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    Really love the sweater you got going on there MaxMan. Trying to integrate that look for the fall myself, but I don't get to wear ties any longer.



      Here's mine today. Sorry for the picture...I wanted to share because I'm excited about the sweater.

      Up top I've got this sweater I got from Canvas for something like $3, gray with a lighter gray contrast shawl.

      Button-down button-up from LEC, also gray.

      Dark Levi's 514s

      Cole Haan wing tips

      Brown socks (invisible, but they're there)

      I'm starting to feel like 514s are baggy. Guess it's time to give skinny jeans a try.

      Another thing--is there too much gray going on? I usually like to wear a lot of bright colors but figured I'd usher fall in with something dark.



        Mag, maybe try the 513s? They look to be a lot slimmer around the ankle than the 514s, but about the same around the upper leg. Honestly, I just want you to get them so you can tell me what you think of them. Is that so much to ask?



          MagM, those wings are very nice. I like the look and the sweater is well fitting. I like it alot. I dont see anything wrong with the monochromatic looking top. I personally like grey, so i might be bias. But well done. The pants do look a bit baggy at the ankles. They might simply need a taper. arent 514 slim fits already?

          I am wearing a pair of LL bean navy chinos right now that def could use a taper from the knee down.

          Also, how is the world did you manage $3 for the sweater? thats amazing...

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



            AnimeDave, why cant you wear ties anymore? Some new laid back job culture?

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              Max, the 514s are slim fit, but the ankle is wide. Just as wide as the 501, 514's are basically bell bottoms on me. That's why i'm suggesting the 513 for Mag. It's a new release, yet to have any seriously good looking colors.



                Just checked my receipt--it was $8. It was during one of their classifieds sales. 514s don't have much taper but are otherwise pretty slim. I've also got pretty skinny legs, so there's not too much to fill 'em out down there.

                @Albert--I'd give the 513s a shot, if only for you buddy All seriousness--if I do try them on I'll report back.



                  If anyone could give a little feedback on the fit of the suit I bought and had tailored over summer, I'd appreciate it. Also commentary on color scheme is appreciated.


                  Suit: Tommy Hilfiger SF

                  Shirt: Gap SF

                  Tie: Tommy Hilfiger repp tie

                  Choos: Cole Haan wings




                    rules are meant to be broken right? (referring to; no whites post labor day)



                      stickied. sorry it took me a while to do it.

                      my outfit today:

                      j crew white washed Oxford with black stripes

                      blue bonobos chinos

                      black bass wingtips

                      blue white and black plaid tie bar tie

                      BR belt

                      Chronograph on black bund strap



                        Akang, i really like outfit man looks very very sharp. And screw the white. As long as it's warm out do it up.

                        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                          Hmm. 514s are wide at the ankle on me too. Can't fit my thighs through a skinny.



                            Mag the suit looks good on the Sides which is a great thing. I think your posture in this pic isn't helping really. Either your pants are sitting too low or they are too baggy because it seems like the rise (from waist of pant to crotch is running too low) try pulling the pants to your natural waist and retake picture, I think the legs length is just fine. I would personally add a taper to those slacks but that is really just personal preference. Not necessary really. Can't really speak for the sleeves cuz your arms are spread try standing with at least 1 arm at your side to gauge how long your sleeves are remember up to .5 inch of cuff. But going off what I see it looks ok, but again the pic is not really displaying the suit. I suggest a stance at attention. I like the shirt, color seems fine, I think a tie not so close to the color of the dark shirt be selected it looks like the placket has tan stripes on it. All in all I think you did fine. But post pic again if you can.

                            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"




                              For my job I have to visit many hospitals to examine our clinical trial data and take specimens back to the lab. I was in Brooklyn yesterday (I live in Philly), so today I can wear whatever I want. I still keeps it fresh though.

                              Shirt: Red Benjamin Bixby Polo

                              Pants: Khaki J.Crew USF Essential Chino

                              Belt: Navy braided by Leatherman

                              Shoes: Navy boat shoes with white sole by Mark McNairy for Bass

                              9mm ammo boxes in the background by Wolf.



                                @MaxMan, I pointed at the crotch (there's just a lot of weirdness around there) when talking to the (female) tailor and she gave me this look that said pretty clearly, "I'm not doing that." I might try to find someone who can bring a little harmony to that region. As for the bottom of the legs, I think it might be the picture: the opening at the bottom is just 8" across when laid flat, so I'm not sure how much more tapered I'd really be willing to go (these already get caught on my leg sometimes).