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    Both matts, looking good.

    Matt S., not a huge fan of that tie with that look, unless it's navy. It just looks black on my computer.
    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


      Thanks Greg! Was not sure about the tie myself, but recently got it (and a grey one) and really wanted to wear it. It is a knit one, navy with white and burgundy stripes. Yeah, my camera sucks and it is dark here in Scotland by 4PM, so the lighting doesn't help.


        @BB -- I really like that camel coat. The button pull isn't distracting with the belt tied. I'm not worried about the handwarmer pockets since the multiple buttons add activity to the front anyway.

        @ Matt Sasco -- love that overcoat! I'm not sure I could pull off that pattern but I've thought about trying. Kudos.


          @MattRickets: Just push up your sleeves. Problem (half) solved. And don't worry about the blue-on-blue. It looks fine. Seriously, it's no big deal.
          @matt Sasco: Looking sharp! IMO, nobody does casual wingtips quite as well as Grenson. They have a look that anyone could copy, but very few do. What color is that coat? It's hard for me to tell with all that chromatic noise.


            matt s I like the look, I think it looks clean and polished but casual at the same time

            heres my look for today, Im surprised I really even put clothes on today with finals and living on a stream of chinese food, coffee and 5 hr energies
            I know the navy sweat with jeans some people dont like/ think is monochromatic but honestly I just find it easy to match anything to and kinda like the look of it

            jeans: AG
            sweater: polo (i know labels suck)
            shirt: bonobas
            shoes: bees wax desert boots


            Id like some feedback of the desert boots, they just came today and idk how I feel about them, the toes seem wicked fat and boxy looking to me, but I may just be used to sperry's all the time


              @MattRicketts: I think the fit of the sweater is perfect. Wearing more closely-fitted clothes than you're used to can be jarring at first, but usually looks better.

              @Matt Sasco: I like the tie a lot. What's the sweater like when buttoned up? It looks like a crew neck cardigan, which is unusual. Also, I'm not familiar with Primark, but the jeans look OK, if quite slim.


                @mattrickets, that sweater is too tight, and highlights your..."midsection" too much. But the colors look great together!

                @S_Crane, those jeans look way too big, resembles a relaxed fit.
                42" Chest 32" Waist 6' Tall 185 lbs.


                  @alan: Thanks Alan! Yeah, Grensons are class, even their G2 line can be decent, not superb, but they are all right. I looked long and hard to find a brogue boot that was not horribly expensive but still decent. Would love a pair of AE Daltons though next time. As for the coat I took a picture for your viewing pleasure. Still not the best pic but I hope it will work for you.

                  It has a subtle underlying red thread going which I like a lot. I guess I really need to invest into a good camera or a decent smartphone instead of nice shoes and such

                  @Shomas Thanks! Yeah, it is a crew neck cardigan, I don't quite like it buttoned up all the way, it looks, well, too "buttoned up". Oh, yeah, you guys don't have Primark in the states, here in the UK it is the single cheapest store for clothes and such, their quality is mostly appalling, their styling is okay, they use way too much mad made fibers. But yeah, these jeans are okay, fit was almost perfect for my taste and it cost next to nothing.

                  @s_crane: like the shirt a lot! Yeah, I think the jeans could be a bit slimmer too, but hey, they look fine Desert boots look okay to me, but I tend to lean towards the English aesthetic of shoes, i.e.: rounder toe boxes. But yeah, desert boots tend to be slimmer.
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                    @ Matt Sasco, that herringbone coat is gorgeous.

                    Here's me today on camouflage, er, casual Wednesday. I know this one won't go over well with many folks for obvious reasons. I'm in the midst of law school exams - had two in a row the past couple days, a long review session today for criminal procedure, and a paper I've got to turn in later this afternoon. You all should be duly impressed I'm not wearing pajamas.

                    Target hoodie
                    J.Crew Factory shirt
                    Thrifted tie
                    Levi's 514 jeans
                    Converse All-Stars with leather laces
                    Timex digital watch


                      Thanks guys! The forum engine just swallowed my post

                      Never mind here is the gist again:

                      @alan: here is a slightly better pic of the coat fabric:

                      @shomas: About Primark, they are the cheapest and crappiest clothes retailer in the UK but sometimes you can find decent pieces. And yeah, this is a crew neck cardigan, I don't really like to button it up all the way, IMO it looks way too well, "buttoned up"


                        blackdog, looking great in general plus being exam week that adds eh about +4-5 to the style points. idk what id rather your law exams or my engineering


                          Hey all, second post ever and first in months. Had to dress up fancy today for a photoshoot (long story), but we were told to not wear too many accessories (hence the lack of PS/tie bar). Please excuse all the clutter, it's finals week! Planning on getting the sleeves shortened, but any other advice would be lovely.

                          Suit: J Crew Ludlow
                          Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt (that shirt/tie deal from last year)
                          Tie: The TieBar
                          Shoes: Hawkings McGill wingtips (getting some AE's for Christmas, but for now these are my dressiest shoes!)

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                            MattC love how was have the same dorm furniture


                              Originally posted by s_crane View Post
                              MattC love how was have the same dorm furniture
                              where are you at school?
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                                Looking sharp Matt! That is a lovely suit indeed. Yeah, sleeves are long, and the pants could do with about an inch or two taken off, but this is just a nitpick.

                                As for the shirt and tie. They are both nice, however, the collar seems to be a bit crooked here, also, but a dimple into that tie, would add so much

                                Also, I prefer black shoes for black/navy suits, but it's just preference.

                                Keep it up!