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    @alan, it(hacket jacket right? I have a similiar one, will wear tommorow and post) looks fine, i think the way your forced (as we all are) to take your picture makes the fit awkward. It makes it look like the side needs to be brought in slightly on the right side under the armpit. I think that is affecting the waistline drape a little. I think your shoulder drape is fine based on the left side of the picture. I think the floppy-ness as you put in in the lower fourth of the jacket might cause a slight dispruption of the waist drape, but all in all the jacket fit just fine, after shortening. my hacket jacket is a little larger than most of my other sportcoats to allow for waximum layering...

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      Alan, I have the same jacket, and my experience plus the reviews on Gap's website indicate that it runs quite small, so I understand the sizing indecision.

      That said, I'm a big fan of it, You're wearing it more formally than I do, and I'm not sure I'd go for the hunting-jacket-professional type of thing, but I really like mine! I'd been wanting a wool herringbone sportcoat, and the gray is very versatile - so far I've managed to wear it with burgundy, navy, olive, charcoal, red, and green sweaters. It looks a little tight in the midsection to me, so I'd have to see the 41R you grabbed too, but I think you should keep one of them, at least.

      I personally love the jacket as it is. I was looking for something with a little more "sport" in it, and the three buttons, tab collar, and fastening breast pocket all sort of lend it a more rugged vibe I find very useful for a casual piece. If it had a normal breast pocket you could stick a pocket square in, I'd probably find it less appealing, though I can see how that'd be preferable in a white collar environment.


        @Hon, I actually sized down to a medium in order to get it to be a slimmer fit, since it's a pretty traditional shirt otherwise...but the only minor issue is the sleeves are a pinch short ( not anything drastic though) it feels pretty decent actually, not the thickest material but its not paper thin either; I got mine for like 25$ with the student discount I think so I'm happy with it


          BR jacket

          Neiman Marcus shirt

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          Ball watch

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            @hon140 I have a couple Jcrew factory sport shirts that fit pretty well. I got them in the slim fit - found the regular fits to be a bit boxy. Fabric feels fine to me.


              @BenR Love the jacket and wingtips. Classy yet casual.


                I don't normally post up, since jeans and a polo shirt is pretty straight forward. Trying to branch out though, especially as it gets colder. Can't decide how well the blue shirt works with the teal in the argyle so suggestions for more combinations are certainly welcome.

                Sweater: Target

                Shirt: JCP

                Jeans: Levi's 514 thrifted

                Tie: Stole it out of my dad's closet ~6 years ago. Says its St Michael


                  @BenR - looking sharp as usual!

                  @Tim - your bottom half and top half look disjointed to me. The tie and sweater dont go with jeans and sneakers imo. I think swapping the jeans for chinos, and the sneakers for any sort of casual shoe (suede wingtips or bucks, desert boots, almost anything really)would do wonders for your fit.

                  Alternatively, if you want to go super casual with it, go for a casual button down under the sweater and ditch the tie.

                  I also agree with your assessment of the blue shirt. I think a different colour would be better.


                    @Tim: First of all, automatic "A" for branching out. What's the fun in any of this if you can't play around with it, right? My opinion is a little different from Focuspants, though. I think there may be some disjointing, but I think it's in the shirt/tie vs everything else. First of all, the colors. The shirt and tie colors don't work so well with everything else. When in doubt on the shirt, you'll never go wrong with white. In this situation, I think that holds true. You'll never have to worry about colors when you take color out of the equation. Second, there's material choice. If you have an oxford cloth shirt, this would be a good chance to wear it. It's more casual than the stiff dress shirt you chose. A non-silk tie would be ideal, but I don't think it's a deal breaker So if a silk tie is what you've got, just own it..


                      Thanks for the feedback. I think on some level I feel a bit weird with v necks and button ups in general (currently there are 3 in my closet, blue, white, and navy so they're on my list of things to get lol). When I throw on the sweater and the shirt, I feel weird that there's a gap of empty shirt space above the sweater collar so I put on the tie to fill it. That particular tie is made of....I don't know, it's not knit but it's also not shiny in the least and has a rough feel to it.

                      Is it just me or are the Target sweater about an inch or two too short? Sizing up makes it ridiculously billowy and the size I have is just barely long enough to feel normal.

                      Any suggestions on decent affordable chinos? I grabbed a pair of LEC ones this summer when they were clearancing them out, but when I washed them they got a sort of white marbling to them.


                        Got the tailored fit donegal sc from LE and decided to bust it out right away along with the generic surplus boots some of you were asking about.

                        SC- LE

                        shirt- LEC

                        belt- Tristan & America

                        pants- Bonobos olive travel jeans

                        shoes- Generic Surplus ledger boots from GILT


                          Disagree with Alan on the "when in doubt, go white" advice. I think blue works with far, far more and actually functions much better in that getup than white would have. The blue looks a bit incongruous with the jeans and sneakers, but a white dress shirt and a formal silk tie would have looked positively absurd with his bottom half.

                          There's a big debate on SF about white vs. blue dress shirts, and I won't rehash it now, but can we agree that those sneakers have got to go away from this outfit?


                            This wasn't what WIWT, but I liked Alan's jacket enough to pick up a similar one up for myself today:


                              My take on Tim's outfit :

                              Teal argyle sweater, white shirt, no tie, chinos and desert boots.

                              I guess pants could be shorter, but they have a stain I can't remove, so I don't want to put money on them.


                                Ya Jessy did it the way I pictured it. I like it.