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    Thanks for the re-take on it. Reassuring to see I'm not totally off and what I can change to make it look better. I'm pretty sure my wallet is going to take a pounding over Thanksgiving break to get some better chinos and better shoes.


      Kind of a bluestravaganza today (not my normal Friday work attire, but 1) I wanted to try out the new shirt; and 2) I'm meeting the missus after work for a benefit auction/drinks thing):

      Suit: Uniqlo Tasmanian wool (from last winter)

      Shirt: Blank Label (2nd from them, pretty darn happy with the fit, very pleased with the turnaround time and customer service)

      Tie: Kent Wang

      Tie bar, pocket square: the tie bar

      Shoes: Grenson


        @Shomas, digging the dapper demeanor man, i really like blue stripes under a jacket, very nice...

        Jessy, awesome redo thats the picture i had in my mind as well...very nice including the white shirt, i dont think light blue under teal would ever work correctly...

        @focus size is the jacket? liek the fit!

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          @Shomas: There are many ways to wear burgundy shoes, but my favorite is with a navy suit. I like the whole blue thing, too. I'm not generally a fan of such powerful shirts with suits, but I think the whole monochromatic theme helps to smooth it out.

          @Acousticfoodie: Nice jacket. Where'd you find it?


            @Shomas, nicely done!

            @Max, its a 41 (I am almost always a 40, and sometimes even a 39) but the reviews said to size up 1, and they didnt have 40, so I took a leap and it worked out!


              This isn't actually what I wore today; I got this brown tweed jacket as a very surprising birthday gift from my grandmother (it's just out of the box, wrinkled still in the picture) and tried it on with what I was wearing, and I like the combination. I need to get the sleeves taken up a bit but otherwise I'm very happy with the jacket's cut and texture (it's tweedy but very soft.)

              Jacket: J Crew Ludlow Tweed Herringbone
              Shirt: Target poplin gingham
              Tie: Tie Bar knit
              Pants: J Crew Slim Straight Cords (on clearance from the spring)
              Shoes: Stafford wingtip


                BB - jacket looks pretty good otr. agreed on the sleeves but fit looks nice otherwise and def works with what you happened to have on.
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                  Tdig, thanks for the feedback. I figured you'd like this textured jacket.

                  Shomas, I like your style.


                    I'm trying this sweater thing again, with the popped collar this time. Looking like an idiot? Or is it ok?

                    Jacket: Thrifted LRL hopsack mid-blue blazer
                    Sweater: Thrifted "Club Room" (Macy's brand?) beige zip-up cashmere sweater
                    Shirt: Target Pink button-down
                    Tie: Navy wool hand-me-down
                    Pants: J Crew Cords, slim straight
                    Shoes: thrifted Bostonian beaters (going to rain today)


                      Thanks everyone!

                      BB, I like the look with the sweater. If I were to suggest an adjustment, it would be to lose the tie. The overall look is nice and relaxed and I think going tieless would add to that vibe.


                        @BB: It's an improvement, for sure. I see no problem with the tie in there, but I also wear ties about 50% of the time so I'm rather immune to seeing them. Since the sweater is cashmere, that really helps it to fit in under the jacket and brings the whole ensemble up a notch. And I'm all for wearing ties casually.


                          @BB really feeling that first outfit with the red tie.
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                            @BB, I like the new take on the sweater. Could go either way with the tie for me.


                              Weird pose, but that's what happens with a timer.
                              J Crew tweed
                              Thrifted tattersall shirt
                              Tie Bar knit tie
                              Thrifted LRL "total comfort" (ha) wool slacks
                              Thrifted beater wingtips, no name


                                Sorry for the terrible photos. It's my first one of these.

                                Shirt: Ratio (giftcard plus $15)
                                Sweater: LEC (gift)
                                Tie: Gucci (thrift, $3)
                                Belt: Trafalgar (thrift, $3)
                                Pants: BR (thrift for $4)
                                Socks: J Crew (gift)
                                Shoes: Florsheim Imperial v-cleat (thrift, $6)

                                My expenses: $31.