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    Brown corduroy sportcoat: Brooks Brothers 346 thrifted

    Orange v-neck sweater: Banana Republic

    Orange plaid dress shirt: Banana Republic

    Tie: Sulka thrifted

    Khakis: Gap

    Shoes: Florsheim Gaffneys


      Jason, I thought for a moment you were wearing the same blazer I have (brown moleskin from GAP). I guess yours is probably a little nicer, though.... ;-) Nice fall colors you've got going on.

      Here's me:

      Looks like I need to clean the mirror... again. It's a never-ending battle. *sigh*

      Shirt: J.Crew Factory

      Sweater: American Eagle, just purchased today thanks to Joe's style tip

      Jeans: Levi's 514

      Watch: Casio Edifice

      Shoes (not pictured): Timberland Earthkeepers

      Also, I'm pretty sure Chrome is stalking me.

      Fair Isle sweater, huh? You don't say....



        V-neck sweater: cashmere / wool blend from Banana Republic (more of a dark teal)

        Tie: Paul Stuart, thrifted

        Shirt: Geoffrey Beene fitted from Macys

        Pants: Workday wools from Bonobos

        Socks: striped from TopMan

        Shoes: Cole Haan


          WIWT Fans,

          Hope all is well this Wednesday evening. WIWT has been really fun to watch grow, but the forum software only allows so much functionality -- as many of you have noted in the feedback thread. We're hoping to solve that with a new site dedicated to the idea. There's already a (a female fashion site). We couldn't find anything that catered to us gents ... so we built one.

          Check out our prototype: It's a Tumblr site, so you can submit photos easily (click 'submit' at the top) and it's all very slick. Care to take a look and let us know what you think?

          We're also trying to brainstorm a good .COM name (which will replace Something that differentiates itself from and is independent of too. Let us know if you have any ideas.





              @ JC - Those Cole Haans are dope, especially with those socks.

              Nothin' special for me today. Except for a new, free watch! :-)



              T-shirt: Old Navy

              Sweater: American Eagle

              Pants: GAP

              Shoes: Converse JPs

              Socks: Target

              Watch: Fossil, from Bruschetta :-) I put a new battery in it last night and now it's ticking away happily.


              [Edit] Ugh, still can't get embedded images to resize properly. Sigh.



                @BenR -- you don't need to figure out the embed thing if you head over to


                  You guys have been killing it...loving the socks JC, BenR sweater is nice man you look festive in fall colors...noice

                  havent posted in a while so today is a two for: nothing real major cept i broke out the peacoat last week and the cashmere scarf...

                  <img />


                  Peacoat: H&M (copped it for $15 bucks in 09 on black friday) its held up extremely well, but thats cuz i treat it well.

                  Shirt: Joesph Abboud

                  tie: Brooks Brothers

                  Scarf: 100% Cashmere (thrifted for 7 bucks!! followed i think it was BenR's home dry cleaning tutorial in another post and its come out very nice)

                  shoes: thrifted (local shoe company second)

                  pants: BR w100% wool (thrifted for 3.99 over the summer and sent to tailor. Since its 100 tweed like wool i decided to leave them full cut as opposed to super fitted and it plays well with my full brogues)

                  This is what i wore today to the office holiday party. They are pretty conservative here (well except for me) so toned down bottom and MADD loud

                  won these babies duirng the gift game in the office...

                  I got the buckle off a old belt i found at a thrift store and pair it with the softest moistest leather i have ever seen found again at another thrift store and.


                  sweater: Merona (Target)

                  BD: J Crew

                  tie: John Douglas thrifted

                  Slacks: no name (but one of my best fitting slacks)

                  wheels" joesph abboud (bought them on clearance for 12 bucks last march)

                  @Paul: not sure i like the idea of an entire differnt website for the WIWT, we dont post that much and its really just a chance to show the guys the fit and style, color options that we like as well as receiving feedback on things we missed. An entirely new site make me feel like its netflix over here lol...

                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                    @ Paul - I dunno man, I find the idea of posting my photos on a separate website kind of intimidating. Like I should be taking some high concept, staged photos with fashion poses and expert quality, rather than taking some headless shots in front of a bathroom mirror. I agree with MaxMan.

                    Speaking of MaxMan, you are looking dapper as usual. I feel a little guilty for posting my "unworthy" casual outfits, except that I'm still in the midst of law school finals so I don't have the mental energy for anything dressier.



                      @BenR I like your casual look... I feel like I've got a handle on dressing for the office now, but I'm still working on casual. I think it's actually harder to dress well casually.


                        Looking sharp fellas. Im still hunting for my perfect fair isle. I love em.

                        @Paul, I'd have to agree with the others above about the new site. I respect that Dappered is trying to grow and diversify, I even appreciate that, but I already check two Dappered websites daily (Dappered and the threads), I just dont think I'll check 3.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                          Since it's Xmas today... Santa from the waist down


                          Sweater: Banana Republic navy toggle/zip

                          Shirt: Express 1MX Fitted in green

                          Undershirt: LEC striped

                          Belt: Lands End

                          Pants: Bonobos Pistol Pizza bull denim

                          Shoes: Josef Seibel, $50 on clearance at NR.



                            Thanks for the feedback! It's very, very helpful.

                            @greg_s -- How about a centralized, all-things-Dappered home page type site that would allow you to see everything on a single page? Something like, but way less massive.

                            Hope everyone has fun new years plans.




                              @Paul Olson

                              Primer Magazine already has what you are talking about.

                              It is called "The Dispatch"


                              Its way less massive and is everything Dappered...


                                @ Paul, that's a great idea, IMO.

                                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano