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    Pants and sweater - target
    Boots - sebago


      @evil-e, yep navy gingham and blue jeans. And love the jacket, provides terrific warmth for these cold days without another coat. And it's the only heavy nice jacket I have here, so gets plenty of wear.


        @Matt: I like the blazer and striped T look. What is the blazer made from? I also covet the prawn mayo sandwich. Another thing (along with Quavers, Diet Lilt, and mushy peas) that I miss from the UK.
        @evil-e: I think there is a problem with your pics, I couldn't see them.
        @Rive Droit: I like those shoes, but where did you get the socks? They are trés cool.
        @LBD: Great outfit. Is that blazer 100% linen? It doesn't have the wide-weave crumpled look.
        @Acoustic: I really like the combo of the burnt orange tie and light blue sweater. The pattern on the shirt adds some depth too. I have a linen/cotton shawl collar cardigan in the same color that I am excited to start wearing when it warms up.

        As a change from the pocket poofs, CBD for me today:

        Suit: JCF Thompson in medium grey
        Shirt: JCP dress shirt
        Tie: The Tie Bar
        PS: Target


          Andrew, you going from Istanbul or Konya to Ankara? Istanbul is incredible. Turkey is a beautiful country. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are incredible... Assos, Pergamum, and Antalya are three of my favorite places in the world.

          I have that same coat (off ebay, it was from 2010 but in good shape) and I love it, too.

          Jake, I like that shawl collar... it's from Target? Huh.

          ChrisW, I like my navy Thompson so much that I'm jealous of the grey. And the collar on that JCP is impressive. I may need to check that out. By the way, take Shomas' advice on the pocket square over mine!

          Acoustic, I like that look. If I were to go more casual more often, I think I'd steal your jacket look. The tie is killer. Nice rust color.

          Ben, looking good. Blue and brown is a good combination. Linen, though? Is it warm where you are? I thought you were in the mountain west. Those shoes look great, too.
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            Shirt: BR
            Tie: J Crew
            Sweater: Uniqlo
            Pants: Bonobos
            Shoes: AE
            Watch strap: J Crew


              Liking the look Shomas. The watch seems much more fitting with this outfit, although I am personally not a fan of gold watches.


                @ shomas looks good, and those bonobos dress pants look great just wish I could afford more of their stuff


                  Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post
                  Liking the look Shomas. The watch seems much more fitting with this outfit, although I am personally not a fan of gold watches.
                  Thanks - and I'm right there with you on gold watches (or any other accessories, really). This one is stainless steel; it has a brushed stainless steel dial that just seems to photograph funny.


                    Originally posted by s_crane View Post
                    @ shomas looks good, and those bonobos dress pants look great just wish I could afford more of their stuff
                    Thanks - I wish I could afford more, too! I've never bought anything from them at full price - a lot of my favorite clothing comes from late 2011 when they were having insane sales pretty much all the time. I wouldn't mind a little more of that.


                      yeah it seams like now that their more well known and in nordstrom and everything their sales have been drying up.


                        @Shomas - nice shirt and like the band with that watch.


                          @Shomas - great look! What style are those bonobos pants? Are they wool?


                            Shomas, I like the two-tone gingham look.

                            Black, white and grey today. I do have a pocket square in now, too.

                            I think I should get these pant leg openings slimmed, but I'm a big dude, and I'm afraid of looking like an inverted triangle.

                            Suit: Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted
                            Shirt: thrifted
                            Tie: TieBar
                            Shoes: J&M wingtip, thrifted

                            Whole outfit for less than $50. Getting the legs slimmed might double the cost... Hmm...


                              Thanks guys, especially Shomas for the extensive feedback.
                              First a couple of replies:
                              @bruschetta and ChrisW - It is made of 100% cotton, and cotton lined on the chest, the arms are indeed lined with polyester. They are more than okay in my book. On my budget, Next is pretty much the highest I can go. I also have their linen cotton blend navy one with the elbow patches, love it as well. If I could change anything on them it would be the amount of shoulder pads, thy are not extensive by any means but they are more on the British traditional side, so create a sharper and more defined silhouette. And they are a huge step up from H&M, their blazers are mostly bad and not even worth the relatively low price in my opinion.
                              @Shomas - thanks for the glasses too. I bought this pair to alternate with my other one but found myself wearing it all week now. I am quite curious, what glasses do you sport?
                              @Acousticfoodie - yep, a beard would be nice indeed, or at least a mustache, but sadly, my beard comes very patchy for now, and it is gingerish To be fair, I never tried growing it out yet really, might try it this summer.

                              @andrew4h - killer bag, like it a lot!
                              @vicious - that shooting getup is very nice. You look like a nobleman on a foxhunt somewhere in Wales, nice! Sorry for the late reply on this, but just couldn't let it pass without a comment.
                              @blackdog - nice classic outfit, and the tie elevates it all.
                              @Mikey - I concour, you are the best dressed youngster by far!

                              Quite chilly today:

                              Shirt: Gap
                              Tie: Next
                              Cardigan: Topman
                              Jeans: Primark
                              Scarf: Dad's
                              Coat: Zara


                                Incognito today...

                                Shirt: Report Collection (from Sierra Trading Post)
                                Sweater: H&M
                                Pants: Bonobos (from my great Bonobos heist of Feb)
                                Socks: Happy Socks (@ChrisW: I get them from Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc. Around $5 a pair. Thick fabric and fun colors.)
                                Shoes: AE Lombard