a bigger size.

    Shirt: Ben Sherman ($11 at Nordstrom Rack... it's shinier than I would normally get but I couldn't resist for the price)

    Tie: Target

    Cardigan: Target

    Chinos: LEC

    Shoes: Thrifted

    Watch: Orient, on its new cognac ostrich strap B-)



      Beautiful watch BenR. How much is it?


        $100 (with 50% discount) for the gold, which is apparently out of stock. $92.50 for the stainless steel case.

        The strap is a DeBeer ostrich-grain I got from Holben's Fine Watch Bands for about $20. It's available slightly cheaper elsewhere but at Holben's I had the option of the gold buckle.



          Thanks BenR, I'll be keeping a watch (haha...I know...) for when it comes back in stock.

          Jcrew shirt

          Gap Patch Blazer

          Bonobos jet blue chinos

          Allen Edmonds Macneil


            Not wearing boots, Ben?? ;-) Definitely getting a sense of your look - you layer things really well.

            AcousticFoodie - I like that. Reminds that I need a real blazer. Should get to thrifting...


              Been out of commision lately...Life as an auditor sux around this time of year...but you guys look AWESOME...JC that peacoat you traded for is dope man...foodie, i see you rocked the purple blazer differently, i reallly like this look much better, and the Macneils complete smoothly with the contrast at the bottom...And BenR, that red and grey tie is killing it with the shirt cardy combo...

              i will be back with avengence...

              Stay stylish gentlemen!

              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                @Ben, where did you pick up that watch strap?

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                  @ MaxMan - Ahhhh! I've been wondering where you got to - come back to us, this thread is your baby, it needs you. :-)

                  @ Greg_S -



                    @maxman ah good to see you are back! I rely on your WIWT posts to pick up color patterns!


                      @maxman - What kind of auditor? I'm in public accounting..



                        Shirt by LEC, cardigan by ON, Levi 501, belt by Eddie Bauer, BedStu shoes.


                        Shirt by LEC, cords by ON, belt by Eddie Bauer, Merrell Sight shoes.

                        As you can see, I'm dressing up only to end up out in the mud each day...

                        I'm posting these each day on a new Tumblr since I don't want to hassle my friends with posts. Critiques are welcome! I'm just figuring this out.


                          That shirt is now $12. (through Monday?)



                            And today's shirt too: H=canvas-search-_-387311+or+391367+or+395350+or+399000+or+399059+or+ 399302+or+403606+or+404770+or+404771+or+408326+or+ 391948+or+405062+or+405064+or+410266+or+410267+or+ 385907+or+405074+or+405075

                            The color is "Dark Cobalt Blue/Malibu Teal P"


                              Going to be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps soon, so I wanted to start dressing better:


                              Sportcoat: J Crew

                              Sweater: GAP

                              Shoes: Robert Wayne Desert Boots

                              Jeans: Levi 514s

                              Yes, I know I don't have a proper Marine Corps haircut, but my grandma wanted to take a picture with me as soon as I got my uniform in. I think the sleeves are a little short:



                                Hey Jeff - welcome to the forum! My brother is in the Marines too - he likes to give haircuts to make extra cash, in case you're in DC. ;-)

                                A couple thoughts - you're at a great starting point with quality, versatile pieces to work with. With the sport coat and sweater combo, I think you could take that to a whole 'nother level with a white dress shirt and white pocket square, with or without the sweater. Otherwise...wearing a crewneck t-shirt (looks like) under the v-neck sweater is an odd layer. I think the white would really pop for you and be usable in other combinations.

                                For the dress blues, you could probably take an inch off the length to get to a medium break and give your pant legs that straight edge look, making the stripe down the side a sharp line. Even if you'd normally wear the same inseam in jeans. You'll be wearing them for years, so it's worth having it perfect!

                                I think you're alright for sleeve length. You want some cuff showing - just own it!