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    Jacket: Target-Odin
    Shirt: JCrew black gingham
    Pants: JCrew Urban Slim
    DBs: Perry Ellis

    Was going to do this with a sweater, but it seems none of my current ones fit slimly.
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      Nice casual looks Tim and Jake. Nice as usual Acoustic and BB.

      I havent contributed in a while. Heres something from today. Had our first bit of snow today Here is the fabled BR bridge coat.

      Coat- BR
      shirt- LEC selvedge purple gingham
      pants- BR brown tweed
      shoes- AE burnished brown strands


        @Jake: I like the use of a henley in the manner that you used it
        @BB: Fit is great as always, I do reflect what others have said that the pocket square for some reason kind of clashes with the gingham
        @Tim: Dat Odin jacket is very nice. Perhaps I should have picked one up lol
        @Focus: Busting out the BR topcoat I see! Nice!

        Blazer: JC
        Sweater: Gap
        Shirt: Bonobos
        Pants: LEC


          Originally posted by BB View Post

          Weird pose, but that's what happens with a timer.
          J Crew tweed
          Thrifted tattersall shirt
          Tie Bar knit tie
          Thrifted LRL "total comfort" (ha) wool slacks
          Thrifted beater wingtips, no name
          Continuing from the versatility comparison thread, is that the same blazer? or is that just white balance from the camera?


            Ha, yes, that's the same jacket. The colors might look different in direct sunlight, I suppose, but that's probably more the effect of the camera -- I don't know much about photography, so "white balance" doesn't mean much to me. But the lower photo looks more accurate.

            Acoustic, I like the layering there. Nice scarf, by the way.


              @ BB

              I love that SC.
              42" Chest 32" Waist 6' Tall 185 lbs.


                Lots of target today

                Jacket pants and shirt - target
                Shoes - ae strand
                Watch - bulova
                Sweater - LE
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                  Jake, looking good. I too love the Target stuff. Do you like the tweed jacket? How does it feel?

                  I'm wondering about the tie going with the shirt.
                  I know the coat sleeves are baggy -- that's on the "after my budget recovers from the holidays" list.

                  Macy's brand camel hair jacket (thrifted)
                  Polo RL shirt (thrifted)
                  J Crew wool tie
                  J Crew Slim-Straight cords


                    I'm not sure what it is, something about the color scheme doesnt feel quite right but its not awful. go for it.

                    as for my jacket, it feels a little fake, very polyesterish. It doesn't feel like real wool,but you know for the price it's right , but it has a cool black watch plaid lining tho

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                      BB- I really like that camel blazer. I wonder if it can be pulled off with my skin tone (asian: slightly darker skin tone than yours)


                        Originally posted by LesserBlackDog View Post
                        Been a little while since I posted here. Here's me today:

                        Bit of a funny angle on the photo... emphasizes my t-rex arms.

                        BR tweed jacket
                        LEC OCBD
                        Thrifted vest (no brand)
                        MT Silversmiths buckle
                        Levi's Signature jeans (the Target Levi's, before being rebranded to Denizen)
                        Johnston & Murphy suede wingtips
                        What color are those wingtips?


                          Originally posted by aks View Post
                          What color are those wingtips?
                          Light grey - like so.


                            This is more of a WMYIWT: What My Watch is Wearing Today. My New NATO Strap, courtesy of Crown and Buckle. Insanely good investment, I'm amazed by how good the Boss Black looks with it (great watch if anyone is looking for one...)

                   (Old Head of the Charles medal in the background ;p)



                              Goterps, I think there are significant variations in shade between different camel jackets, so you can find one that compliments you, I'd imagine.


                                Family reunion styling from Thanksgiving:

                                Shirt: Banana Rep (thrifted)
                                Tie: Nautica ($10 sale @ Macy's)
                                Vest: Express
                                Jeans: Denizen (Target clearance)
                                Boots: Stafford wingtips (JCP)
                                Jacket: Kane & Unke military style (Nordstroms)
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