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    @shomas: Great look. I think your style and beard can make you pull off bow ties if you decide to venture into that route!
    @vicious: Could just be the angle but that jacket gives you a nice tapered look
    @Mycat: killer fit and color combination. I really like it.
    @Jake: navy, grey, light blue and brown very classic color combo
    @Hamm: I like the shirt
    @MJS: good fit again. Those are LEC boots? They look great, I actually had to do a double take to see if they were Aldens for a sec.

    Originally posted by Shomas View Post
    The shape is great and I think they look great on me. I know some people aren't big fans, but I don't regret picking them up at all.
    What don't people like about neumoras? They look great and even better on you playa!


      J.Crew/Lands End Canvas/Target/Thorogood


        Trying to redeem myself here.
        New mctavish!


          Lots of color today. I'm unsure about it though. Thoughts?

          Shirt - Calibrate from Nordstrom
          Tie - Nautica from Macy's
          Sweater - BR
          Pants - Mossimo from Target
          Shoes - AE Kenilworth


            @jake - Solid blazer. Interesting sweater color. Is it green or yellow? Not my style, but to each his own. Also, not sure about the socks...a bit too loud for me.


              Jake - Is that the JCrew Factory blazer? I like the socks and shoes, but the sweater color and blazer isn't my style.

              BJ - The top half looks fine but I don't think those pants work with the rest of the outfit.


                Originally posted by Acousticfoodie View Post
                @shomas: Great look. I think your style and beard can make you pull off bow ties if you decide to venture into that route!
                *** What don't people like about neumoras? They look great and even better on you playa!
                Interesting re. the bow tie idea...Maybe I'll give that a whirl. I have a pretty nice gray one, which, the one time I tried it on, didn't work so well. However, that was about 20 lbs ago, minus one beard, so maybe it's worth a shot again. I'll have to steel myself for a bit of clowning from my coworkers, but I can handle that.

                Re. the Neumoras, I've read reviews in which people complain about the placement of the toe cap, the sizing and the color. I suspect those reviews are from people that are somewhat more persnickety than I am, but they're out there.


                  @Hamm23: That's a great casual, kinda rugged look all the way around. You could probably improve it slightly by tucking in the shirt and maybe shortening the legs on the pants a little, but for the most part, you've nailed a style I like a lot.

                  @Jake101: The McTavishes look great! I like your look here altogether. Personally, I'm a fan of loud socks. I actually have to exercise a bit of discipline to tone mine down, so that's where I'm coming from on that.

                  @bjmcgeever: I like all of the color. I might like the whole thing more if there was a little more contrast between the pants and sweater, but not bad at all as-is. Those Kenilworths - you guys posting them here are going to cause me to do some damage to my wallet, dammit!


                    Thanks guys sweater is mustard yellow, blazer is actually the merona one. As for the socks, big loud sock guy myself, and these days wearing boots a lot so took the opportunity to peacock


                      Originally posted by Vicious49 View Post

                      BJ - The top half looks fine but I don't think those pants work with the rest of the outfit.
                      Agree with Vicious, BJ: the pants add way too much red to the outfit.

                      The top half of the outfit, however, has a really slick reversal thing going on. That is, normally, blue will be the dominant color and you'll get hints of red for accent, but you've switched it and made it work in a way that I think is really difficult. Red sweaters, especially, can be hard to pull off, but that burgundy color is perfect and the shirt/tie combo underneath is nails.

                      Throw a pair of dark denim or neutral-ish pants on and you'd have a look that's more subtle, bold and interesting than 9/10 of v-neck+button down outfits. But the colored pants take things too far and make it look like you're trying too hard to stand out/make a statement.


                        Decided to go bolder than usual. Please critique away. Not sure how comfortable I feel with the tie. I think it might look better without it. Also, the shirt is BR so I know there's extra material around the midsection.

                        shirt - BR
                        corduroys - Bonobos
                        knit tie - JCrew Factory
                        watch - Christopher Ward
                        shoes - AE strands
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                          @idle - Thanks for the critique and compliments. This is the first time I've worn these pants.


                            Vicious, you should try doing the military tuck with your shirts, the pants being fitted and you have some billowing to the sides, which I find hurts the wearing fitted theme of the pants.

                            Tie isn't the worst thing, maybe a bit too matchy matchy for pants but meh. I still need to get used to seeing them without a tip, and your knot needs to be centered

                            Serious Question: do your arms normally rest that way or are you putting them forward in your photos? I ask because mine got F'ed up in hockey and are very loose and I have to make sure to sit with shoulders back to get the muscles trained.


                              @BJ I think everything fits perfectly first and foremost, and the pants aren't too bad...I just think if you maybe wore a dark navy on the bottom then it would've coordinated a little better with the blues in the tie and shirt and especially those Kenilworths

                              Sorry for the bad cell phone bathroom pics haha

                              Peacoat: JCrew Bayswater
                              Sweater: H&M
                              Shirt: Jcrew Factory
                              Jeans: Levi 508s
                              Shoes: Clarks DBs
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                                @Vicious - I agree with shadow that there's a lot of blue and it might all match a little too well. But, the outfit looks really well put together. How do you like the bonobos cords?

                                Also, where did you get the belt to go with your strands? I still need to pick one up to match mine.