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    Originally posted by BB View Post

    Weird pose, but that's what happens with a timer.
    J Crew tweed
    Thrifted tattersall shirt
    Tie Bar knit tie
    Thrifted LRL "total comfort" (ha) wool slacks
    Thrifted beater wingtips, no name
    Looks good BB. I think you should add more pocket squares to your daily wear. You wear blazers quite often and definitely think it would add an even more dapper look.
    "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen


      @JonATL the way your tie is pinched and folded would drive myself absolutely nuts, I usually end up tying them a few times though I'm a dimple lover heh Interesting pattern, what the heck is it?


        Ha! I was in a hurry this morning. I probably should take more time with these things.


          @BB and jonATL: Both of you. Good looks, and way to make use of thrifted stuff! You two put me to shame. :-)


            Thanks for the feedback guys -- SDot, I like pocket squares, but I feel like I'd get labeled a dandy if I wore them around work. I've actually showed up with them in my blazer and then taken them out before I saw anyone. I need to just own it, but I know some folks will think I'm taking myself too seriously.

            jonATL, great finds. You get the good stuff and I get the semi-decent stuff at the same thrift stores, I think. I haven't been able to thrift as much lately, but this summer and early fall I was going a couple of times each week around ATL.


              LEC oxford
              levis 501s
              frye chukkas
              BR merino v-neck



                Suit: Hilfiger 80% linen/20% wool $100 bluefly clearance w/ $75 for $150 Daily Hookup

                Shirt: Stafford $25

                Sweater: Target Merona $20

                Tie: Christian Dior Monsiuer $1.50 thrift

                Shoes: AE Fifth Ave happy birthday!


                  Saleen: Nice suit. But if you really, really like wearing it and this is going to be your suit, I'd take it to a tailor to see what he thinks about the fit. The sleeves could be shortened a bit, and I don't know if this is how you were standing, but it looks like it's pulling quite a bit.

                  What size are you?

                  BB: I'm at thrift stores OTP daily, and I hit my intown usuals probably twice a week. There are many, many days when I come home empty-handed, though (which makes my wife happy). But I'm starting a new job in two weeks, and I'll be working from home (Highlands), so no more Roswell thrifting for me.


                    jonATL, I'm ITP, and I usually hit the same three or four places; things come in bundles of similar sizes and labels -- for example, I scored big when someone of my general size donated a ton of Lauren Ralph Lauren stuff this summer (not the best quality, I know, but it actually is rather nice stuff). But I haven't been for a month or so now, and probably won't go again before Christmas.


                      mr mr, I like the look in general, but the colors are hard to interpret with the lighting.


                        dark blue jeans, pink oxford, light gray sweater. shoes/belt/watch band are all dark brown.

                        i too am in atlanta. only thrift store i've checked out is the g-tech salvation army. had some success there with ties and shirts. nonexistent blazer/jacket/suit selection.


                          Ok, playing some serious catch-up here...


                          Suit: Tommy Hilfiger - navy windowpane
                          Shirt: Roundtree & Yorke - blue/white striped poplin BDC
                          Tie: Beau Brummel - tan/blue/silver plaid
                          Shoes: Bronx Dekimo double monk straps


                          Jacket: JAB - cotton twill (Straight from the box. Ignore the wrinkles.)
                          Jeans: Armani Exchange
                          Sweater vest: non-name JCP brand - burgundy
                          Shirt: LEC - white poplin BDC
                          Shoes: Stafford wingtip boots


                          Suit: Tommy Hilfiger - navy windowpane
                          Shirt: LEC - white cutaway collar
                          Bow tie: red/blue plaid 100% wool
                          Shoes: Alden - shell cordovan tassle moc loafers (ebay)
                          Socks: red cashmere blend, sucka!


                          Pants: Banana Republic - "army blue" 100% wool
                          Jacket: Brooks Brothers 346 - brown herringbone wool (thrifted)
                          Sweater vest: no-name JCP brand - tan
                          Shirt: LEC - white poplin BDC


                            hard to tell the fabrics from the pics but im curious about that shirt/bowtie combo. shirt seems awfully lightweight for the wool bowtie.
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                              Originally posted by tdig View Post
                              hard to tell the fabrics from the pics but im curious about that shirt/bowtie combo. shirt seems awfully lightweight for the wool bowtie.
                              It's a light shirt, but also a light bowtie. Yeah, the picture sucks. Even though it's wool, it's not heavy. It matched the weight of the suit. I chose it because I didn't want a sheen.


                                Loving the bowtie fit Alan!

                                First day at the new second job! Snapped this quick at the end of the day. Taking a page out of JC's old book with bathroom pics!!!!!!
                                Dont mind the wrinkles, its from the days work. I also wore the BR bridgecoat over it and got a ton of compliments. Not pictured also were brown burnished strands.

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