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    Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
    The fact that the people in the background aren't wide eyed is's like they are used to seeing it!
    Used to seeing what, Shadow? My classic approach to building an outfit from the top down?


      Originally posted by bruschetta View Post
      I have never had a pair of pants fade as fast as these Bonobos chinos.
      I haven't had any issues with mine fading yet, but remember that they do have that 365 day return policy. I'd take advantage of it if in fact they are fading way faster than normal.


        I only put the blazer on for the sake of the pic. I'll wear it later this evening when we have people coming over for dinner. Otherwise I swapped it out for a peacoat when I was running errands earlier.


          Looks good, Vicious! I especially like the pocket square picking up a little green in the shirt. The pants may have a little more break than I would prefer myself, but it's nothing extreme and it's most likely not noticeable when you are sitting or walking.


            I'm not trying to be rude, but are we getting trolled?

            Shomas - They're Bonobos pants and the length on them is always perfect for me, but they do break a bit weird in the front when looking at them from that angle. I always prefer a medium break.


              Originally posted by Dressed To Depress
              Time to hit the town!
              That's not depressing me, I am smiling!

              Please do tell how the night goes


                Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post
                I'm not trying to be rude, but are we getting trolled?
                Signs point to yes on that one.


                  Originally posted by Shomas View Post
                  Signs point to yes on that one.
                  Not sure which signs and who; I smell a number of trolls. Although in the case of Dressed to Depress, I think the username is a good hint. Well played, though.

                  Also, @Matt, loving both outfits, especially that second one; the cardigan looks great. Details on it?

                  @mjs: Your outfits are all great; not usually a big fan of the shirt-tie-no jacket/sweater look but you're making it work with a really well fitting shirt.

                  I'll get a pic of what I wore up later tonight.


                    @Johnny Longstockings: Wait, no details on the ride?

                    Trolling, certainly, but it's a humorous reminder that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.


                      My first time!

                      Quilted Layering Vest: JCF
                      Wool Scarf: Local Vintage Store
                      Green Flannel: F&O
                      Braided Leather Belt: JCF
                      Jeans: Volcomm
                      Watch: Seiko Kinetic
                      Polka Dot Socks: H&M
                      Beeswax Leather Desert Boots: Clarks
                      Leather Messenger Bag: Wilson's


                        @bjmcgeever - Thanks! They are the Vintage straight taupe wool notch-waist trouser, that were featured here:


                        I think they're great, and really warm. They're fairly slim fitting, though I'm thinking I may need to have them hemmed slightly.

                        @mjs2103 - Everytime I see that shirt (the one with the little blue and red crosses) I love it even more. Details?

                        @Vicious - Really like the pocket square and blazer - really nice!


                          @evil-e: LOVE the vest and the slim sleeves on that shirt; great, even better for a first time post. Making good impressions. Also a well coordinated color palette.

                          Kept it simple today:

                          Jacket: Guess
                          Tee: Pacsun (it looks like a plain gray tee with a bit of a scoop, but in person if you get close, there are flecks of color everywhere; a subtle touch I really like)
                          Jeans: H&M


                            lol - you know dappered has made it when we have our very own trolls. (or troll, same guy on multiple accounts.)


                              A lighthearted joke is one thing, personal attacks on forum members is another. Please help keep the forums a respectful, friendly place.

                              Thanks, guys.


                                I appear to have joined the WIWT thread at a strange period in its history...congrats on the first trolls guys? haha.

                                Anyways, felt a need to rebound from a lackluster previous WIWT post.

                                Nice-ish dinner tonight with group of friends.

                                Sweater - BR (50% off too. score one for the good guys)
                                Jeans - J. Brand
                                Shoes - Clarks desert boots