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    Lazy Sunday:

    Shirt and Sweater: Uniqlo
    Pants: Bonobos Travel Denim
    Socks: Richer Poorer
    Shoes: Walk-over


      @Vicious: Nailed it! Really impressive. I love the orange sweater with the outfit. Looks like you had a great time.


        Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post
        Went shooting today. Wearing my LE blazer. I know the cap doesn't match except maybe with the jeans but it was the only one I had of that type.

        Vicious- that's a great look! Actually inspires me to look for a good jacket like that is not just a shooting jacket- now you can walk into a pub afterwards and not have to change. As an aside, sporting clays is one of my favorite shotgunning past times- much more fun than trap or skeet.

        @ LBD- I actually like the smell of gunpowder and vaporized oil- only thing better than that is the smell of good cigars- mix the two together and that's a great day for me, though my wife might disagree!


          Thanks guys.

          Ben - I probably wouldn't do it with a nicer jacket but this one should cost me $50 after all is said and done.


            Evil-e, Los Rockets, and Vicious: nice work. Vicious, for some reason that kind of sport coat looks like it works best with a shotgun and driver's cap. The utility pocket says it's for play, but it's a sport coat, so it can only be for aristocratic sports... Which means polo or hunting, right? Anyway, that's the best I've ever seen one of those utili-coats look.

            Here's me today. Trying out a plain pocket square.

            J Crew Tweed Ludlow, Grey (Ebay)
            J Crew Ludlow shirt (Ebay)
            J Crew tie (gift)
            J Crew cords, web clearance
            Stafford wingtips
            Saddleback large briefcase

            Didn't realize until typing this that I'm a walking J Crew display today. Whoops.


              @Vicious49: That is a superb look. Great ensemble, and that jacket is nails on you.

              @BB: I think we have the same jacket! Looks good. I need a purple tie.


                Looking good BB! Big thumbs up on that purple grenadine!

                Fairly boring today, was feeling like a zombie all day.


                  Looks sharp, BB. I think your prior concerns about the pocket square were unfounded.

                  Not bad for the undead, Matt! Is that a button-down collar? Hard to tell, but it is very well-behaved...


                    So many replies that I can barely keep up now!

                    @Los Rockets: Great to see you here!
                    @Vicious: Man, that fit is so perfect along with the color combinations. It's been a pleasure watching your style evolve since you first arrived
                    @BB: nice as always
                    @Matt: light brown, charcoal and tattersal is a nice color combo.

                    I've been bumming around the last few days...I can't even remember the last time I put on a blazer anymore!


                      Eh, iffy outfit today. Might have been too much; all of the colors went well together pairwise (except the burgundy and the green) but taken as a whole there may have been a bit much going on.

                      Sweater: Express
                      Shirt: A+F
                      Scarf: Levis (shirt was too big in the neck so threw it on to add some bulk to the neck)
                      Jeans: Express

                      EDIT: WOW that's a terrible picture.


                        @Mikey: Looks good. I think white denim with burgundy and blackwatch is a pretty solid color combo. Plus your fit is good.


                          Can we make some sort of rule on this thread that you can't post awesome getups (I hate that word...) without providing the info for where the things are from! Drives me nuts!


                            Thanks, guys.

                            Acoustic, I like that last shirt. Where's that from?


                              Originally posted by BB View Post
                              Thanks, guys.

                              Acoustic, I like that last shirt. Where's that from?
                              Thanks BB, I got it on clearance from gap. It was mentioned in one of the posts by Joe:


                                Tie: Red Pulsar Stripe Skinny Tie from Tie Bar
                                Shirt: Light Blue Barrell Cuff Point Collar Dress Shirt
                                Sweater: Red V-Neck Merino Wool thin Polo sweater
                                Pants: RL Flat Front Silver grey pants
                                Boots: Johnston and Murphy Larsey side zip Black boots
                                Watch: Bulova Leather strapped Frank Lloyd Wright leather strapped watch