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    Originally posted by Acousticfoodie View Post
    @shomas: That look is killer. Everything about it is perfect imo.
    Agreed. Shows that solids in (mostly) neutral colors don't have to be boring. The more I see of that jacket, the more I wish they had it online. Closest b&m is 2 hours away


      That jacket is awesome and really makes me want to splurge on some right now.


        Thanks guys. I was a little concerned that the jacket would be too loud, but I think the colors and print are subdued enough to avoid that. I think this is one that BR really nailed and I'm surprised it isn't showing up online or in ads.

        ThomasR, the camo pocket square is nice! I like the one bit of "go to hell" in an otherwise subdued outfit. Well done.


          Shomas, I feel like you need to graduate to "moderator level" or something. You've got it down. That jacket is nails.

          ThomasR, I'm like you -- getting as much as I can out of my winter jackets while the weather allows it. Looks good today.

          Foodie, I'm learning a lot from your casual looks. One thing I learned today: I need a henley.


            Shomas, gotta agree with everyone else, the jacket is awesome and not too loud at all


              Went pretty basic today since I was getting my hair cut. It's a pain trying to get hair out of sweaters and knits.

              I've realized that I'm in between sizes when it comes to BR shirts. M is a bit too big. S is perfect as long as the chest fits which is a bit hit or miss so far.

              shirt - BR
              jeans - BR factory
              shoes - AE Malvern
              belt - JCrew factory


                @Acoustic & @Shomas: Thanks for the feedback, fellas! The Runnells are brand spankin' new - like that pic was their virginal shot (wow, that sounds wrong)... their maiden voyage, leaving the port photo. They do seem very nice as far as suede goes, so I'm hoping for the best, but I didn't wish to mislead you into thinking that they're road-tested veterans and still look that nice and clean. We'll see...

                @Acoustic: I feel ya on the taking in of the sweater, although I have never, ever done that with a sweater before. Sounds odd. Is it a common tailoring activity? - specifically on a sweater, I mean. I sure as hell wouldn't call myself athletically built, but I do have pretty broad shoulders and a seemingly (abnormally) large rib cage. I'm not muscular really at all (need to work on that), and I have a little extra around the middle (*really* need to work on that), so my "drop?"... dunno. I wear 42R typically in most suits/blazers, and 33 or 34 waist in most pants (33 in BR, 34 in Levis). Now I know those are probably vanity size adjusted, but I haven't measured my actual body stats in a while. Maybe I need to do that first, eh? LOL

                Oh, and on the *thrifted* J&M loafers: Yeah, I figured as much. LOL You have quite a collection of diamonds in the rough. But you put in the work to get them looking polished, and that's the coolest part. Nice job. I will certainly be looking for a sale, a coupon, or some other way of scoring them at a much better price than the MSRP. I'm not really big on paying those kinda prices. LOL - Actually when googling them, I saw some on ebay for $7 or something. LOL Too bad they were size 8 (I think). Ah well. Thanks for the reply.

                One more thing: Your casual getup is yet another great one. Just looks natural and clean, and classy, even though still casual. Kudos! The only thing I might criticize would be that the coat looks a *little* bulky. That may be just due to those big front pockets. Dunno. Otherwise, and even giving that one some leeway, everything looks solid, man.

                @Shomas: Piling on with the rest; the blazer looks great on you. It *fits* you, and not just in the literal sense. I think that may be the key to a pattern like that. I don't think just anybody can pull it off. But you do, so gratz on the gear. Wear it well!
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                  Channeling my inner-Foodie today: Working from home, so even more casual than normal. The sun actually shined in through the windows and kinda tricked me into thinking it was actually Spring, just like the calendar says it is. Turns out the calendar lies. Later ditched the light jacket in favor of the good ol' pea coat to go grab my kiddos off of their school bus. Regardless, here's how I started out today:

                  Jacket: Levis cord trucker
                  Shirt: BR pima cotton v-neck tee
                  Belt: BR leather
                  Pants: Levis 501
                  Socks: Gold Toe Auro
                  Boots: J&M Headley
                  Watch: Skagen 958XLSL (pooch-approved... I *think*)


                    @TomasR, that pocket square is great.


                      Man, you really know how to layer it all together!! I really love that look and the blazer is killer. Tried on the same sweater(I think) today but I need a tall (online only) though via US. I wish the Canadian stores would start to carry tall sizes!! Would really help me out in the sweater category


                        Nothing too exciting today just dressed for the weather (cold & wet).

                        merino sweater - JCrew Factory
                        shirt - Merona
                        pants - Lands End Canvas
                        boots - Stafford Camlin (needing some touching up after being my go-to shoe this winter while the weather's been nasty)
                        watch - Orient Symphony


                          @Tomas: Pocketsquare was a nice twist!
                          @Vicious: Color combo is nice, sleeves and waist could be tailored in as you probbaly know.
                          @yoyo: Hey thanks for the comments. I like the trucker and the JM gray suedes are looking clean. You will most likely be our J&M representative at this rate. About the sweaters - I know some people that have sweaters taken in, but most people don't or try home remedies like shrinking them (this is risky). A 42 chest with 33 waist would definitely indicate a more tapered body.
                          @LukeDuke: Classic color combinations. Camlin looks like it's holding up well.

                          Had to stop by the office today. I'm actually wearing a shirt that I need to get tailored, but trying to hide it underneath the can actually see some of the billowing creeping subtly through the cardigan tho lol:

                          LEC OCBD
                          Zara Shawl
                          Target Tie
                          Allen Edmonds Strand


                            Casual interview today:

                            Shirt - CT extra slim
                            Sweater - BR
                            Tie - TheTieBar
                            Pants - Bonobos Olive travel jeans
                            Socks - richer poorer
                            Shoes - AE McTavish


                              Thanks again for yesterday's feedback, everyone.

                              LukeDuke, those pants are great! I haven't seen those before, but I really like the one pair of LEC pants I have. Also, those boots look great - especially for having been inexpensive beaters all winter. My only suggestion here would be to look into magnetic collar stays. They have changed my life (or at least my non-button-down shirts). I recommend putting together your own set, but there are name brands...

                              Acoustic, I love that tie.

                              Andrew4h, this is a great, slightly elevated casual look overall. I especially like the socks.

                              As much as I love living in a place with real seasons, I'm good and ready for spring - does me good to see some color starting to peek through!


                                @Shomas - I appreciate the feedback. The pants are from a couple of seasons ago and I wasn't so sure about them at first, but they've been great this winter. I do like how they add some subtle texture and pattern to an otherwise basic outfit. Regarding the collar stays, I'm actually wearing some Wurkin Stiffs in that picture. It might just be how I'm standing with my head turned or maybe I'm wearing them a bit too low. I wasn't a big fan of the Stafford boots the first couple of times I saw them in store, but they've been a lifesaver while heading into and out of work on some nasty days. I plan on picking up a pair of the Ashton wingtip oxfords to use for rainy days this spring.

                                As others have mentioned, I think your hair always looks great. I'm in the process of restyling my hair a bit into more of a pompadour style with a side part and was wondering what kind of product you used in yours. Right now I'm using some American Crew forming cream which seems to work okay, but wasn't sure if there was something better for the look.